Koh Samui Chaweng Beach

Koh Samui Chaweng Beach – Chaweng Beach is the most popular and famous beach on Koh Samui. The 4-mile stretch of white sand is also home to Thailand’s premier holiday resort, and Chaweng certainly lives up to expectations.

The beach itself is very impressive and the best on the island; Palm fringed masses of white powdery sand in the Gulf of Thailand gently roll down.

Koh Samui Chaweng Beach

Swimming here is generally safe, with the northern end of the beach protected by an inshore reef. Chaweng has plenty of opportunities for water sports, from the ubiquitous banana boat to snorkeling.

Impiana Resort Chaweng Noi, Koh Samui (sha Plus+)(koh Samui): 2022 Room Price Deals Review

If you want to enjoy Chaweng Beach, you have to wake up very early. Around sunrise, the beach is a picture of peace and tranquility. As the morning progresses, things liven up and the crowds thin out. With them will come all the sunbeds, beach vendors, massage therapists, jet skis and other beach goers.

As the sun sets, the beach scene changes and the sunbeds are replaced by dining tables. There is a wide choice of places to eat, from all-night party bars to romantic restaurants on the beach. With so many beaches, it’s easy to find a place to eat that suits both your palate and your desire to party.

For some, the scene is a bit too rough, but that’s what Chaweng is all about. If you want somewhere quieter or more family friendly, there are many other fantastic beach resorts on Koh Samui, but not quite as vibrant as Chaweng. Chaweng Beach Koh Samui is the most popular beach on the island as Chaweng is a tourist hub. So here’s everything you need to know when visiting!

Chaweng Beach is on the east side of Koh Samui Island. It is a large piece of land that stretches up to the coast.

Sala Samui Chaweng Beach Resort In Koh Samui

We lived in the Chaweng area of ​​Koh Samui. Even if you are traveling outside of Chaweng, you can rent a scooter for 150 baht per day and explore the island.

While in the area, we recommend visiting another beautiful strip, Lamai Beach, and visiting Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks!

If you are looking for transportation to and from Koh Samui, you can pre-book all your Lompray transfers.

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For those short on time or those who prefer to have everything organized for them, Get Your Guide has some amazing tours available that you can book in advance.

Impiana Resort Chaweng Noi In Koh Samui

It is right in the middle of the most touristic part of the island and is usually where people book their stay.

Being easily accessible, it gets very busy during high season. Although that doesn’t stop the beach from being beautiful most days!

Instead of wandering around the touristy area, we headed straight to the northern part of Chaweng Beach, right in front of Tango Beach Resort, and found the dustiest white sand and a much quieter version of the touristy beach!

The sea north of Chaweng Beach is completely transparent and nothing less than heaven!

Chaweng Beach In Koh Samui, Thailand. People Are Sunbathing On The Chaweng Beach In Koh Samui Editorial Photo

There were nowhere near as many tourists as this end of the beach, and even better, this side had its own private sandbar!

If you want a change from Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui, you can head south to Lamai Beach, which is just a 25-minute drive along the coastal road.

Tango Luxe Beach Villa Samui is a 5-minute drive from Seatran Ferry Terminal, which offers transfers to Koh Phangan. Samui International Airport is 2.9 km away.

Located along Chaweng Road, the charming Mercure Samui Chaweng Tana offers cozy and comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi.

The Beach Of Chaweng

The hotel is just 500 meters from the beach and 15 minutes from Samui International Airport. Samui Ferry Terminal is 30 minutes away.

Thai-style rooms have wooden floors and furniture. Each room has tea and coffee making facilities, a safety deposit box and a minibar.

Located just off Chaweng Beach Road, the family-run Arena Boutique Residence offers comfortable rooms decorated with traditional Thai artwork.

It offers free Wi-Fi and is just 2 minutes from Chaweng city centre. Arena Residence is a 30-minute drive from Nathon Ferry Pier and a 45-minute drive from Tong Yang Ferry Port.

Ark Bar In Koh Samui

Decorated with dark wood furniture, rooms at Hotel Arena feature a private balcony and a 29-inch flat-screen cable/satellite TV.

Hi! Your blog is very informative! Thanks for that! My boyfriend and I are going to Koh Samui this December. I want to stay in Chaweng because many people recommend, especially South Chaweng, but we found it busy so we decided to stay in Lamai. (I hope this is the right decision.)

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Then I saw this and man!!! These are beautiful!!! I really don’t want a rush and these tips are perfect!!!

Just wondering, is the beach outside Tango Luxe Beach Villa Samui open to the public? Or did you stay in that hotel?

Bhundhari Chaweng Beach Resort

Hi Charlie and Lauren, your blog is fantastic and the photos are amazing! I wonder where exactly those photos with the sand on Chaweng Beach were taken? When I type Tango Luxe Beach Villa Samui, it takes me to another beach in Koh Samui! If I understand correctly, the sandpit is ko na thian??? Looking for hotels for coming August. Thanks for your time and keep the blog going…enjoy reading Shawntell

I’m sure you can explore the whole of Samui in Lamai, it’s an easy island.

Located just behind Tango Luxe Beach Villa Samui, this stretch of Chaweng Beach is open to the public – but you don’t have to stay there. Immerse yourself in a peaceful haven where the clear blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand meet the white sand beaches.

Welcome to your very own paradise, draped in fresh beauty and shaded by majestic coconut palms. Enjoy tropical living, blooming native flowers and stunning ocean views, for an indulgent vacation of relaxation and pampering.

Koh Samui Chaweng Beach Thailand Stock Photo 1518292985

Chaweng Regent Beach Resort is a stunning beach resort located on the famous Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui. Conveniently located just a short distance from the vibrant excitement of Chaweng with its many entertainment venues, restaurants and shopping malls, our resort offers the best location for all tastes. Whether you want to get away from it all and relax in our tranquil environment or shop till you drop, Chaweng Regent Beach Resort has it all!

All our rooms add a touch of luxury to every moment of your experience. The rooms are spacious with elegant touches…

Savor the tropical life amidst lush native flowers and stunning ocean views and…

Relax on board during the day and enjoy international and Thai favorites while sipping on a wide selection of cold drinks…Chog is a beach on the east coast of Ko Samui. It has a beautiful white beach and a vibrant nightlife, especially in the north.

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Where To Stay In Koh Samui: Guide To Choosing Your Beach

Chag is the largest and most popular of Samui’s beaches and is generally divided into three areas: North Chag, Ctral Chag and Chag Noi (Little Chawg) around the southern cape. Chawg Beach is the longest beach on the east coast of Samui. The beach here is beautiful and local developers are finally cleaning up some of the trash around. It attracts many young travelers and families, but is still good value for money.

The beach is about 7 km long with white sand. It is bordered by emerald blue waters and a coral reef where the waves break, making the bay calm. There are two small islands near the beach. After swimming, you can walk to the nearby shallow waters or go snorkeling and kayaking to another island, which is further away and larger.

The central part of the beach is a bit more crowded than the quieter north. For the more adventurous, there are many shacks offering drinks, fruit, ice cream and local Thai food. A variety of local handicrafts and Thai souvenirs are also available.

The beach itself is usually accessible through hotels as there are no beach paths to disturb the tranquility of the area. It is very relaxing, but significantly more touristy in high season. The water is clear with a normal temperature between 25-28°C.

Chaweng Beach In Koh Samui Guide

Parallel to the beach, clustered in the center of the strip is Samoa’s largest collection of restaurants, bars, gift shops and of course fast food and snack shops.

Chaga is a few minutes south of the airport. If you order a taxi at the airport counter, it will cost 400 baht. A shared van (usually requiring 5 passengers before departure) will cost 120 baht per person. Taxi drivers here rarely use taximeters. If you decide not to use the reservation desk, agree on a price

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