Inner Range Concept 4000

Inner Range Concept 4000 – Zurcorp has installed Axis cameras and Pelco is trying digital video recorders; Also Concept 4000 access control system and sound communication system; For the Ivanhoe Hotel on the Corso in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Featured in the first issue in October 1998. This is an interesting guide to the changes in the market over the last 16 years. In 1998, the original system was a state-of-the-art fully analog electronic security solution. It included a Pacom 2030 computerized matrix switcher and Pelco fixed cameras and PTZ cameras with real-time recording memory.

Inner Range Concept 4000

The video surveillance system includes multiple Pelco control keypads and remote viewing screens throughout the facility, allowing site supervisors to maximize support for their safety operations. Meanwhile, the main access control system was the Indoor Range Concept 3000 with HID Prox readers and a comprehensive alarm system that used PIR, dual technology sources and red switches. One of the first serious electronic security systems in the hospitality industry, Ivanhoe’s solution has operated with high reliability over the years, expanding and improving the system’s bandwidth with several analog upgrades.

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This original solution was used during the manufacture and installation of Ivanhoe, which made installation difficult. Reflecting the installation in 1998, this digital upgrade took place during the renovation process, closing Ivanhoe and extending to the buildings on either side of the original structure. The renovation was large-scale and increased the size of the hotel. Now you can disappear into Ivanhoe.

From an end-user perspective, what Ivanhoe wanted from its video surveillance solution was a view of sufficient quality to allow the identification of people involved in security incidents. Coverage includes entrances, bars, entertainment venues and retail outlets.

The refurbishment and expansion of the Ivanhoe Hotel has transformed what was once a modest establishment. My impressions after the repair – full stop. Given that most of the bars are in the central part of the building, there is a flow of space around this building. There’s a pool room, multiple beer gardens and patios on multiple levels, additional bars on different floors, a separate game room, an alfresco burger and pizza place, and a bottle shop.

As we walk, I’m in a large community club with many sections, each with a different mood or theme, all designed to engage the entire community. There are places to eat, where adults can sit at a table and talk, there are booths, corners and beer halls where young people hang out after a day at the beach.

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The hotel is more elite than before – there is a quiet beach. In my opinion, the hotel is bright, during the day there are 40-80 suites in most areas. Old Ivanhoe was dark below, and you climbed the stairs in the deep darkness of the upper floors. not more. All that natural light, blue and white, cane furniture, the Sea Ply Manly Junior Sailing Dinghy takes pride of place above the transparent staircase.

The new video surveillance system is built around 2 Pelco Digital Endeavor video recorders that support over 59 new Axis cameras and nearly 20 analog Bosch cameras – both dome and full body. The Pelco ENC5416 A/D encoder supports analog cameras on the D1, up to full frame rate recording, and enables integration of Bosch cameras into DVRs.

Doing the heavy lifting on the IP side is the Axis M3005-V network camera, a 2-megapixel 1080p dome camera that’s damage and dust resistant, designed for quick and flexible installation. This camera has 3-axis camera angle adjustment so that the image can be easily aligned. Axis PoE M3005-V provides a horizontal viewing angle of 80 degrees.

This camera supports the axial corridor format for vertical video streams of areas such as hallways, corridors or aisles. There’s a micro SDHC card slot for peripheral storage, and video streams can be encoded in H.264 and Motion JPEG. There are also intelligent capabilities such as detection of video motion enhancement and detection of attempts at camera manipulation such as blocking or painting.

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Each Pelco Digital Endeavor DVR can support up to 128 cameras, including up to 64 analog cameras. Each device has a bandwidth of 280 Mbps for video recording, streaming and video export, and has up to 18 TB of internal storage, optionally configured for RAID-5. The Digital Tray NVR comes preloaded with DS NVs network video management software and includes 8 IP licenses for Pelco or third-party cameras and network encoders.

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DS NVs ONVIF compliant software, video management solution with camera groups and tear-away screens, multi-trigger features, multiple alarm features, automatic DS Control Point client software updates, up to 90 minutes of IP audio, quick view and video , thumbnails, Timeline and scroll bar for fast video search and intuitive HTML/PDF reports.

“Our team has developed video surveillance, access control, alarm, elevator control and paging systems,” says Devin Lenko. “While we were working on the system, the hotel was closed. This meant that we did not work after hours, but we had to undertake the repairs ourselves.

“A key aspect of the installation was removing the old equipment, removing the camera, pulling the coax and power cables from the ceiling, pulling the old RG-59 cable bundles from the riser,” explains Lenco. “It was time-consuming and difficult work. Because of this and the area of ​​the site, a lot of work was required. Sections of the roof came off and we were trying to provide coverage. As the design evolved, we We coordinated the colors It was a great installation.

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Back in 1998, Zurcorp (later Eurovac) contracted Hans van de Veen to provide technical support for the Ivanhoe Hotel installation. But this time the system was fully provided by Pacific Communications. Comparing this digital upgrade to the original installation at the Ivanhoe Hotel, it is clear that the role of distributors has changed over the past 16 years. In 2014, the best vendors don’t deliver boxes, but integrate end-to-end solutions. This is a big deal and has changed the nature of integration from a server fiddle perspective.

“We went to Pacific Communications and shot 5-6 different cameras,” Lenko explains. Pacific Communications received all the cameras on the bench in the Pacific Communications Committee room in Rydalmere – 59 Ax cameras and 18 Bosch analogue cameras – all joined with 2 Pelco digital trays of 9 2 TB per unit. . (18 TB).

“The Pacom team built the entire system and then delivered it to us. We just connected the cables and it was literally plug and play. Price was a big consideration when choosing our product, but performance was also important in a number of situations. We are very happy with the axial camera during the process and decided to use it.

“When we ordered the system a few years ago, HD cameras at this price point only came with a fixed lens and you zoomed digitally and that was it. There was IR, Auto Iris, Day/Night, Optical Zoom, There was no optional low light, WDR that you get with the latest HD cameras today. Now there’s more choice, more features, more everything, and less cost.

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“With the Axis camera, we found that because of the 80-degree viewing angle of the cameras, we were able to remove 3-4 percent of the cameras from the structure,” Lenko says. “The newer cameras do better in terms of coverage than the older ones.”

As part of the shootout process with Pacific Communications, Zurcorp built a pair of Pelco digital devices. At the time, the appeal of digital trials was a powerful level of storage, an intuitive user interface with simple downloads, the ability to access many data and hybrids.

“One thing we like about the digital effort is that when you upload footage, the system loads a player, which is perfect for police who may not be familiar with this type of technology. It’s very simple. The player has all the capabilities of FF , rewind, zoom, freeze frame, so it’s a capable system in terms of getting that video into the hands of the police in a way that they can use it.

“The storage capacity on the Ivanhoe is 30 days at 1080p HD at 15fps – we wanted to create 40 days of storage with a small buffer, but decided to use 30 days for performance and cost was the best balance.”

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“It’s a closed network and everything goes back to the racks in the CCTV room,” he explains. “IP cameras connect to a PoE switch and then to the network, while analog cameras go back to digital codes, and IP cameras and analog go back to digital. We have a single dedicated network connection to the management workstation running DS.

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