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Home Brew Shop Geelong – Two minutes from start to clean. So simple and compact that you can take it anywhere…office, job site, campsite, RV, dorm…all you need is hot water.

Smooth Using the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure, the drink produces a rich taste with lower acidity and no bitterness.

Home Brew Shop Geelong

Unlike other squeeze-type coffee makers, the Pure Micro is filtered to produce flour-free coffee. Fast About two minutes from the start of the pleasure. The actual pressing time takes only 20 seconds.

Southern Bay Brewing Co Has Been Placed In Liquidation

The AeroPress Go has been thoughtfully designed to offer all the delicious brewing options of the original AeroPress and a convenient drinking mug that doubles as a carrying device. Like the original AeroPress, the AeroPress Go produces delicious American, espresso and cold brew coffee. AeroPress Go is optimized for traveling, camping or just commuting, so AeroPress is convenient and easy to take with you. Its smart design ensures you never miss a delicious AeroPress brewed coffee wherever you go.

Coming from one of the most creative and innovative portable espresso machines, the Nanopresso redefines the genre and sets new standards. Incredibly beautiful and stylish, it looks as powerful as it is.

Built around a newly patented pumping system, the Nanopresso can reach up to 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure in your hands during a steady extraction, guaranteeing unparalleled coffee quality. This is more than most home espresso machines can offer.

Making the perfect espresso bag is far from easy, as many parameters play an important role in the brewing process. Consistency is even more difficult. Thanks to its innovative design and ease of use, the Nanopresso helps you make perfect cups with a nice, thick layer of cream every time.

White Rabbit Brewery (geelong)

The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that has been concentrated hard. It is delightfully easy to use and easy to use. Nanopresso requires 15% less power for pumping compared to previous models (1st generation Minipresso). With Nanopresso, the power is in the machine, not in your hands.

With new features and options that greatly improve the way you prepare your favorite coffee, the Nanopresso is one of the best and most versatile espresso machines. A truly unique addition to your coffee tool set!

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The Barista series is a complete set of accessories packed in a small container. It expands the Nanopresso’s capabilities, allowing you to prepare up to 120 ml of double espresso (16 grams of ground coffee). Thanks to its 18 bar high-pressure draft, the Nanopresso utilizes a larger filter basket and exceeds the suction quality of most home espresso machines. Coffee lovers will be happy to enjoy an incredibly rich espresso. The double espresso basket is a unique feature not found in any other portable espresso machine. Brew Merchants: A new local business bringing a slice of European craft beer to Geelong

There’s no denying that Victoria’s best pubs have seriously stepped up their beer game in recent years, or that the best local breweries are now the most fun places to hang out and kick back a few rounds.

The Brew Barn

But what if you want to explore fresh beer from breweries not only in your region and country, but around the world?

Check out The Brew Merchants, Bellarine, an online beer and cider retailer specializing in importing rare, obscure and vintage brews, bringing a slice of European craft beer to Geelong.

Ocean Grove local Dimitri Halkidis launched The Brew Merchants, offering a highly curated and inventive platform to make it easier to find the best beers from around the world.

Dimitri was born out of a love of travel (specifically a trip to Europe in 2016) and a longing for Einstok (his favorite beer that can’t be found in Australia). Dimitri started his company in 2021, when international travel is still a dream for many.

Blackman’s Brewery Torquay Australia

For Dimitri, importing European beers to sell halfway around the world on the Bellarine was an idea for keen travelers getting their dose of international travel from home: if you couldn’t travel during the COVID virus, at least your taste buds could.

Specializing in only the weirdest, quirkiest and most obscure brews, Brew Merchants focuses on authentic craft and small brews that are hard, if not impossible, to find elsewhere in Australia. Here you’ll find over 70 different hand-picked brews from 15 different countries, from Norwegian smoked beer and Swiss root beer to Irish craft cider and Icelandic sour IPA.

If you want to mark a country off your list, the process is quite simple on this attractive and user-friendly website. If you’re looking for something specific, you can search for beers by country, brewery or type, or dive into their mixed-pack selection, making it easier than ever to find new, emerging and classic beers, whether you’re at the brewery or not. to a certain variety or you want to try a taste.

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If you’re the type of connoisseur who gets a thrill from the unexpected and extraordinary, the rare and vintage section is definitely worth checking out. There’s also a section dedicated to new breweries with only the freshest stock, in addition to a budget-friendly sale section.

The Best Cafés In Geelong

The best part is that there is a constant rotation in stock, Dimitri makes sure that new products are always on the way, so you will always find something new and exciting to try from all over Europe.

Operating from their Wallington warehouse, The Brew Merchants deliver locally to a number of Bellarine suburbs including Ocean Grove, Barwon Heads, Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale, Clifton Springs, Wallington, Drysdale, Leopold, Portarlington, Indented Head, St Leonards, Curlewis, Gees and Armstrong Creek. .

If you live somewhere else (bar a few select locations nationwide), don’t worry, The Brew Merchants will ship your order to you.

While buying online and having them delivered to your door may not match the experience of visiting breweries in France and Greece, the convenience is a modern advantage if you’re still dreaming of that Eurotrip. Capturing the essence of different cities, The Brew Merchant is worth a try with a hand-picked selection of some of Europe’s most unusual and quirky beers.

King Of The Castle, Geelong West Review

Read more and discover Europe’s best small-batch beer and cider. Come enjoy a smooth, locally roasted beer and 30-hour fermented ciabatta bread and enjoy a nice drink.

The family behind Botanical Brew have built a cult following over the years for their healthy fermented drinks, and now they’ve combined their passion for bringing interesting flavors to the region with their new fermentation concept store, FUNK.

FUNK is located in an intimate brick building on Shannon Avenue in Geelong West. FUNK has quickly become a local favorite, offering access to Botanical Brew’s fermented beverages and sauerkraut, as well as coffee, small goods, and local products from area small businesses.

Run by Lilly and Tony Spoljaric of the Spoljaric family and their sons Rainer and Evan, FUNK aims to keep the food local, ethical and authentic and bring all the flavors of Lara Brewery to Geelong.

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Botanical Brew started with a beehive that Evan and Rainer inherited from their grandfather. The family became passionate about fermenting raw honey, championed by Tony, who opened La Madre Bakery in the early 2000s. Since we have been making our own sourdough bread for years, the knowledge of fermentation is clearly deep in the family.

“We inherited a beehive from our grandfather and my brother really got into beekeeping while he was studying agriculture at the University of Melbourne,” explains Rainer.

Taking to their craft and practicing sustainable beekeeping, they soon began fermenting their own alcoholic drink made from juniper, raw honey and organic green tea – the first of its kind in Australia.

“It was just one of those things we played with in the kitchen and developed for our own benefit. It developed naturally and got to the point where we saw that there was a market for it abroad. We saw a niche opening up in the Australian market and decided to go all in and give it a shot and see where we could take it.

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The mission is to create a traditionally made Jun Kombucha that maintains its integrity and living culture. Over the years, Botanical Brew has gone from strength to strength and produced a fermented tea product as an alternative to beer, cider and wine.

Focusing on quality, nature and sustainability, they create not only the naturally alcoholic Juni-juni, but also their own weed-free Juni concentrate in several different flavors.

“It is a more sustainable non-alcoholic Jun” kombucha “alternative that is 40 times less wasteful. Together with the concentrate, you can use it as a morning tonk, add it to various shakes or cocktails and even use it in salad dressings, so

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