Gosford Council Tree Removal

Gosford Council Tree Removal – Note: This post has been updated. The Wyong and Gosford tree policy has changed. For Latest 2018 Rules, Click This Link. Are you looking for a lopper in Gosford?

Most tree removal and felling on the Central Coast requires Gosford or Wyongshire Council approval. Although both councils have recently merged, care needs to be taken as both councils still have slightly different guidelines in working on their trees.

Gosford Council Tree Removal

You can work in Gosford pruning eucalyptus trees, then drive 5 minutes down the road and prune trees in Buteau Bay (Wyongshire), where it’s a whole different ball game. Bateau Bay East has been identified as a particularly unique and vulnerable coastal environment and to its credit, Wyong Council has done a great job of preserving this natural habitat in the past – until now!

Best Tree Removal Services In Central Coast

Wyong Council has recently updated its Development Control Plan and Tree Works Guidelines. Previously trees within 3 meters of a building were exempt from approval, unless they were on the city’s endangered species or keystone list and were not found in sensitive areas such as Bateau Bay East.

Now all trees on residential blocks under 1500 square meters are exempt from tree removal in Wyong, unless they are endangered or keystone species! It should also be noted that threatened or keystone species, regardless of height and distance from your home, any tree work always requires council approval. Trees identified as undesirable species are an exception to this rule. Be careful here too, as some of these undesirable varieties (cultivated varieties) are not classified as undesirable (eg Robinia pseudocacia).

As a woodcutter in Gosford, the rules are always the same, click here for a simple explanation.

The regulations are a bit mind blowing, you can get more documentation on this from Wyong Council or see our Central Coast Tree Services page for council approval forms and information. If you still have problems, contact an arborist or council officers directly on 43846486. Board approval is essential to the work we do at Agility Trees In most cases trees cannot be removed without the approval of the local council. Minor pruning of a tree does not require Council approval.

Not Our Finest Moment’

At Agility Trees, we are proud to meet the tree removal requirements of our local councils in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Macquarie and Lake Macquarie. We have worked closely with the city councils listed below and are happy to answer any questions you may have about tree removal in the area.

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Our professional tree experts serve all departments for the City Council. This includes, but is not limited to: gardening, road widening, noxious weed removal, tree removal and tree trimming. These services are provided for City Councils in both Lake Macquarie and Newcastle

Agility has only removed City Council trees in the Lake Macquarie area. Agility Newcastle area city council will not remove trees. Often the reason for tree removal is for management or maintenance purposes. A tree may be considered dead, immediately dangerous or invading someone else’s property. In New South Wales, any type of tree removal requires a city council permit.

Visit the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie City Council websites for more information on tree removal in this area. If you have any questions or concerns about board tree removal, contact our tree experts at Agility Trees.

Tree Removal Regulations For Gosford And Wyong City Councils

We have been providing pruning, tree removal, chipping and stump grinding services and more in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region since 2007 without involving sub-contractors or additional companies.

We have witnessed many people and their property after storms and extreme weather. We understand the need for efficient and safe service in emergency situations.

Watch our trained arborist Sam Hardingham do some light work on this large Angophora tree in a tricky spot.

From humble beginnings, Agility has grown into a nine-member professional team. Our tree experts use modern equipment and offer fast service, expert advice and a full service of tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding at competitive prices.

Tree Pruning In Central Coast

The safety of you, your property and our team is important to us. Our skilled arborists work to all relevant Australian standards and their extensive knowledge of labour, health and safety legislation ensures the safety of you and the community. Our WH&S systems are externally audited twice a year to ensure our management systems are up to date and compliant. Why do we need rules to protect trees? In Australia we have incredible indigenous plants and they are part of the essential wildlife and health habitats of our environment. Tree roots also play an important role in maintaining soil health and landscape integrity. For example, a tree protects the soil from wind and water, helping to hold the soil in place by preventing runoff. Their removal can lead to erosion and loss of nutrients. This is why we have rules for tree removal.

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If you have a tree on your property that you want to remove, it’s not as simple as calling an arborist to cut it down. If you live on the Central Coast, there are council rules which may limit your options. If you live on the Central Coast, you don’t need a permit to cut down trees if…

In some cases, however, you still need to consult a qualified arborist to make sure you stay out of trouble.

For the average property, the rule of thumb is that if the tree is within three feet of a permitted existing structure, such as your home, you can remove it. If it falls within the criteria set by the Central Coast Council.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Central Coast: Agility Trees

The council will require that the tree species you wish to remove are identified as part of your application. If it falls into one of these categories, you are unlikely to get permission to remove it

You can find information on the Central Coast Council website or consult us to see if tree removal regulations apply in your particular area.

Yes, you can remove any species that is considered a weed. Removal of trees listed below is exempt from Central Coast Council approval, but photographic evidence of the species must be provided. See the Proof of Employment form advice here.

Note, if a tree is blocking your solar panels, that doesn’t mean you can remove it – this is a common question we see.

See Our Work

There are many cases where a tree has grown to a size that poses a risk to your property or even your family. This is another consideration that will be considered by the Central Coast Council. For example, tree removal regulations dictate that branches can be trimmed within three meters of power lines or within one meter of telecommunications cables.

However, the process must be carried out by a licensed AUSGRID contractor. Note that if a tree is hanging directly above the roof line of an unauthorized structure, you will also need a pruning specification written by an AQF3 arborist. You will also need written confirmation from an AQF3 arborist if the tree is dead or dying.

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In most cases, you will need a written appraisal from a qualified arborist who we can assist with. In some cases, an evaluation is not required. For example, if the tree is one of the undesirable species defined by the Central Coast Council, or if you are trimming non-native shrubs.

Also, you don’t need a permit if you’re trimming branches that don’t exceed 50mm in diameter or that protrude from your roof. However, be careful before taking out an ax – you should be aware that paperwork may still be required. In most cases, even if you don’t need a valuation, you will still need to provide your council with photographic evidence and proof of exempt work, which you can download from the Central Coast Council website.

Council Will Not Be Reclassifying Community Land For Sale “unless Absolutely Necessary”

The 10/50 rule was established by rural firefighters and applied in an attempt to reduce the risk of fires caused by trees. The ruling was initiated in response to the 2013 forest fires, which destroyed many undeveloped properties. The rule allows clearing vegetation within 10 meters of a house, without a permit, to clear vegetation in a 10/50 designated area, and within 50 to clear underlying vegetation such as shrubs (but not trees) on their property. A home meter, without asking for approval. If you live in a 10/50 area, you should check online, as the rules change often. To be sure, re-confirm your eligibility for the 10/50 scheme on the day you are removing or trimming trees. You can do this on the Rural Fire Brigade website or we can search for you.

Both you, as a customer, and the tree removal company you hire, can suffer significant fines. Let’s take a look at some common reasons for your application

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