Italian Greyhound Puppies Sydney

Italian Greyhound Puppies Sydney – The personal welcome page is designed for those owners who only want to introduce their dog to our website in order to reach the target audience of Italian Greyhound fans.

Iggius Rescue cares for the dogs that appear on this page and there is no adoption fee for said dog, please contact the owner at the number and / or email address provided.

Italian Greyhound Puppies Sydney

This is Trigger, he is 3.5 years DOB 25/9/16 and weighs 6.7kgs. I bought Trigger as a stud dog, but due to a change of mindset, he is no longer needed for stud work. She never gave birth to kittens. Trig is a very sweet boy who is active and playful. Trig is affectionate and loves his partner, although he can be shy around strangers.

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Trig is central European and is a rare lamb color, its coat is bright and shiny in the sun. Trig is a trained, trained, travel trained fence. She loves other dogs and was raised around cats. He needs more experience in walking to feel comfortable and enjoy this well.

Due to the Coronavirus, travel options are limited. Cats can be delivered to Melbourne, or anywhere in between on the journey from Broken Mountain NSW to Melbourne. It can be delivered to your door for $200. This is the only option and shipping option available. I can only save it for the long weekend in June.

Please let me know I need pictures of your yard. When the trigger is released, your body’s control of the closure will expire before it is released.

All Covid19 regulations will be followed. Wear gloves and do not touch any surfaces in your home. Trig will delete the child before you enter your belongings.

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Trig will come desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, vet sedated, and recent dentist. It will also have a complete pedigree. Trigger goes direct to home for $650 plus $200 shipping.

Please submit an application form expressing your interest in Trig. Please email me at [email protected] to inquire about it.

This is Floyd, he turned 1 in May. His DOB is 5/15/19. Floyd was kept as a puppy but he was too big to show, so I decided to take him home. he doesn’t know it with bull.

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Floyd weighs 8.3 kilograms and is on the bigger side. He’s shy at first, but he’ll like you. Not a big fan of travel, but with encouragement and persistence I think you can love them.

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Floyd is trained, loves other dogs but prefers to chase cats (he doesn’t mind being chased). Rescues will need homes, not crates if he has another dog in his crate. He is very curious and has a lot of energy, although he also wants to play LEGO next to you in the lounge and watch TV. . He loves toys and doesn’t ask for a dog. He will happily relax in the garden or at home. Floyd is an intelligent dog, gentle and requires gentle handling.

Ready to buy him a home and take the time to make him feel confident in his new home.

Due to the Coronavirus, travel options are limited. Floyd was supposed to be flown to Melbourne, or his route from the broken NSW mountains to Melbourne. It can be delivered to your door for $200. Here are just a few travel options and destinations for now. I can only offer it one day on the weekend.

Please let me know I need pictures of your yard. When Floyd is released, your physical restraints will expire before you release him.

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All Covid19 regulations will be followed. Wear gloves and do not touch any surfaces in your home. Floyd will be destroyed when he wipes the child before he enters your property.

Floyd will be neutered, spayed, neutered, microchipped, vet sedated, and always neutered. It will also have a complete pedigree. Floyd’s house value is right for $850 plus $200 shipping.

Please fill out the application form to express your interest in Floyd. Please contact me at [email protected] to inquire about it. Based in Alice Springs and Adelaide, Kosmos Sighthounds is home to a great pack. Italian hounds and two Whippets (iggies & whippies!) are an important part of the family. Kosmos dogs love to stay at home and compete well in shows and sometimes take part in other dog sports events. At Kosmos, we are proud of our dogs and love to show them and introduce people to this wonderful breed. This study is rare and very selective, less than 20 years old between the first two Kosmos bags! Since then, however, I’ve gotten faster. The dog will go to the best loving home. The new owners are part of the Kosmos family and I hope I can keep in touch with the puppies for the rest of their lives. When a pregnant woman hands you one of their babies, you become part of the family!

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Each participant agreed to Ethics vet checks and passed a group interview.

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All my dogs live at home as members of my family; many sleep in my bed – no bed here. Living in the acreage, they can behave like real miniatures, they are, they like to do the pastimes of running, running, hunting and packing. They use their hands to keep themselves fit and healthy, but they are less damaged than they look! We invite guests to come home and come…

We perform all the required physical health of our dogs, as well as DNA tests for hereditary diseases (PRA, FEH and PCAG) which we send and send from the University of California Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory internationally. All puppies are examined by a veterinarian when they are weaned and again when they receive their first vaccinations. We eat raw food mixed with meat and veggies, and…

We live on 5 acres with space for a large family dog. Our puppy box is a special kind of puppy that takes up about a third of our room, which is perfect for me and the little one to sleep in. They have a large soft bowl with a comfortable bed to go in when they are ready, and when they are rich with toys and a doggy “play area”. They also have…

All our puppies are ANKC registered, vet checked and given their health records. We provide brochures on breeding and puppy characteristics to share with new owners. As part of the Royal Canine Breeders Club, free gifts can be redeemed and transferred directly to a new home in preparation. We include a $250 down payment that is refundable upon receipt of the purchase…

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Kosmos Italian Greyhounds 1 of 1 basic health checks that they believe are most important for the Italian Greyhound.

A dog affected by a patellar dislocation has loose ligaments protruding from the knee joint, …

Amelogenesis Incomplete (AI), also known as Familial Enamel Hypoplasia (FEH), is a genetic disorder that causes abnormal development of tooth enamel. Affected dogs have small, irregular teeth that are brown in color and of different shapes. Although this is not life threatening, the tooth hurts.

Glaucoma (PCAG) is the first gene that causes glaucoma (increased pressure in the eye). Untreated glaucoma can cause eye pain and blindness. A DNA test is available to determine whether a dog’s breeding carries the glaucoma gene.

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Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) in dogs is a genetic eye disease that causes retinal damage and eventual blindness. There are different sub-types of PRA, which can be done in different ways. Various DNA tests are available to determine whether a dog breed carries this condition.

I’m Clare, an ANKC chaplain and a chartered accountant. My daughter-in-law Ashleigh (who also works in the financial industry) and I are the co-owners of Kosmos.

I started breeding whips when my love for dogs grew from hunting around our village in South Africa when I was young. The first Kosmos bag of 9 beautiful plates came in 1996. After “descending” from Whippets, I was completely captured by the Italian hunters because they were fun, happy people. These dogs are hard to resist and I love to share the joy of owning them with others. Ever since I met me when I was twelve years old

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