Her Majesty Theatre Seating Plan

Her Majesty Theatre Seating Plan – One of the West End’s most successful venues, Her Majesty’s Theater dates back to 1897 and was designed by Charles J. Designed by Phipps. Built in an ornate and lavish structure, the theater is famous for hosting long-running musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

. As one of London’s oldest theaters, the venue retains architectural features such as the curved auditorium and supporting pillars, which can make viewing tricky. With a seating capacity of 1,216, Her Majesty’s Theater is built over four levels; Stands, Royal Circle, Grand Circle and Balcony. There are several vantage points available throughout the theatre, with stalls and the Royal Circle guaranteeing excellent views of the stage. Due to the height of the theatre, the Grand Circle and the balcony are somewhat problematic as the views become distant and restricted. Check out our seat price chart below, which illustrates the kind of view you get for the price you pay. There are some great deals to be had, and it’s worth checking carefully before buying tickets.

Her Majesty Theatre Seating Plan

Please note that prices may vary depending on peak weekend performance or mid-week performance.

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Premium seats are found in the middle of rows F-H, approximately seats 11-18 and 9-20 in row F. These are the best seats in the theater, offering a perfect view of the stage close enough to indulge in the action .

Seats 13 to 24 in row A command a premium price due to the spectacular and unrestricted view of the entire stage. You won’t miss a thing from here and you’ll even see moments of the show that might be missed from other seats.

These seats are the most expensive and are found in seats 9-20 of rows G-K. These seats are worth buying for the best overall view of the stage. Nothing is lost with these asanas.

Only a handful of seats cost more; 9-12 and 25-28 from A-Range. They are priced that way because they have a central view of the stage that ensures you won’t miss a moment of the action.

Prince Of Wales Theatre London

Most stalls are priced this way, as the views from this section are unparalleled. No matter where you sit, even at the end of the rows, no action is blocked and you get an unobstructed view of Phantom’s finest moments. It is advisable to sit as centrally as possible for the best experience.

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Most of the Royal Circle falls under this price, except for the seats at the end of the rows. The gradual curve ensures that these centrally positioned seats have an excellent view of the stage without any restrictions. A decent rake means you can see those in front of you.

Row A can accommodate 10-12 people at this price, as the driver may distract some. Advantageous seats for Phantom fanatics! Seats after row N are priced this way as the Royal Circle overhang may block key program points. Some seats are affected by pillar restrictions and seats at the ends of the rows face the side of the stage.

These seats are primarily located at the rear in the center of the Royal Circle and are reduced as they are away from the stage and affected by the Grand Circle overhang. Seats at the ends of rows A-C are priced as they face the side of the stage, which can block out some of the action.

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Most seats in the Grand Circle center block are priced this way, as the best overview of the stage is a short distance away. Seats in rows A-E of around 12 to 26 are worth choosing at this price, and compared to other seats in this segment, because they are the best views offered. A decent rake will ensure those above don’t get in the way.

Seats 1-4 in rows R-L fall into this price range, as they face the stage slightly to the side, which can lead to uncomfortable viewing. As the Grand Circle is severely limited by the overhang, it is better to choose these seats than the similarly priced seats in Row H, which may restrict some important moments.

Much of the Grand Circle is priced at this, because while the views aren’t necessarily blocked, the scene can seem quite remote and make detail difficult. It’s best to choose seats that are as central as possible, as those in the side blocks offer a slight side view of the stage.

At this price, the seats are at the ends of the rows, which mostly face the side of the stage, resulting in a restricted view. You may have to lean forward to see the stage from these seats.

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket, London. Vintage Seating Plan C1955 Old Print Stock Photo

Seats at this price are at the end of each row and because they face the side of the stage, the view is severely restricted. The action can seem distant and the walls can block parts of the scene, which means the action is missed. Legroom is limited in these seats.

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There is minimal seating for this price in the stalls, all of which are located directly behind the support pillars and affected by the overhang. It’s worth spending the extra money to make sure you can see the scene!

Seats in this price category are directly affected by pillars, which block large sections of the stage. It’s worth spending a bit more to make sure you get a good view of the scene!

Most of the balcony falls under this price because it is too far from the stage and difficult to do detailing. Leg room in this section is incredibly limited, and while the rake is great, it can be uncomfortable.

Her Majesty’s Theatre Ballarat, Attraction, Goldfields, Victoria, Australia

These seats are located at the end of each row in this section. They are severely limited by placing them near walls, which block large parts of the stage. You miss a lot of the action from those seats.

Balcony seats at this price are located at the ends of each row and are severely blocked by walls that block large parts of the stage. Please note that legroom in this compartment is incredibly limited.

These seats are assigned at the discretion of the box office, but are usually distributed along the BF rows of the stalls. Worth queuing for these to guarantee a great view at a very cheap price. Her Majesty’s Homes are accessible to all at street level. The stands are accessible to all ambulatory disabled people via an elevator.

The wheelchairs have 10 (ten) seats for parents and include seats to accommodate caregivers and companions. These are seats 1-3 and 27-29 of row D stalls; row E positions 1-2 and 29-30; Seats 1 and 27 of row F; row J seist 1 & 26; Row P Ceast 27-29 and Row T (all positions). Additionally, the G 1 & 30 and N 1 & 30 seats are equipped with transfer arms, allowing parents using mobility devices to sit comfortably in the end-of-row seat.

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Haymarket, London, Sw1

Access to the Dress Circle, Long Room Bar and Balcony is via stairs and no accessible seating is available in the Dress Circle or Balcony.

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A hearing loop has been installed for parts of the basket and stalls. To take advantage of the loop, please confirm the available places with the ticket office by calling 03 5333 5888.

Parking at Her Majesty’s is primarily on-street along Lydiard Street, Dana Street, Sturt Street and Armstrong Street.

Street parking is metered weekdays and Saturdays during business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.) and no payment is required on Sundays, but time limits apply.

Coronavirus: Phantom Of The Opera To Close ‘permanently’ In The West End

Parking is available in the Central Square multi-storey car park at the corner of Dana Street and Doveton Street South for daytime shows. Parking fees are applicable for stays of 2 hours.

Parking can also be found in the supermarket car park on Little Bridge Street. Delays apply during business hours.

On this page you will find a new seating plan created in January 2016 with the installation of new custom seats.

The rows of stalls (lower level) have been rearranged in a curved plan to improve the decor. Every effort has been made to minimize the impact of the pillars, although they cannot be removed and therefore still block the view from some seats.

Photos At Her Majesty’s Theatre

The former standing spaces (upper level or “gods”) behind the balcony are now fully seated to provide maximum comfort and keep the capacity as high as possible.

If you have any further questions about seating at Her Majesty’s Ballarat, including accessible seating, hearing enhancement etc, contact the Majestic ticket office on 03 5333 5888 Monday to Friday 9.15am to 5.00pm. For inquiries and reservations for parents with special needs or companion card holders, please contact Ticketek Special Needs:

Parents requiring a wheelchair, aisle seat or special assistance should always book in advance to ensure suitable seats are available.

There is a drop-off area near the theater entrance doors (towards Lonsdale St). The sidewalk in front of the theater is closed

Her Majesty’s Theatre, Section Royal Circle, Page 1

There is no elevator. Limited theater patrons

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