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Interest Free Beds And Mattresses – Have you decided to make Marie Kondo your bedroom space? Finally decided to get a storage bed to neatly organize your belongings? Our storage beds are the best choice for you to store your things well and quickly.

Come make a bed with us and follow these 5 simple steps to make a bed.

Interest Free Beds And Mattresses

We have 4 sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen and King. Most of our storage beds are made in queen or king size.

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Note: Remember to measure your bedroom before leaving our showroom as we can advise which size is best for you!

Our top storage bed designs are Key Bed, Pi Bed, Me Bed and B Bed. Each bed is loved for its delicate and beautiful aesthetics. The beds are designed using gentle curves and attention to every detail to achieve infinity without compromising on comfort. To view our range of storage beds, click here.

Organize well and put all your belongings under your bed. Every storage solution has a purpose for the bedroom and the homeowner.

Our storage beds are very adaptable. You can choose from 4 different fabrics as well as a range of colors to create the custom storage bed of your dreams.

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Finally, you can add jewelry for that extra bling or choose a simple button headboard for your custom storage bed.

In choosing furniture, we strive to provide the best service for our customers. Our storage beds are loved by many Singaporeans as each bed comes with a smooth locking mechanism for easy opening and closing. The height of the storage bed can also be adjusted. All with free delivery and assembly!

Oh, and did we mention you get a free bed frame with every Macedon bed purchase? Ready to shop with us? Check out our storage beds and contact us today for a no-obligation quote. We are still young enough to give true, honest and unbiased advice to our clients. We know exactly what we are talking about, no nonsense or marketing.

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Interest-free credit. These three words are often emblazoned in big, bold letters on price-sale signs by retailers of all shapes and sizes — especially those offering interest-free credit on mattresses and beds. Are you getting a good deal when buying a bed on finance or paying the price for other people who actually spread the cost?

2021 Update: You’ve no doubt seen a flashy ad campaign or two that screams “Buy Now, Pay Later” to potential customers. This may be of interest to those who are a little tight on money; But do we really understand how interest-free mattresses and beds work and what, if any, long-term value we get from it? Are you tempted by the 0% finance mattresses offered by the big retailers?

Is there ever an interest free deal or are we all being scammed by finance companies?

Luxury Mattresses & Beds Sale

This article explains some of the strange hidden fees that all buyers face when buying a mattress from a company that offers interest-free credit.

The goal of an interest-free loan is to remove any doubt in the customer’s mind that they can buy a new luxury item right now, regardless of their financial situation or their best judgment.

In fact, the total price the customer will pay is significantly more than the hidden value of the credit, so you are investing in a deal that is not a “betting deal” at all.

In the example above, customers borrowing for financial reasons would pay £180 (15-20%) of what they would have owed directly. Because interest charges are effectively hidden, the customer doesn’t know when they’re being overcharged or when the quality of the mattress has dropped enough to absorb that charge.

Buy Affordable Barry 3 In 1 Grey Fabric Daybed Pull Out Bed Frame At

Worse, customers who pay £1,000 to buy a bed (and don’t need an IFC) are still being charged for the extra cost of the loan – even though they’re buying a bed at all. These people get the worst value for money! Try asking the seller for a cash discount, and we’re sure there’s no way to wipe out the £180 finance charge.

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With all interest free credit offers, be it curtains, kitchen, bathroom, the list goes on. It all boils down to a simple sales strategy where the deal is more attractive than the actual value for money or quality of the product.

The first thing to remember when looking for a mattress with no interest credit is that there is no such thing as free credit. You may be confused by this, surely it should be free? Let’s take a closer look at how the pricing structure hides this from the customer. The simple fact is that when you buy on credit, “interest” has already been added to the total cost of your mattress by prepaying it over the retail price. It doesn’t matter to everyone whether you get credit or not.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and no financial service will pay you without leveraging it.

Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress, Medium Tension, King Size

Interest-free loans are big business, with finance companies offering 8-15% of all sales when selecting customers. These fees are always included in your purchase price, regardless of whether you get credit or not.

The concept of an interest-free mortgage (IFC) can be quite confusing. So let’s break it down using a hypothetical retail mattress. The Super-Dreamy 1000 pocket mattress will be our most popular model.

Say a mattress is advertised as part of a ‘Bank Holiday Deal’ for £1,000 (IFC) – 50% off the original RRP of £2,000. An amazing deal, right? oh

In fact, the original RRP of £2,000 is not a realistic target; This is a deliberately hypermarked price. Retailers may list the product at that price in their quietest outlet before halving the price across all of their stores. The £1,000 discount is actually the actual price they expect the product to sell for.

Mattress Direct Factory Outlet Sale✨✨|cooling Mattress |cheap Mattress |latex Mattress |ortho |spina Care Mattress , Furniture & Home Living, Furniture, Bed Frames & Mattresses On Carousell

Usually, the seller marks up to 70% – and therefore usually expects to sell the mattress for around £600-800 to cover their production costs and all their overheads. The retail price of a Super-Dreamy 1000 pocket mattress is approximately £246.

Now suppose a customer chooses a mattress using an interest-free loan and agrees with the finance company to pay £1,000 over three years.

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Of this £1,000, the finance company pays £820 to the seller and takes £180 (15-20%) for the loan. This £180 is effectively the hidden cost of interest on the loan and the finance company’s marginal profit.

Why at least? Failure to pay or late payment means that the customer is liable to pay up to 30% additional fees. In fact, some finance companies can work this missed payment into their metrics for profit margins and fine the few who don’t pay.

Pocket Memory Motion Divan Bed Set

We have tried to offer interest-free credit without affecting our prices for several months. Mainly for customers who may need extra help to get their perfect mattress. However, our experience has led us to add an additional 8 to 15% to each mattress. We would have kept the price without paying the loan, but those payments made it not entirely affordable for us in the long run.

. Totally shocking and unethical. We absorbed this fee of 8%-15% for the trial period instead of adding it to the product price. This will have a negative impact on all customers.

When finance providers asked us to secretly raise our prices to cover costs!

This led us to consider additional costs with other mattress retailers that offer interest-free credit. After 2 months we removed the interest free loan as completely unsustainable. It gave us a glimpse into the really dirty world of interest free debt that we want no part of.

Nordli Bed Frame With Storage, White, 160×200 Cm

At John Ryan By Design you will work with us and only us, no creditors or third party suppliers will add to the costs.

Instead of returning everything on a regular sale, our sales department offers customers instant discounts with no credit agreement required. All costs are upfront, there’s nothing hidden, and there’s no risk attached to your new bed.

Even if there is nothing that excites you

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