Her Majesty Theatre Melbourne Seating Plan

Her Majesty Theatre Melbourne Seating Plan – His Majesty’s Theater has a capacity of 1231 seats. Partial capacity is 513 Stalls, 285 Royal Circle, 330 Grand Circle and 103 balconies. Use our interactive seat plan to see 4194 seat reviews and 2078 photos of views from the seat.

Each seating block is level with partial barriers from support columns, rails and overhanging roof levels. Many seats have a limited view of the famous chandelier, so it’s worth spending money to sit in the Shops for the best view.

Her Majesty Theatre Melbourne Seating Plan

Good number of seats The theater has a number of seats that are ‘restricted view’ due to the column. However, some of these seats are a bit cramped, and it is possible to sit in a row with a great view of the stage for a much lower price! Seats throughout the Grand Circle are generally cheaper than other tiers.

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The premium seats in the middle of the stalls are the best place to sit for those who like surprises! Ideally, sitting in front of the Royal Circle guarantees that nothing will be missed.

Comfortable seats. Legroom Good for me at 1.7m tall but someone taller may struggle as the road will help. This upper circle feels more like the front half of the balcony. You can’t see the front of the stage so everyone leans forward… More

The best footrest, can fully extend your legs and you will not touch the seat in front. The view is very good (you can see every little expression on the actors’ faces). Of course he missed the rose candlestick and rock in the first act too… More

Great seat – near the front, slightly to the side, but that’s fine. You are close enough to see all the rich detail, but far enough to see the whole scene. The seats are not good in this theater, but the legroom in Row D is good. Recommended. More Her Majesty’s Mansions are accessible to the public at street level. Access to shops for all with ambulatory disabilities through passenger transport.

Photos At Her Majesty’s Theatre (melbourne)

There are 10 (ten) seats in the stalls for guests in wheelchairs and with seats to accommodate patrons and companions. It is located in Stallets Row D seats 1-3 and 27-29; Row E seats 1-2 and 29-30; row F seats 1 and 27; Row J string 1 & 26; Row P string 27-29 and row T (all positions). In addition, the Transport Arms are compatible with the seats G 1 & 30 and N 1 & 30, enabling professionals who use mobility aids to sit comfortably in the seat at the end of an aisle.

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Access to the dressing area, Long Room Bar and balcony is via stairs only with no accessible seating available in the dressing area or balcony.

The Dress Circle and parts of the Stalls correspond to the Audience Circle. To take advantage of the Loop, please confirm available seats at the Box Office by calling 03 5333 5888.

Meet at Her Majesty’s is mostly on the street at Lydiard Street, Dana Street, Sturt Street and Armstrong Street.

Where Are The Best Seats In Her Majesty Theatre?

During business hours (09:00 to 17:30) on weekdays and Saturdays, on-street parking is metered, and on Sundays no payment is required, but time restrictions apply.

For daytime shows park at the Central Square Multi Storey Carpark on the corner of Dana Street and Doveton Street South. The parking fee for the trains is more than 2 hours.

Parking can also be found in the supermarket car park on Little Bridge Street. Time restrictions apply during business hours.

On this page you will find a new seating plan created with the installation of new custom seats in January 2016.

Adelaide Festival Centre, Adelaide, Australia

The rows in the Stalls (the lowest level) are aligned with the plan you print to improve the views. Every effort has also been made to minimize the effect of the columns, although they cannot be removed and will therefore also limit the view from some seats.

The lounge areas already at the back of the balcony (top level or ‘Gods’) are fully seated to provide maximum comfort and to make the energy as high as possible.

If you have additional questions about seating in Ballarat Majesty, including accessible seating, hearing aids etc., contact the Majestix Box Office on 03 5333 5888 between 09:15 and 17:00 Monday to Friday. For inquiries and reservations customers with special needs, or membership card Holders, please contact Ticketek Special Needs:

Carers who require wheelchair access, aisle seating or special assistance should always book in advance to ensure suitable seating is available.

Headout West End Guide: Arts Theatre Seating Plan

There is a drop-off area near the front doors of the Theater (towards Lonsdale St). The footpath in front of the Theater is covered

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IT IS NOT FORBIDDEN. Theater patrons with limited mobility who wish to reserve seats are advised that Stalls is the most available stage.

The Stalls section is located on the lower level of the auditorium, directly in front of the Stage. There are no stairs in the Stalls if you enter through Door 3. The floor is on a slope that makes each row higher than the row in front. Professionals who have difficulty using stairs are advised to reserve seats in the Stalls.

The dress circle is the middle level of the auditorium. The seat around the cloth is so tight that each row is raised one or more steps above the row in front. For guests sitting in the dressing circle, there is a grand staircase of 26 steps with a gentle slope to reach through 4 (front half of the dressing circle) and another 10 steps to reach through 5 (half of the dressing circle).

Playhouse Theatre Seating Plan

The Grand Circle is on the upper level of the auditorium. The seats in the Grand Circle are lent back so that each row is raised one or more steps above the row in front. For passengers seated in the Grand Circle, there is a total of 58 steps from the outer entrance to the Grand Circle (Door 6).

There is a 5 minute drop off area in front of the main entrance to the Theater in Exhibition Street. The footpath in front of the Theater is all covered.

Hearing aids are available for use in all seats of Her Majesty’s Theatre. They either use standard headphones or connect to a hearing aid through a neck loop. A security deposit (eg credit card or driver’s license) is available free of charge at the ticket office.

The authorized ticket sellers for this event are Her Majesty’s Theater and Ticketek. Please note that neither Majestic Theater nor Ticketek has any obligation to honor tickets purchased through unauthorized sellers.

Queens Theatre Seating Map

If you attend the Event with a ticket purchased through an unauthorized seller such as Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster Resale, Viagogo, Ticketbis, eBay, Gumtree, Ticket Australia, Queen of Tickets or otherwise, you may be refused entry to the Event.

The Majesty’s Theater has a special offer if you PRE-BOOK with Secure Parking, 59 Lonsdale St, Melbourne. At the end of the booking process, enter the promotional code; 2022 You must book and pay online BEFORE you arrive at the Stop. Offer only valid on weekdays after 4pm and all day weekends.

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For more information on Melbourne city transport, visit PTV. You will find maps, timetables, ticket prices and other information to get around Melbourne more easily. One of the most popular venues is the West End, Her Majesty’s Theater which dates from 1897 and was designed by Charles J. Phipps. Built in an ornate and opulent structure, the theater is best known for presenting Andrew Lloyd Webber’s long-running musical.

. As one of London’s older theatres, the venue retains architectural features such as the arched lobby and supporting columns, which can make for a somewhat awkward appearance. With a seating capacity of 1,216, His Majesty’s Theater is built over four levels; the stalls, the Royal Circle, the Grand Circle and the balcony. There are many views available throughout the theatre, with the stalls and Royal Circle guaranteeing the best views of the stage. Due to the height of the theater, the Grand Circle and the balcony can be a bit of a problem as the views become distant and limited. Check out our seat price chart below, which explains what kind of view you get for the price you pay. There are some deals to be had, and it’s worth checking carefully before buying tickets.

Her Majesty’s Theatre Seating Plan

Please note that prices may vary depending on whether the service is a weekend or midweek service.

Premium seats can be found in the middle of rows F-H, approximately seats 11-18 and 9-20 in row F. These are the best seats in the theater, offering a perfect view of the stages that feel close enough. . the action.

Seats 13-24 of Row A are premium, due to the wonderful, unrestricted view of the entire level. You won’t miss anything from here, and you’ll still see showtimes you might miss from other seats.

These seats are the highest priced and are available in seats 9-20 of rows G-K. These seats are worth buying for the overall excellent

Her Majesty’s Theatre

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