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While your crew ensures your safety on board, there must still be passengers who do not take the safety rules … the fight of the day happened this morning on a KLM flight between Manchester, United Kingdom and Amsterdam Schiphol, Netherlands.

Klm Flights Manchester To Amsterdam

Fortunately, the fight started on the ground after landing. Why the fight started is still unclear. In a video that surfaced on social media, some boys beat each other. The passenger shouts: “

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After a few attempts, the KLM team managed to intervene. None of the workers were injured, a KLM spokesman told a Dutch newspaper.

The captain alerted the police. A total of six passengers were arrested by the Dutch National Police. One of them was slightly injured. At the time of writing, all six are still in custody.

Another video – another angle – unruly riders? fight on board @KLM flight from Manchester to Amsterdam. Dutch police arrested six men from the United Kingdom. Is one of them slightly injured? pic.twitter.com/T2wsZJAlS4 — Mic High Club Aviation Podcast (@MicHighClub) May 5, 2022

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Well, it’s time to start my 26th journey around the sun. It’s the 17th of February 2023 and I had two things in mind when I booked a return flight to London (or the South of England anyway) from Manchester after my amazing flight on the Jet2 757. One was that I wanted to do something nice for my birthday and the other was that I really wanted to get the plane ready for -KLM or Air France to keep my Flying Blue miles active as I have been traveling with them for a long time.

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So instead of booking a £40 one way flight from Manchester to London with BA direct or a £125 one way to Southampton with Eastern Airways or a £65 one way deal with Ryanair from Manchester to London Gatwick via Dublin, I chose to spend £150 and fly Manchester to London via Amsterdam with two KLM flights.

Anyway, let’s get into the Flight Report on the Manchester to Amsterdam leg with the KLM Boeing 737-800!

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I had to take the train from Heald Green to Manchester train station. The journey was only about 15 minutes on the “Northern Line” and cost £3.40 one way on the day I went. My hotel was only a 2 minute walk from the station. I could not have asked for a better trip.

The only downside is that I was flying from Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport which was the farthest from the train station, unlike terminals 1 and 3. It took a good 10 minutes from one end of the station to the other, but I. managed to get there.

I had enough time to get a paper boarding pass on two of my flights that day (they were in the same place), which was for two main reasons. ONE, it makes a good backup if a phone problem occurs and TWO – it’s a good reminder.

There was a bit of a que at security and I was only detained for five minutes due to a lack of plastic security trays. I packed light, so because of the increasing questions I stopped putting my bag and personal effects in one bin instead of separating them like everyone else was supposed to do.

Manchester, United Kingdom

However, right in the airfield I was treated to the amazing sight of a TUI Airways (UK) Boeing 787-9 pushing back with a clear view of it!

I stood by the window and charged one of my devices. I didn’t have much money on me so I chose to avoid spending it at Manchester airport. But Terminal 2 looked great. It can be more difficult if it is busy during peak times of the day.

There was a flight screen nearby so I could keep track of when my Gate would be announced. Sure enough, when the time came, the gate was far away!

Finally marching to my Gate, the Boeing 737-800(WL) was there to take me to Amsterdam Schiphol in all its “blue” glory.

May 11th: What A Single Day Of Klm’s Uk Operations Looks Like

The aircraft operating this MAN-AMS service was Boeing 737-806(WL) PH-BXY. This aircraft entered KLM service brand new from Boeing in February 2008, making it over 15 years old when I flew it. It will definitely be phased out in the coming years, as KLM will take delivery of the new Airbus A320-neo from the end of 2023. Surprisingly, some of KLM’s Boeing 737-800s are still new, as they delivered the last Boeing 737-800 aircraft at the end of 2019.

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When I boarded the Boeing 737, I was surprised to see that the plane had a brand new Boeing Sky Interior in the cabin. I was waiting for the old seats that I had in all my previous Boeing 737-NG flights until then. So it was a wonderful surprise. I really like this new house. My favorite feature is the cup holder on the upper right side of the seats.

Despite the large order of the A320-neo, I think that KLM is also installing their Boeing 737-NG fleet (or at least a number of them) indicating that they will be flying them for a few good years.

We had a long taxi ride from Terminal 2 to the other side of Manchester Airport, which is joined by the famous Airport Pub that serves as a popular airport viewing spot (somewhere I’m yet to visit). We walked that time in silence, luckily we didn’t hold back for long.

A Klm Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing 777 300 Wide Body Aircraft Lands At Amsterdam Schiphol Ams Eham Airport In The Netherlands At Polderbaan Runway. The Airplane Has Etops Certification For Transatlantic Flight Stock Photo

We went to Runway 23R, and rocketed from Manchester Airport when we arrived at the beginning of Runway 23L, which on the other side of the plane looks over the wonderful Manchester Airport Visitor Park (AVP).

We climbed into the cloud layer over Manchester and the North of England and emerged into a clear and beautiful sky. The clouds began to clear as we headed towards the North Sea giving us a view of the North/East of England.

KLM, unlike many of their European counterparts, still offer snack and bar service in Economy Class on their European network. I went for delicious chips on this flight alongside a Heineken beer (it would be rude not to) and a glass of water… You can see why I approve of the seat back cup holder so strongly in the second photo.

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The flight was uneventful and I opted to try the free KLM Wi-Fi. As with all EU airlines that offer this service there is a cost for advanced Wi-Fi services, but I was happy to play with the basics during the flight that gives an overview of the progress of my Flight and news related to KLM.

Amsterdam Schiphol Issues Prompt Klm To Suspend Some Ticket Sales

USB ports are also located on the seats in the back, I used them on this plane without shame! I love that most airlines are introducing them because airlines don’t like people using portable chargers because they are a fire hazard.

I noticed the North Sea wind farm was full of seaplanes as we flew, a common daytime occurrence on these UK-NL flights.

It didn’t take long before the coast of the Netherlands came into view and we entered the Dutch territories, the clear skies made for beautiful views.

As I am used to the LON / SOU flight to Amsterdam, this flight from the Manchester service felt very long, although the flight time was not much in terms of time or distance.

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The crew properly launched us to Amsterdam Schiphol, and brought us back to the “Polderbaan” Runway – which couldn’t be further from the airport than the Dutch…

We disembarked and did the usual 15-20 minute taxi from the Polderbaan Runway to the main Terminal area. As usual with KLM’s flagship flights to the UK and Ireland, we park at non-Schengen D-Pier.

During the taxi I noticed another Aeroflot Airbus A320 ceo parked in what I thought was “long-term storage”. I’m not sure if it’s the hijacked plane being brought back to Russia or the hijacked plane that was parked at AMS when the Russian ban went into effect in the EU.

It looks like the D-Gates are getting a bit more build, though

Six Passengers Were Arrested Following A Scandal On A Klm Flight On The Manchester

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