Hong Kong To Melbourne Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong To Melbourne Cathay Pacific – It’s been a while since my last TR, but I haven’t done any international travel since this time last year. My family and I were on a summer trip to Halifax, Canada to see my brother and his new baby. As you can imagine this is peak season so when we initially went to the travel agent in January we got some very expensive offers. Long story short, it was much cheaper for all of us to fly Cathay via Hong Kong to Newark and then United to Halifax. It was a very long drive, but we were all traveling together and even staying in a hotel at Newark airport, we were much better off. Another great thing was that we could enjoy international service all the way on Cathay and not be on the dreaded Air Canada or other North American airlines.

We arrived at the airport very early for our 7.40am departure. Check in was very easy and the staff were great when my sister’s ESTA approval was not showing up in their system. After checking in, we headed straight to departures and had a cup of tea and toast before making our way to the departure lounge. It was still very dark and I was very tired as I had not slept the night before. Boarding started 30 minutes late but was very very efficient and fast. I was really surprised because the flight was full.

Hong Kong To Melbourne Cathay Pacific

Inside, the cabin was full. My sister and I sat by the window and our mother sat in the aisle seat next to us in the middle section. The A330-300 is arranged in 2-4-2 economy. Economy seats are blue and gray and generally very comfortable. It wasn’t long after boarding the plane that the flight saw a security briefing.

Cathay Pacific Permanently Cuts Three Us Routes

Paper menus were handed out on site and breakfast service had just begun in the air, but not before (non-alcoholic) drinks were served. I chose water. For lunch I had the western version which was very tasty. I think the hollandaise did a lot to add to the flavor. Cons: plastic fork.

Menu (sorry, I don’t know how to rotate the images in this reference format, although they are rotated in my own program)

After breakfast the shades were drawn and most settled down for a nap or a movie, which is exactly what I did. The CX’s inflight entertainment system is excellent with a wide variety of TV and movie content. The IFE was very easy to use. Negative aspects. the screen is a little small by modern standards and the angle at which you view the screen cannot be adjusted, which is especially annoying when the person in front is reclining in their seat.

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Lunch is served mid-flight. Before that the aperitif was ready and I chose a very tasty and refreshing gin and tonic that would become my drink of choice for the next three CX segments. I chose the vegetarian lunch option which was dry, tasteless and no vegetables or sauce. Pretty much inedible. It’s also disappointing when lunch is also a pasta-style dish (ie pearl couscous).

Cathay Pacific/hsbc Hong Kong Sevens Rescheduled To November

Food tray. the mango and cream Weis bar was a nice touch and helped complement the innocent main.

A few hours later we landed in Hong Kong. I can’t remember but I’m sure we were on time or actually early. My mom, sister and I had a few hours to kill before our connecting flight to EWR. Stay with us…

Overall, this flight was very comfortable. The staff were not particularly attractive and I honestly can’t remember their faces, I know it’s weird to say but when I experience great service I tend to remember that face in my travel memory. The entertainment was great, the food passable (in some places great, in some ways not). I’ll leave my comments there as I’ll be doing three more CX reviews soon and I’d like to wrap up my main points at the end.

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Cathay Pacific To Resume Flight Services Between India And Hong Kong From May 4

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We understand that ads can be annoying, so we display up to 2 non-intrusive ads per page. Have you ever wondered how nicer people are at the far end of the plane? Or does it not make that much of a difference after all? We decided to investigate with Cathay Pacific on our flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong and checked their financial and business position.

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We booked our tickets using frequent flyer points. 35,000 Qantas points for my economy flight and 45,000 Asia miles for Hubby’s business seat (guess who drew the short straw). The airport charges for both tickets were the same, around AUD$170.

One of the most exciting things for us about flight CX134 is that Cathay is using its Airbus A350. We’ve only flown the A350 once before, Qatar Airways in business class, and loved it, so we hoped it would be the same with the Cathay A350.

Cathay Pacific 777 300er First Class Overview

The plane arrived in Melbourne late and our flight had this delay. The scheduled departure at 7:35 became 08:05. Landing in Hong Kong was scheduled for 15:10 and although we ran out of time on take-off, due to a storm we were held over Hong Kong and landed at 15:31.

As an award ticket, neither Qantas nor Cathay allowed me to select my seat in advance. I had to pray to the seating gods that I wouldn’t get stuck somewhere in the middle seat. The prayers were answered and not only was I given an aisle seat, but the middle seat was empty. This meant more room for personal belongings as well as leg room. The storage space above the middle row is quite high. I’m not short (170cm) and had to stand on my tiptoes to put my stuff in there or reach my backpack on the flight. The women of the small cabin crew had to climb into the seats to be able to close the overhead lockers.

An hour after the flight, we were served breakfast. I went for the baked bean, bacon and mushroom frittata with yogurt and fruit. It was a very good morning and I certainly didn’t feel bad about being in economy.

I followed that up with a movie session for a snack and beer with BYO cheese. When I asked for a beer right after breakfast I was told they would start serving alcohol in about two hours, but only 30 minutes later a lovely server brought me a nice cold beer.

Handy First Hand Cathay Pacific Business Class Flight Review

Halfway through the flight we were given a drink (there were alcoholic drinks, I ordered red wine) and a small packet of nuts. Followed by lunch about 1 hour later. And once again it was a decent meal. My meal consisted of beef goulash with mash, bread, cold noodle salad and chocolate. They also gave me more wine and Movenpick ice cream for dessert (they only had strawberry flavor). After collecting the trays, the staff returned offering tea, coffee and water. I was running out of wine so I was given more (4th glass already) to continue. I said no to the next one when the staff noticed my empty glass and ran to refill it. They certainly don’t hold back the wine on Cathay Pacific.

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The seat is good, but nothing to write home about. It wasn’t as comfortable as Qatar’s economy seats on the A380 and didn’t have much storage space. I was glad we had that spare seat in the middle, which made it a lot easier to spread things out.

The screen is smaller than I expected and doesn’t tilt enough. When the person in front of me lay back in their seat, I couldn’t see anything on the screen. The headphones provided are bad. the sound is very quiet and you can barely hear the dialogues, but when there is music or loud noises in the movie, everyone around you can hear them. I used Hubby’s Bose noise canceling headphones for most of the flight. Fun tip. you can skip all ads. There are about 7 minutes of commercials before each movie and you can skip them by simply moving the time slider.

It was a very uneventful flight. Comfortable and smooth (a bit of turbulence over Indonesia and the Philippines as usual). Good food and one of the most helpful staff I have ever seen.

Cathay Begins Airbus A350 Operations To Australia

The only inconvenience was that one of the toilets was out of order, which created long queues for the two closest to me.

As far as budget flights go, this one was pretty cool and felt great

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