Hyundai Genesis Coupe Australia

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Australia – Hyundai’s halo sports car, the Genesis Coupe, is now a left-handed product. Building the car in one configuration allows Hyundai to reduce development costs (and sticker price).

Hyundai’s halo sports car, the Genesis Coupe, is now a left-handed product. By building the car in one configuration, Hyundai can lower the cost of development (and the sticker price).

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Australia

However, it was confirmed late last year that the pressure from the British and Australian Hyundai Motor dealers forced the Korean headquarters of Hyundai to approve the right-hook version for the next generation coupe.

Luxury Meets Sport In The 2022 Genesis G80

Now in Korea, the news that the second generation Genesis Coupe will make its way to Australia has been reported. Of course, the release date of this new model has not been determined yet.

According to spy photos obtained last year, the left-hander now has at least one major update in the pipeline and is set to debut later this year, perhaps in late 2013 before we see an all-new coupe.

In the 2012 update of the Korean and US markets, Genesis Coupe’s 3.8 liter V6 gasoline engine output is expected to increase from 234 kW to 248 kW to get more power.

The report does not provide figures, but the four-cylinder turbo output is also expected to increase. The turbo coupe now offers 157kW and 302Nm of torque.

Genesis G80 Review

In Australia, Hyundai will soon show off its new Veloster hatch-cum-coupe sports car, which will make its local debut at the Australian International Motor Show next month.

The Veloster marks Hyundai’s leap forward, including the debut of a new 1.6-litre ‘Gamma’ four-cylinder engine producing 102 kW and 166 Nm of torque. Weighing in at just 1,170kg, it’s certainly not overpowering, but the Veloster still needs to shuffle around a bit. Hyundai Genesis coupe is on its last leg and the Korean brand plans to retire the left hook rear wheel coupe at the end. 2016 model year.

The current Genesis Coupe (read the 2013 review here) was originally introduced as the successor to the Tiburon sports coupe of the late 90s and 2000s.

The two-door coupe currently has vehicles like the Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang and Subaru BRZ in North America, but unlike the Genesis sedan, which will be replaced by the G80 under the new Genesis brand, the old and facelifted Genesis Coupe is not. Updated with new luxury subsidiary.

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New G70 Compact Sedan Helps Hyundai Define Korean Luxury For Its Genesis Brand

However, this is not all bad news. Hyundai plans to launch a coupe with a Genesis badge by the end of the decade, but it will focus more on luxury than performance.

According to the product roadmap announced in May, Genesis plans to launch a ‘luxury sports coupe’ around 2020.

Few details have been revealed about this upcoming sports luxury, but it is believed that the new Genesis Coupe will maintain the same dimensions as the current car as it shares the foundation with the yet-to-be-revealed G70 midsize sedan. It will fit under the Genesis / G80 midsize sedan.

At this year’s Detroit Auto Show in January, Dave Zhukovsky, president of Hyundai Motor America, said, “The direction of the new coupe, which will not be called the Genesis Coupe, will be “very different.”

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“[Hyundai Genesis Coupe] is very well dressed, it’s a very nice car, it’s a good performance vehicle and stuff, but it’s not what we call a luxury car. [The New Genesis Coupe] is a luxury car that has moved away from the luxury platform.

The president of Hyundai USA added that the convertible version is also on the wish list, but there are difficulties in the company’s domestic market, Korea.

He said, “The current battle is interesting. The weather in Korea is not suitable for convertibles, so it is difficult to attract interest in convertibles.”

“It’s a big part of sales [in the US] and you have to have it to compete. But we haven’t made any promises about it.”

Hyundai Genesis Coupe For Australia?

“It’s like riding a front-wheel drive car. With Genesis when we were rear wheel drive 85% of the market didn’t buy rear wheel drive in some of the largest markets in the US. We launched 4WD, and sales exploded, and we did really well in New York and Chicago.

Without the Genesis Coupe from 2017, Hyundai will be left without a traditional rear sports coupe in its lineup for the Korean and North American markets.

Hyundai Motor plans to release Genesis as an independent sub-brand next year, and the G80 sedan (formerly known as Genesis sedan) as the first domestic model.

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In an interview with CarAdvice this week, Hyundai Australia communications manager Bill Thomas said the mid-size G80 will follow the small G70 in the second half of 2017. Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

Hyundai Genesis Completely Revealed In New Spy Shots

Thomas added that the G70 is a new candidate 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 has been seen for the first time in the G80 Sports and G90sedans abroad, but the availability of the right-hand can not be confirmed at this stage.

Meanwhile, there is still doubt that the same engine will be available locally in the larger G80 Sport, as the use-given right is unlikely at this stage. However, the G80 will still receive comprehensive updates inside and out as part of the car’s rebirth as a Genesis-branded model.

Regarding the upcoming Genesis SUV models and the ‘G70 Coupe’, a local Hyundai representative said that the brand is eager to add to the local range if these models are manufactured right-hand, especially because of Australia’s growing love for high-end rides. Wagons across all segments.

A premium model with a range of features at an attractive price will help Genesis take on the German luxury brand and rivals such as Lexus and Infiniti.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe R Spec

MORE: Hyundai Genesis Coupe Review MORE: Big Changes to the Genesis Coupe MORE: Genesis News, Reviews, Videos and Prices Hyundai took pictures this week testing the Left Left (LHD) version of the Genesis Coupe in the mountainous region of Victoria.

But this is no ordinary Genesis coupe. The Genesis Coupe image is said to be tested with Hyundai’s new 5.0 liter V8 engine ‘Tau’.

The new direct-injection 5.0-liter V8 does not replace the 3.8-liter currently used in the Genesis Coupe, but it will likely work with the ‘R-Spec’ variant of the Genesis Coupe. The Tau V8 produces 320 kW and a torque of around 500 Nm. Claimed fuel consumption figures are 9.4L/100km on the highway cycle and 14.7L/100km on the city cycle, with the combined fuel consumption figure reaching 12.05L/100km.

Luckily, the R-Spec badge also gets styling changes, bigger brakes, thicker anti-roll bars, unique tires, and new suspension tuning. This is in addition to the styling update planned for the next model.

Hyundai Ceo Hopes For Diversification With ‘n’ And ‘genesis’

The appearance of this vehicle on the road Victoria also raises questions. Will it be available in Australia?

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I contacted Ben Hershman, Hyundai’s Senior Manager of Public Relations and Events, to ask what the car was testing in Victoria. He said:

“Hyundai uses Australia as a hot test area to develop global models. This has been going on for many years.”

Anyone who has lived in Victoria in the past summer will know that it has not been hot.

Genesis Gv70 Review, Interior, For Sale, Specs & News In Australia

Optimists suggest that Hyundai is testing the Genesis Coupe in Australia in preparation for a right-hand-drive (RHD) variant.

This will be very exciting news and will give Hyundai the ‘sporty’ edge it has longed for the Australian market. Once known as cheap, playful cars that set new lows for retail prices, Hyundai completely changed the concept in 2014 and launched in 2014. The first is a variety of high specification cars, premium prices from the Genesis sub-brand in Australia.

The first car was known as the Hyundai Genesis, but the ‘Hyundai’ will be dropped from the name in 2017. A 232 kW 3.8 liter V6 petrol engine with an 8-speed automatic powers the rear wheels of the four doors. sedan chair It ranges from $56,430 for the Genesis (base) to $86,570 for the Genesis (Ultimate Pack). At $86,570, the Genesis is currently the most expensive car from the Korean company, and the Genesis family is expected to expand to six from 2018.

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