Hart Of Dixie Season 1 Episode 16

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A young doctor from New York runs a small practice in the beautiful town of Bluebell, Ala.

Hart Of Dixie Season 1 Episode 16

The first season of “Hart of Dixie” stars Rachel Bilson in the role of Zoe Hart, the big town doctor who has lost her ability to sleep. A self-confident doctor finds a fish out of water, however, after a tip from a stranger inspires him to create medicine in a small Alabama town.

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Young New York doctor Zoe Hart to become a cardiologist jumps when, at first, Hart (Rachel Bilson) willingly ends up sharing a small training in the beloved, but scary, Bluebell, Ala., after telling her that he told her. he must see patients “as people to help, not problems to solve.”

Zoe continues to float with Mayor Hayes to the Founder’s Day festivities, hoping to entertain the citizens of Bluebell, but her plan collides with the boat, accidentally damaging it; and George tells him he could lose half of the Brick system if he doesn’t get at least 30% of the business.

Zoe enters a gumbo contest as another way to prove that she can fit in as a resident of Bluebell; Lavon likes new guests Zoe and Brick, and the news upsets Lemon; and Zoe and Brick must look to their different histories to save someone’s life.

As Bluebell heats up, Zoe realizes that she lowers her barriers, including her own, especially when she’s around Wade. Meanwhile, Lemon prepares to meet George’s parents, but is upset when Lavon arrives at a restaurant that looks like her perfect day.

Like Mother Like Daughter

Zoe uncovers a scandal when she uncovers a secret involving the home minister and his wife; and Lemon are trying to raise money to restore a historic bridge destroyed by Katrina, but must convince Lavon to choose his proposal for other reasons.

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Zoe hits a man driving a car, finds him missing, said to be a year old dead; Lemon and George’s hopes of buying their dream home are dashed when Lavon refuses to let them buy because the house is a historic property; Zoe’s mother came to correct her.

Zoe is asked out on a date by the local vet; there’s the opening of the annual Beetle Race when driver-driver Brian Vickers (a lookalike) comes out, and Lemon thinks the boss is the most accomplished; and Wade gets an unexpected visitor.

Zoe hosts a homecoming party before the game at Lavon’s request, and gets help from a New York friend, but her New York friend’s party conflicts with Bluebell’s idea of ​​a party. Meanwhile, George and Wade are plotting revenge against their high school rivals, and Lemon wants to be a part of the plan.

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Bluebell prepares for “Planksgiving”, while Zoe hopes to return to New York for the holidays, but must meet her assignment before she leaves or lose her training at Brick; George’s father offers him a job at his company in Montgomery; and Lavon tells Wade to confess his feelings to Zoe.

Zoe and Lemon’s rivalry heats up when they train Lemon and Rose’s sisters individually to compete against Lemon’s favorite sister to win; and Wade and George go looking for a Christmas tree in town.

Lemon tries to stop Zoe from joining the historical society. Elsewhere, Lavon re-enters the world of dating; and George tries to stop the giant from setting up shop near town.

Zoe tries to hide her friendship with AnnaBeth and Lemon, but Zoe’s new sunny attitude exposes her secret. Meanwhile, Lemon is trying to get a coveted spot on the Belles.

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Zoe avoids going to Sweetie Pie’s dance with Judson by having a girls night with Rose. Meanwhile, Lemon secretly sets her father up for a dance date; and George lost the save-the-date cards Lemon ordered for their wedding.

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Wade has Lemon posing as Joelle to get something from Joelle’s ex. Elsewhere, George questions Zoe’s medical skills regarding one of her clients; and Lavon wants Zoe to reveal some information to Didi.

The strange snow at Bluebell amuses Zoe, but her friends see it as a bad habit. Meanwhile, Lavon’s parents visit him and meet Didi; and Lemon and George are faced with a choice about their future.

George is named the town’s Person of the Year, and Zoe volunteers to help Lavon host the event. The party doesn’t go off without a hitch, though: Magnolia asks Wade to compose a party song, and Zoe gives an unexpectedly scary speech.

Hart Of Dixie

Zoe’s father arrives at Bluebell to operate on George’s father. Meanwhile, Lemon tries to get Zoe to keep mum about Lemon and Lavon; and Wade and Shelley compete in a cocktail competition to celebrate Rammer Jammer’s birthday.

Zoe agrees to go to lunch with the patient. Elsewhere, Lemon orders special orders for her bachelorette party, but Magnolia gets creative with her plans; and Wade plan a hunting trip for George’s bachelor party.

Wade wakes up from a wild night and can’t remember what happened. Meanwhile, George makes a surprise trip to New Orleans; and Lemon opens up to her dad about her latest struggles.

A depressed Wade asks Zoe to be his partner in the fight against Bluebell. Elsewhere, Rose is overjoyed when Frederick asks her; and George and Lemon discuss their relationship problems with Mr.

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Zoe feels guilty for not knowing that her friend is sick. Meanwhile, Lavon asks Wade to open his bar; and Lemon plans a special evening for her and George, hoping to rekindle their romance.

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At the end of the first season, a huge storm hit the town on George and Lemon’s wedding day. Meanwhile, Zoe seeks shelter from the wind and climbs into the barn with Wade. An episode of Dixie follows the story of a New York surgeon, Dr. Zoe Hart, unexpectedly finds herself a general practitioner in the small town of BlueBell, Alabama – a place where she will learn to be a good doctor, a good person and maybe even a lover.

The drama series Hart of Dixie is a heartwarming tale of city girl meets country town that has captured the hearts of its loyal fans, winning both the Teen Choice Awards and the Choice Awards.

The OC series stars Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart, a fast-talking New York doctor who, up to this point in her life, had an agenda. His plans are completely ruined when his dream of becoming a surgeon is destroyed, and his girlfriend breaks up with him for neglecting his job.

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Eager to take the next step, she accepts an offer from a lovely unknown Alabaman to join her small medical practice in Bluebell. Only when he gets there, he realizes that he is dead and has left his training assignment.

Although it may sound like the beginning of a medical-drama, Hart of Dixie focuses on the characters, their characters and their relationships, and the life of the country in the south of Alabama, making it a series and touching.

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