How Much Is The Iphone 6s

How Much Is The Iphone 6s – With two-year contracts and carrier subsidies gone, most consumers will pay full price for a new iPhone.

Since Apple’s iPhone debuted in 2007, the slide after the introduction at the end of the stage has been a simple graphic advertising its delightfully low cost — starting at just $199 with a two-year contract and even free from $99 for the outgoing model. For older versions.

How Much Is The Iphone 6s

But with the phasing out of multi-year contracts and related subsidies, Apple faces a new dilemma of how to hide the basic fact that behind the shiny new iPhone is a device that costs more than $650 of dollars – in some cases closer to $1. , 000.

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This has always been true, but carrier subsidies have hidden costs for consumers. Instead, carriers recouped the difference between the original cost and the manufacturer’s retail price by adding it to their customers’ monthly bills.

When Apple unveils the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus on Wednesday, expect them to steal a page from the advertising playbook. Apple will focus on how customers can walk out of the store with the latest and greatest device with virtually no money down and low monthly payments. It’s a strategy that US carriers have also borrowed to sell customers on such phone financing plans. The iPhone 6, for example, will cost just over $21 per month over 30 months, for a total of $650, which is equal to the phone’s full retail price.

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However, it is important to note that carriers do not charge you more or less for your phone and service. In the past, when carriers offered to sell phones as low as $199, the price of a discounted phone was calculated as a monthly fee. Customers who pick up new phones with the new financing plans get about $25 a month off, which essentially washes things away.

For those who really want to buy their phone with a two-year contract, there are a few options. AT&T still offers contract pricing, but only through its own stores and websites. Sprint said it plans to phase out such pricing and focus on plans to lease iPhones to customers. Verizon has stopped offering contract pricing to new customers, but will give existing contract customers an option to continue getting their phones that way. The only carrier that doesn’t offer any subsidized phone options is T-Mobile, which cut such prices more than two years ago.

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Now that you know it was little more than marketing jujitsu designed to easily part with your money, the question is why bother?

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