Holden Trax Active Special Edition

Holden Trax Active Special Edition – Holden says it is introducing the Holden Trak Active, Colorado Storm and Colorado 7 Trailblazer in response to the way people use compact SUVs, utes and large SUVs.

The Active is based on the LS trim, but at $23,990 drive-through it adds larger (17-inch) alloy wheels, a power sunroof, roof racks and chrome exterior door handles instead of body color.

Holden Trax Active Special Edition

Holden has used the Storm badge a lot, and it was previously used on the Colorado in 2015. Its return this April demands an extra $500 over the 4×4 Crew Cab LTZ it’s based on in exchange for extras.

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These include a black hub on the lower front bumper, a black sports bar on the rear rack, larger alloy wheels (18 inches) and a black hood shield with the Storm logo. The cabin also gets carpet mats.

The wheels remain 18-inchers, but they have new-design rims, there’s a Colorado-branded hood scoop, hidden Z71 headlights, a body-colored roof spoiler has been added, and carpeted floor mats have been installed inside.

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Jarvis is a people-driven company, focused on providing an environment that creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff. Although Holden had most of the SUV market covered at the start of the decade, it didn’t have a fair dinkum competitor at the end.

Enter the Trak, a high-riding wagon with the usual SUV touches, including wheel arch extensions and large alloy wheels.

The catch was that the Trak you really wanted was the more expensive version with a superior engine.

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One of the Trak’s highlights is the optional 1.4-liter turbo engine, which is satisfying and noisy. Handling is better than some competitors, and the front seats offer plenty of support.

In addition, the usual SUV features attract people to these vehicles: a high seating position and easy access and, in the case of an SUV of this size, easy parking.

The interior is nothing special and looks a little cheap in places. The steering lacks feel and precision, and the entry-level 1.8-liter engine is missing.

Prices for a used Trak start at about $7,000 for a base model from the first year on sale.

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Although the Trak was one of the longest surviving models before the ax fell on Holden, it is still the current model on the price list, so the manufacturer’s RRP is still a valid guide.

The top-of-the-line version, the 2 Series, can start around $15,000, but to get the better engine, budget closer to $20,000 for the 2017 LT or LTZ.

Products of South Korean origin have not been without the odd quality concern, and Trak is no different, although it is by no means the worst offender.

Holden has recalled the Trak several times, the first time due to a potential fault with the seat belt tensioner system which had obvious safety implications.

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The good news is that there were only eight cars in this particular recall, and a Holden dealer will be able to identify those affected if you have any doubts about a particular example.

The second recall came under a strange headline: Some Traks had a fault in the ignition pipe that could see the car mysteriously start its own starter even when no one was in the car.

If the car was a manual, in gear and the parking brake was not set properly, the starter motor had enough power to start the car, probably until it hit something stationary.

Incidents are few and far between, but they have been reported, so it would be wise to check with a potential purchase that one of the affected Trakes has been repaired with a new ignition tube.

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Trak was also called to check the wiring harness for the electric power steering which, in some cases, could be disconnected.

If that happened, the car could still be steered, but it would require a lot more effort from the driver.

Any sign of shifting between gears, failure to select a gear, or loss of drive indicates serious transmission problems.

Trak also annoyed its owners with hood and roof paint peeling or flaking very early in the car’s life.

Takata Airbag Recall

Trak was also caught up in the Takata airbag saga, so make sure any potential purchase is checked and suspect airbags are replaced.

You’ll find the usual silver, black, white, blue and red, as well as brighter colors like orange and metallic gold.

You can see a lot of dark plastic and although there are lighter parts, they manage to look cheap rather than premium.

Although the seats are soft to begin with (because they are), you may find that they lack support on longer journeys.

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They’re available as an aftermarket add-on, but the younger demographic Trak was aiming for is much more into streaming music from their phones anyway.

The option you really want, because it brightens up the entire interior, is the sunroof that was actually standard on all 2 Series LT and LTZ models.

The initial engine was a 1.8-litre producing 103kW of power, and from August 2014 the Trak was also available with a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine.

Although the turbo was also good for 103kW, it had more torque and was a smoother, more sophisticated engine that offered much more performance despite its smaller size.

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The entry-level engine could be paired with a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic, while the turbo engine is automatic only.

The exterior size of the Trak limited cargo space, especially if the rear seat was used for passengers.

With the rear seat in place, the boot was only 385 litres, but if the rear seat was folded down it more than doubled.

There were two cup holders on the center console and in the more expensive LTZ variant, a tray under the passenger seat.

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The more efficient of the two engines, the 1.4-litre turbocharged engine has an official combined figure of 6.9 liters per 100km.

The catch, though, is that the 1.4 needs the more expensive ULP 95-octane, while the 1.8 is happy with the stock stuff.

If you’re buying a newer model Trak, the 2 Series LT or LTZ is a good choice because it gives you otherwise expensive options like a sunroof and digital radio.

Many sellers put mats in the floor when selling, and many owners noticed tinted windows.

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But more practically, the little Holden isn’t a natural choice for a towbar due to design and drivetrain limitations.

In fact, there have been reports that General Motors in the US (where the Trak is sold with the Chevrolet badge) has stopped listing maximum towing capacity.

It’s front-facing and lacks the ground clearance, gearing and overall toughness to be an off-roader of any kind.

The only way to get Trak navigation was to use the MiLink system and your existing device.

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The base model received a seven-inch touchscreen, 16-inch alloy wheels, USB and iPod ports, Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning, cruise control, automatic headlights, a reversing camera, rear parking sensors and 240 volts. inverter output in the center console.

The LTZ added 18-inch wheels and tires, heated front seats, fog lights and a trip computer.

Transformation in 2017 i

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