Jet Boat Rides Gold Coast

Jet Boat Rides Gold Coast – This combination is not available for children under the age of 4 as they cannot swim on the jet boat. Individual tickets for toddlers and babies can be booked

1-hour city and river cruise. Departing from the heart of Surfers Paradise, Amphibious Tours combine an informative city tour with a unique and thrilling river cruise. Pass by the glittering coastal residences of the rich and famous, and get stunning views of the Gold Coast’s waterways and its famous attractions. * Select the date and time of the tour on the right side of this screen.

Jet Boat Rides Gold Coast

Paradise Jet Boating is a must-see adventure on the Gold Coast. Great fun and SAFE for the whole family. Our thrilling jet boat trips have been described as similar to many roller coaster rides in an amusement park or rally car ride!

Adventure V8 Jet Boat Thrill Ride

Operating in the exclusive areas of Paradise Jetboat in the Gold Coast Broadwater and Moreton Bay Marine Park, our attractions are known for the unique combination of the thrill and excitement of a speedboat with stunning views and attractions. Experience 360 ​​° rotation, fast drifting, incredible beach noise, and other thrilling maneuvers down to 10 cm deep … as you explore the unique waterways of the Gold Coast. Ride Australia’s most advanced jet boats. Our ships are faster, more maneuverable and have the highest levels of safety, comfort and performance.

* You are purchasing the Paradise Jet Boat Combo Kit. The selected date and time of booking is for the tour. Contact us on +61 7 5539 0222 and we will arrange a jet boat trip for you.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR SHIPPING. – Registration is required at the shop 20 minutes before the tour start time. – All tours are dispatched on time, no waiting for passengers.

If you are late, you will lose your ticket. No refunds will be made. – Misbehavior is not tolerated and results in a 100% cancellation fee. – Children 0-1 years old travel for free on lap. Please make sure you book infants when booking as we require a total group number. This is the most interesting, the most interesting …

One Of Its Kind Jet Boat Ride In Gold Coast

Jetboat Extreme is the best sailing experience on the Gold Coast, giving you an adrenaline rush you will never forget. This is the most fun, thrilling and thrilling jet boat ride the Gold Coast has to offer.

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Experience adrenaline, power, excitement and views like no other on a 55-minute jet boat cruise. Set sail on five-star boats with luxuriously upholstered seats and experience the thrill of 650 HP 650 HP turbo jet engines that deliver speeds of over 80 kilometers per hour on the water. Enjoy it all with the low engine noise and well-known safety features of turbo diesel engines.

Their boats are guaranteed to have all the fun you can provide with the famous 360-degree spin, water slides, fast shallow water surfing, power breaks, fish tail cleaning and wild wave rides! Enjoy the glitz and splendor of the expansive waters of the Gold Coast as you stroll through the coastal mansions of the rich and famous.

It is the only jet boat company in the heart of Surfers Paradise, within five minutes’ walk of 52 major hotels and Cavill Avenue Tram Stop.

Gold Coast 30 Minute Jet Boat Express Ride

Surfers Paradise Combo Deal 3 – SUP + Kayak + Surf Lesson – Go vertical SUP and Kayak

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Destination Gold Coast recognizes the traditional caretakers of our location, the Kombumerri family of the Yugambe language region.

We pay tribute to their elders, past, present, and emerging, and recognize their continued ties to the lands, waters, and their vast communities in southeastern Queensland. Our Gold Coast jet boats are built to “do their thing” on the Gold Coast. Wide water. Gliding, gliding, fishing, surfing, snapping your nose and amazing 360 ° turns – a beach humming in just centimeters of water at 40 knots (about 80 km) – or just cruising while breathing…. is the best way to get to know this beautiful area.

Gold Coast Water Sports Activities

Powered by high-performance Chevy V8s paired with powerful turbocharged engines or Hamilton Jet units ( pumping an incredible 50,000 liters of water per minute. Built with the most advanced technology and safety / comfort / performance features, Paradise Jet Boats are among the best in the world.

The newest additions to our fleet, Paradise # 3 and Paradise # 4 are amazing ships. Designed and built by the MacKenzie brothers of Mackraft Marine ( in Bluff, New Zealand, these boats are among the most advanced in the world. Excellent performance, safety, passenger comfort and power-to-weight ratio make these boats a must for all adventurers.

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Dimensions: Length 6.7 m, boom 2.5 m, weight 1.85 T Lifting capacity: Skipper + 14 people Power: 440 HP, turbocharged, high performance Yanmar diesel Engine: Hamilton 274 jet engine Speed: measured 43 knots (fully loaded ). 80 km / h *

Dimensions: Length 5.45m, Width 2.55m, Weight 1.05T Lifting Capacity: Skipper + 12 People Power: 454 Big Block Chevy Performance Tuned Engine: Hamilton 213 Jet Speed: Measured at 46 knots (full load). 85 km / h *

Tour In A Jet Boat In Gold Coast

The Mackraft NZ is built with the latest design, safety, comfort and performance for this class of boat in the world.

Dimensions: Length 7.34 m, Width 3.09 m, Weight 3.09 T Lifting capacity: Skipper + 22 people Power: 2 x 330 HP, Turbocharged, high performance Yanmar diesel engines Drive: 2 x Hamilton 241 jet Speed: measured (fully loaded). 89 km / h *

Australia’s newest and most advanced motorboat. Powered by two V8 gasoline engines. First-class power, efficiency, comfort and safety.

Dimensions: Length 7.34m, Width 3.09m, Weight 3.09T. Capacity: Skipper + 22 persons. Power: Two large V8 gasoline engines Drive: 2 Hamilton nozzles 241 Speed: Measured at 50 knots (fully loaded). 92 km / h *

Jet Boat & Aquaduck

If you want to book an Open Water Adventure jet boat ride, book HERE! If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page. Take care! You’ll soon experience a 650 horsepower jet engine on the stunning Gold Coast waterways. Be amazed by the speed of 80 km / h, traversing pristine beaches, gliding along fairways, dragging 360s across beautiful, wide water – pure adrenaline sets the pace.

There is also some coolness to see iconic buildings, mega mansions, super yachts and amazing nature which we call our tour itinerary. Jetboat Extreme is the number 1 jetboat on the Gold Coast, according to a public vote.

We depart from Surfers Paradise center daily between 8:15 am and 4:15 pm. Better get on the plane ASAP!

Jetboat Extreme has put a smile on the phones of adrenaline addicts since 2004 and is currently Australia’s largest jet boat operator. This means you get the best performance when it comes to drivers, jets and safety; Brought to you by our crew who love to do everything for you.

Group Bookings & Special Occasions

The low tide of the Nerang River, a surfers paradise, is the longest 55-minute jet boat trip on the coast. Whether you are a couple, family or group looking for total fun under the Gold Coast sun, we are committed to providing you with a great vacation offer. You can even record videos and photos where you scream to share on social media – contact the crew when you return to headquarters.

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An early bird gets a worm on the beach! For those who want to get more money for their Christmas money, take advantage of this unique offer we have prepared. Simply book your tour at 8:15, 9:30 or 10:45 with Jetboat Extreme and get great discounts.

Climb behind Vibe Hotel, Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise, then take off on a wild flight as the real deal begins – spinning and gliding over Wave Break Island, South Stradbroke Island and Seaway for an amazing jet boat adventure. You’re in town to go downstairs, so if you’re looking for real cash to get your adrenaline pumping, book the Early Bird Special.

Amazing time Adam was fantastic so he had a good time with everyone and made sure everyone had a great experience, the jet boat was great fun and thanks for a great time.

Buy Adrenaline Jet Boat Ride, 55 Minute

The money and color went well !! I recommend Jet Boat Extreme. I had a great time! The host Adam was amazing, fun and professional. The rest of the team was really sweet. I recommend to get off or on the tram and walk 2 or more minutes, parking can be a bit tricky. Easy to book, easy to find and have a great time!

We had a great time on the jet boat ride. Our Adam was very funny and made us all laugh. I would highly recommend.

What a great experience, we had a great time. The drivers had fun and made the experience even better. I’ll make a reservation again to pick up my family when the borders open!

We had the best?

Record Jet Ski Turnout For Gold Coast Charity Ride Christmas 2020

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