Green Screen Hire Melbourne

Green Screen Hire Melbourne – Studio M4 is a creative photography studio for rent with natural and studio lighting options. With a twin Green Cyclorama Cyclorama and White Cyclorama Studio M4 that can be used to shoot your talk shows, webcasts, interviews and other productions, we are the only versatile film and photo studio with plenty of space to hire. We also offer black matte wall for small production.

With a variety of captions, studio lighting, and audio recordings, you’re ready to shoot anything you want. Additionally, if you need help with filming or photography, our crew can assist with production equipment upon request.

Green Screen Hire Melbourne

It’s hard to photograph if you don’t have a place to inspire. So if you live in Brunswick Melbourne, our state-of-the-art photography studio is designed to be the ultimate portrait photography experience. you can rent.

Top 5 Photography Studios For Rent In Melbourne

Studio M4 offers the best photography studio for hire in Melbourne. Brunswick is Melbourne’s premier photography studio. With 6 minutes from the CBD and close access to public transport, the perfect studio for your next creative adventure.

Studio M4 is a sustainable green screen studio in Melbourne. Check out our features to learn more! Our studio on Chapel Street boasts a large 7.5m x 6.4m x 3.5 green screen cycloframe, ideal for everything from small projects to large TVCs.

The studio has large windows facing the street and 6 natural skylights to ensure the versatility of the space.

Note: Area A and B are not billed separately. Both directions are free.

Green Screen Photo Booth Hire

Studio Area A is the first part of our studio area. It has 5m x 3.5m painted white walls on either side, as well as windows overlooking the streets and two skylights. Street-facing windows are translucent and louvered to allow light to be controlled and softened as desired.

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The green screen is a great floor for a curved and painted ceiling cyclorama to give potential results. There are 4 sky modes to achieve the best lighting conditions.

Cupboards are stocked with cutlery and crockery, as well as a microwave, sandwich press, oven and fridge.

Ample space for hair and makeup. Floor to ceiling mirrors, wardrobe and Hollywood illuminated mirrors and four stations, floor sockets and space for your whole group.

Big Day Little Booth

Please note that all equipment and facilities undergo a thorough inspection after each order. If equipment or supplies are lost, damaged or dirty replacement/cleaning charges may apply. Please contact us for more information about our studio policies or to read our terms and conditions.

If you require an appointment in advance, or the day after your reservation, please let us know at the time of booking.

Windsor train station is just down the road from the studio and operates on the Sandringham line. The nearest tram stop is 43 Windsor Railway Station on route 78/Chapel St) or stop 32 on route 5 or 64 (Dandenong Rd/Chapel St). We provide a wonderful outdoor indoor environment, landscaping and recreation area. a world that allows you to create professional video images in a stress-free environment.

Did you know that this is the best way to attract, focus and make an important impression on your customers, clients and audience?

Led Screen Hire

You can also take advantage of our excellent facility and hire it for your production. If you want to build your own rig, our rates are surprisingly low, starting at $55 an hour, including all lighting and amplification, a mic and pre-amp. If you don’t have dental equipment, don’t worry, we do, and we won’t break your budget.

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Based on Queensland’s Gold Coast and serving clients from all over Australia for the past 3 decades, Sherwell Studio knows how to deliver outstanding results.

Sherwell Studios’ corporate video production, advanced animation capabilities, immersive features, voice experts and voiceovers can make your message stand out.

Sherwell Studios’ experience and expertise in video production can help you create content that educates your staff, educates your users, or delivers a memorable message. Contact Sherwell Studios for the best video, audio, motion graphics, animation and production services.

Luxe Backdrops — One Big Day Event Hire

The Internet is no longer a passive medium of words and images. Your users expect interaction, sound and action. A rich user experience through video, graphics, and animation allows you to engage and retain each unique visitor. The modern Internet is alive – it moves and reacts. You too with an emotional, fun video.

You can get your employees out of textbooks and into the digital age. A great corporate video can show, tell, and demonstrate the skills your employees need to know. Using video reduces training budgets while accelerating learning outcomes. Video is truly on demand.

Your audience is waiting for you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram, and they expect shareable, relevant content. By using new video, 2D/3D animations and motion graphics, you can give them what they want… tell them what they need to know. Sherwell Studios will handle the rest. See how video relates to social media

We also have a large lounge for longer sessions where your clients, crew or guests can relax until needed.

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Blue Tongue Screens

Call 0755 649 600 or complete the form below for an emergency call with a quote.

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I have spoken to iPresenters twice and neither time had a problem. Their system is flawless and when I ask for help, I get all the help and information I need. Their approval system ensures we’re happy with the end result and that’s what sells us on iPresenters. In other words, they got it right the first time. Thanks guys!

Our list of requirements was extensive with a desire for international content. After extensive research and many evaluations, I determined that Sherwell Studio would be the best solution. We never looked back!

Lightpro Digi Green Screen Velvet For Chroma Key (per Meter)

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