Koh Samui Travel Deals

Koh Samui Travel Deals – On July 15, the official reception opened for eligible travelers who want four medical tests and other documents to present during their vacation. Or maybe you’re just waiting for a way to get back to Thailand without the 14-day hotel room quarantine. Diving (no joke, ask for a drink if it’s not a full bottle… there’s a

Info) for a step-by-step guide to Samui Plus (a rather aggressive women’s program in Phuket Sandbox). Enjoy and – as always – subscribe for updates as Thailand’s covid laws continue to change and, hopefully, return to normal soon.

Koh Samui Travel Deals

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Phuket sandbox started on July 1 as a way to welcome all international tourists to the island safely. You can find all the information, including how to qualify and apply, along with hotel tips here:

So far, about four thousand people have arrived in Phuket, most of them foreigners – a mix of tourists, travelers and those with family ties to Phuket. These four thousand are there

– ten positive covid cases and three prisons. Yes, all those who love the sick species – the three of them – found their way to Phuket and there is a place where they can see and people can see. Tracking and restrictions have been tightened as a result – there is no word on what the three miscreants returned to

Important (“Read and understand!”): For a good situation from covid, this is an important point for the same sandbox of Phuket and Koh Samui, Samui Plus: anyone who comes into contact with a covid patient goes to quarantine. These contacts can be as random as other passengers sitting next to you on the plane, or people booked on the same flight segment. . Just know, before spending time or money to prepare sandbox Phuket or Samui Plus, you can do mask, distance protection and even quarantine.

Cheap Flights From Singapore To Koh Samui

In practice, this means you go to an Alternative Local Quarantine (ALQ) hotel without notice, at your own expense. Yes, back to spring 2020: four walls of a hotel room for 14 nights. Note that the selection is limited to ALQ hotels – no promise that you will enjoy those four walls. In Phuket, ALQ options start at THB3400 per night (US$105 or £75) … for 14 nights … for things you don’t want. Of those detained in one of the cases in Phuket, 12 out of 13 asked to leave Thailand and go home.

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The fate of some people who stayed fourteen days in the hotel they did not choose, after being infected by aliens.

Meanwhile, the Phuket school was closed two weeks later as Beta and Delta changes were confirmed on the island. And the rainy season.

Good news! People who have been injected in whole or in part with Sinovac, especially doctors and other frontline workers, will receive AstraZeneca’s life-saving shot. Vaccinations have been taking place in Samui for the past few weeks and have also started in Bangkok. The first injection is done and the second one will start in September. As mentioned, Japan has contributed AstraZeneca doses and the US has contributed Pfizer supplies. It’s slow, but it’s happening.

Budget Travel In Koh Samui

While Phuket and Samui are welcoming foreign visitors, the covid situation is similar in Bangkok and surrounding areas. The number of cases this week (more than 90,000 active cases) is the highest. Instead of returning to tourism, the new location at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport will serve as a temporary covid hospital.

“There were 992 deaths in June, more than 15 times in Thailand during 2020.” – Associated Press

This week, Bangkok and its five surrounding districts are on lockdown (or lockdown-lite). These restrictions include a night curfew (9 pm to 4 am), and government shops, markets and parks close at 8 pm. Residents are allowed to go shopping, attend injections or doctor appointments but are asked to stay at home. Bars, clubs and other types of “fun and friends” are closed all over the country.

In the first lock, people left the city causing it to spread across the country. This week, 80 military checkpoints have been implemented to prevent people from leaving Bangkok for non-essential travel.

Christmas And New Year’s On Koh Samui And Koh Phangan With Anantara

AirAsia has canceled domestic flights in July. Samui Plus will not be affected as these flights are registered routes with Bangkok Airways (details below).

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And on that note – let’s learn about Samui Plus. To understand the concept, start with the complete guide to Sandbox Phuket. Although the name is different, both programs are the same from application to attendance. The details of the hotel are slightly different, described below.

To restate your risk as a traveler from Samui Plus or Sandbox Phuket: Even if you have been vaccinated and health checked before departure, you will stay at the hotel (at your expense) if you get a good review. Even if there’s a guy on your plane that you haven’t seen yet. If you are ideal… you will never be happy. Samui’s covid quarantine isn’t perfect. Not. Refinement.

Countries: 69 countries are eligible for Samui Plus including Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, UAE, UK, USA. (countries that Thailand considers low and medium risk). Note that Thailand may list your country as eligible, otherwise it may not. Japan, for example, has banned arrivals from Thailand due to the current outbreak and the UK is reading the Amber List – with Thailand front and centre.

Beer House Bungalow, Koh Samui

Full ban: Like the sandbox of Phuket, you must be vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine, at least two weeks apart, and you must be in your country for 21 days. (See more information in the Phuket sandbox guide).

If you are eligible, you must sign in and prepare a set of required documents (all must be in English). This includes a Thai tourist visa (if required) and compulsory covid insurance.

You book a flight to Bangkok and, on the same ticket, a connecting flight to Samui with Bangkok Airways.

Days 4, 5, 6 and 7 offer the opportunity to make a limited tour with a certified tour or transport company.

Koh Samui Holidays

Day 8 (week 2), if it’s bad, you can change to another hotel – here you will find many hotel options and you can travel from Samui to Koh Phangan or Koh Tao if you choose.

Island travel: The sandbox of Phuket allows visitors the freedom to explore the island after testing negative for covid on arrival. Samui Plus requires a three-day retention period at the hotel and reservations can be viewed from the 4th day.

Hotel options: Phuket Sandbox requires visitors to stay at SHA Plus+ hotels, which can be booked directly or through reservation sites such as Booking.com. There is a great selection, and a selection at all prices. Samui Plus requires a 7-night stay at an Alternative Local Quarantine hotel (referred to as ‘Samui Extra Plus’ hotel or villa) which must be booked directly. On the 8th day, you can check into the SHA Plus + hotel, book in the way you like – for example. directly or Booking.com.

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Let’s start with transportation. You cannot rent a car or a scooter. Your only means of transportation, if permitted to the location, will be through authorized carriers and carriers. After four negative covid tests (before departure, upon arrival, on 6/7 and 12/13) means freedom, you are only asked to eat at the SHA Plus+ restaurant.

Bangkok Airways Launches Koh Samui Vtl Flights

Please note that the restrictions imposed in the country mean that the bars outside the hotel are still closed and many of Samui’s shops, services and tourist businesses are currently closed (find the latest information in the Koh Samui Guide).

? Pick two hotels you like and bring a stack of books. (Choose your flights carefully – one bad choice could mean nothing and you’re in a hotel room for 14 days).

While Phuket offers international flights, Samui Plus offers Bangkok Airways connections from Bangkok. There are only three daily flights (three in each direction) available for Samui Plus and they are fully booked door to door:

To book a flight, it may be easier to use a travel agent because the international flight to Bangkok and the connection to Samui (on one of the three flights above) must be provided on the same paper. (Thai Airways offers an online option if you prefer internet-DIY).

Information About Koh Samui

Note: Day 0 vs Day 1. If you arrive in Samui between midnight and 6pm (on flight PG 5125 or 5151), it is called Day 1. If you arrive after 6pm (PG 5171), it is called Day 0.

Come to Samui and grab a cold lemonade towel? Not. How about a covid test. Go directly to the Samui Extra Plus hotel

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