Kauri Cliffs Golf Course Green Fees

Kauri Cliffs Golf Course Green Fees – I call them brag tags. They’re usually plastic, no bigger than a credit card, but sometimes they’re metal and weigh my purse down like a brick. We all know a golfer who collects them off the course and can’t help but stash one in their bag without your permission. It’s an exhibition, and that says a lot for a sport known for its pomp and pageantry.

Bottom line, I’m not a fan of bag tags, but I’ve made an exception for Tara Iti in New Zealand and won’t be removing the Cape Kidnappers tag attached to my luggage. This is what golf in the North Island felt like on my first visit there.

Kauri Cliffs Golf Course Green Fees

Every time I see that little aerial shot of the head hijackers circling the baggage carousel, it not only confirms that my luggage made it, but takes me back to those streets, a smile fills my face and I find myself hoping you enjoyed it. the paseo de la galeda. I will also begin planning my return when our world events permit.

Golf At Kauri Cliffs

In total, New Zealand consists of two large islands and several small islands in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,100 miles southeast of Australia, and its seasons are opposite those of the United States. It has nearly 400 golf courses, spread evenly from one end of the country to the other, and the second most courses per capita in the world. The gentle coastal topography combined with its mountainous interior has created a rich heritage of courses ranging from classic seaside links to traditional fairways further inland to spectacular mountain courses.

Over the past 20 years, its golf landscape has been enhanced by the work of architects such as Tom Doak, Robert Trent Jones Jr., Jack Nicklaus and David Harman, who designed at least 12 courses (with five-star accommodations and full service). ). kitchen) with at least two more on the way.

“Imagine taking the entire west coast of the US from San Diego to the Olympic Peninsula, flipping it upside down (because the coldest climate and mountains are to the south), splitting it into two islands, and limiting access to the population of Seattle. [plus 20 million a head of sheep] Paradise! Doak wrote in himself

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Getting to paradise… well, it’s a multi-flight journey, apparently to the end of the world, with two stops after that. Fortunately, my wife, Kristen, and I were just a hop, skip, and a jump away when we already traveled to Melbourne, Australia for the Presidents Cup in December. The Oz-Kiwi combo is a smart decision if you don’t want to interrupt the New Zealand leg, which is worth your trip.

Photos: Putting The Zeal In New Zealand

However, having already been in Australia for two weeks and looking forward to celebrating the holidays and the New Year at home with loved ones, we had to make a difficult decision: North or South Island. We chose the first one and was told there was no right answer. The South Island has a lot to offer, especially in Queenstown, the ‘travel capital of the world’, where bundling and water skiing were born. Queenstown offers wineries, access to glaciers and fjords on a day trip or short helicopter flight, and a golf itinerary that should include Point Jack, Millbrook, Arrowtown and the Hills within 20 minutes of the bustling city .

We almost tossed a coin, but the North Island won thanks to its big three uniques: Kauri Cliffs, Tara Iti and Cape Kidnappers. God forbid we ever return to this remote corner of the world, I convinced Kristen that we should see these designs for ourselves. I mapped out my route like an old travel agent to make the best of plans when peak travel time before Christmas meant we couldn’t play Tara Iti first and leave the hire car at Kerikeri Airport only between 30 and 30 hours. one minute from the Kauri Cliffs, then fly to the southern part of the North Island to finish the trip with Cape Kidnappers. Fortunately, there was more than one way to skin this cat, and after rearranging the stroke order of the trip, it turned out better.

We flew into Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city and international gateway, and rented a car for Kauri Cliffs (pronounced “KAW-ree”), our first stop, about three hours north of Auckland, in a region called Northland. Driving on the left side of the road was an experience, and I lost count of the number of times I flashed cars instead of a turn signal. The final drive down a long gravel drive took us through farmland, rolling hills and then boom: the ocean. Tired eyes There’s another option besides driving: We heard so many helicopters landing at the course helipad that I asked Kristen, “Are we the only guests being brought in here?” Hey, if you can, why not?

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Julian Robertson Jr., the American billionaire who founded the world’s largest hedge fund in the 1990s, certainly could. He funded Kauri Cliffs, which opened in 2000, as an animal project. Almost 40 years ago, he took a year off from his Wall Street job to live in New Zealand and write a great American novel. As it turned out, he couldn’t write well enough to invest, but he fell in love with New Zealand’s rugged landscape.

Kauri Cliffs Golf Course

Robertson bought a 4,000-acre cattle farm half an hour north of Kerikeri and south of Matauri Bay, near the northern tip of the island, and turned part of it into one of the major tourist centers Of the world.

“It was like buying Pebble Beach for the price of a modest New York apartment,” Robertson once said.

He hired Harman, an Orlando architect who died of tongue cancer in 2005. In March 2003, speaking at the Shell World Class Golf event, Harman said, “A designer can always make a course of golf is too hard. You can add more bunkers, more walls, whatever you want. The real test is whether he can take what Mother Nature gave him and turn it into what you see here.

“That’s exactly what Dave did,” Robertson said. “He took a huge piece of land and built an even bigger golf course. He traveled from his home on Florida 46 to make this golf course look like that.”

Beautiful Public Golf Courses To Check Out

These are the words on a plaque attached to a 50,000-year-old Kauri stump, a reminder of the forests that once covered the North Island and a tribute to Harman’s grand design.

The water is visible from 15 of the 18 holes, six of which offer seaside cliffs and postcard views of the Cavalli Islands, Taco Bay and, to the south, the outer edge of the Bay of Islands . The remaining holes run through farmland, often with sheep and cows playing in the nearby fields, and are some of the best holes.

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Before rolling, Kristen took a look at the first few holes spread across this old sheep farm and declared it the most beautiful course she had ever seen. As we reached the tee box of the par-3 seventh, which clings to cliffs and plays from a deep canyon to the green with the Cavalli Islands, he smiled, giddy with anticipation of what came next. hole hand, I think I’ll swim.”

As memorable as the course is the residence itself, an elegant combination of a Southern plantation house and an East Hampton summer house, featuring a white pillared porch with rocking chairs and a gray brick facade from floor to floor The French doors and windows highlight the loft and the atmosphere. The meals, which included breakfast, evening cocktails, canapés and dinner, were delicious. The only complaint I can make is that our stay there was too short. We didn’t get to visit Pink Beach, a beach of pink shells surrounded by pohutukawa trees, or Hikurua Falls, which offer a beautiful setting for a picnic.

Most Scenic Golf Courses Kauri Cliffs Golf Course

It was about a two-hour drive south to Tara Iti in Mangawai, a small coastal town just an hour from central Auckland that feels off the beaten track.

These 3,400 acres of heavily wooded landscape are raw and wild, but Doak had holes sitting there, waiting to be built. Another successful American businessman, Rick Kane, gave Doak a simple mandate: “If you can’t find properties for the top 50 golf courses, don’t bother.”

Not a problem, as this area is described as “the perfect combination of sand, sea and land”. Located on the shores of Te Arai, which according to local folklore is the place where the veil between earth and sky is lifted, Tara Iti is built on reclaimed sands that were hidden for more than four decades by a non-commercial pine forest autochthonous the trees Here one feels happily far away

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