Good Places To Eat On The Strip

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Whether you’re eating on or off the Strip, feel like spending an obscene amount of money or looking for a quick and cheap meal, our culinary guide serves as a beacon as bright as the light over Luxor. We scoured the city for the best places to eat, drink, then eat and drink again. Because when you visit Vegas, you know that you should follow the rule “Everything in moderation, also in moderation”.

Good Places To Eat On The Strip

Roy Choi has transformed the vibe of his Kogi BBQ food truck into an elegant dining room with a DJ and a Korean menu filled with kimchi fried rice, kimchi jjigaen and kalbi rice. Even if you don’t eat there, the entrance – a liquor store/bar stocked with best friends and booze – is worth a visit. – J.H

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Chef Roy Choi greets guests at the Best Friend Restaurant at the MGM Park in Las Vegas.

At Le Cirque, where the dining room is decorated with antique circus scenes and draped with a purple, yellow and orange canopy, you’ll feel like you’re eating on a large counter. Instead of the old woman, she turns out to be rich and playfully inverts formal, austere French cuisine: maroon snails in black garlic oil; veal sweets; fried foie gras, crème brulee. Be sure to ask for a table overlooking the Bellagio fountains. – AC

Pound for pound Cosmopolitan has some of the best food on the Strip. Highlights include dinner with a show at Rose Rabbit Lie, fried chicken at Momofuku, an egg sandwich at Eggslut, croquettes served in sneakers at Jose Andres’ Jaleo, and anything from the food hall at Block 16 (but most of all Andy Ricker’s Pok Pok Wings, all ) in Lardo sandwiches and hot chicken from Hattie B’s). – J.H

Don’t be fooled by the large number of dining rooms. Mott 32 serves simple Chinese food, including soy sauce that your Chinese grandma will approve. Great Peking Duck is marinated, then smoked, then roasted over apple wood, with a crispy skin. – J.H

Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

Bobby Flay’s Southwest Lounge is the place to go for dinner before meeting Mariah Carey at the Coliseum. It’s a fun, spicy chili dish that’s meant to be shared: goat cheese fundido queso, red chilli grilled duck, and 22-ounce chipotle-glazed ribs. – J.H

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There are a few truths about Vegas: you will lose money from time to time and have to wait in line next to the slot machines at the Oyster Bar. The open-counter restaurant is open 24/7 and offers morning specials. But almost everyone orders wonderful cream fried tomatoes with shrimp, crab and lobster cooked in silver cauldrons simmering in front of you. – AC

Wolfgang Puck, the catalyst for the Las Vegas chef boom of the 1990s, has recreated the magic of his Beverly Hills spa spa again, this time at Bellagio (the restaurant was at Caesars Forum Shops from 1992 to 2018). Get signature smoked salmon pizza, veal schnitzel, and Chinois salad, all with added views of the Bellagio fountains. – J.H

Caesar salad on the table is reason enough to visit it. The sauce is perfect with the anchovies, and the Lego-sized croutons are mini rectangles of fried dough that crackle with garlic butter as you bite into them. Spicy rigatoni in pink sauce – and the rest of Goodfellas’ Italian-American menu – is as good as its original New York location. – J.H

Where To Eat In Las Vegas

Bobby Flay built his career on Southwestern flavors; Predictably, the green chile cheeseburger (with queso and pickled red onions) is one of the best burgers you’ll find on the Strip. Bobby’s is a casual pick-your-self burger (beef, chicken, turkey) where you can add crushed potato chips to your burger for free. – J.H

Here are six great places to make the most of your time in Vegas.

The luxurious blue dining room at Sadelle’s is the setting for the Fancy Event Brunch. Throw away the bowl and order the $125 smoked fish tower with bagels stacked high like a hoop; For $14, get a delicious grapefruit smoothie, each carved triangle, and brulee; add caviar to any meal for $60. A few tips: skip the line (which often wraps around the Hotel Bellagio’s atrium) and sit at the bar – and grab a sticky bun bursting from the pink pastry cart as you leave. – AC

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Gay Savoy has everything you’d expect from a traditional, super-luxury French restaurant: a book of wine on a card table, an army of amorous waiters, carts filled with bread and sweet desserts. Unfortunately, it all seems a little uninspiring and painted by numbers. Still, the white truffle risotto was worth the extra $140, and the A5 Wagyu and lobster combo was the best combination for surf and turf. – AC

Best Vegan And Vegetarian Off Strip Restaurants In Las Vegas

View of the Eiffel Tower replica in Paris, Las Vegas, from inside the dining room at Caesar’s Palace by Guy Savoy.

Chicago’s French steakhouse in Vegas is perfect for a date night: dark, moody and romantic. The ribs are rare, the wedge salads are ice cold, and other dishes bend their necks in seafood towers. — JH.

This Tacos El Gordo Strip establishment is a madhouse where you line up for Tijuana-style tacos, depending on what meat you want. It’s not the most efficient process, but you won’t find a better adoba taco on a handmade corn tortilla at 4:00 in the morning.

You hit the jackpot and those horrible screams are making you hungry. You celebrate with a sensational meal at Joel Robuchon, and four hours later you’re not starving or rich. Yes, expensive at $445 for the full tasting menu. And yes, it’s worth it. It just feels good: fragrant purple banquets, baccarat crystal, impeccable service, …framed photo of Nicolas Cage? Okay, maybe not. Then there’s the food: ravioli with stuffed crawfish in foie gras sauce, Robuchona’s signature mashed potatoes, and of course, a pristine chocolate soufflé topped with baked marshmallows. If you have spare money, go for it. – AC and LKP

Restaurants With The Best Views In Las Vegas

If you didn’t do well enough to eat at the next table, L’Atelier is more than just a consolation prize. The ominous red restaurant – bar stools, water glasses, flowers, lighting – really catches the eye, even with all that twinkling neon on the casino floor. Take a seat at the counter and create your own prix fixe dinner. It’s reasonable, with food almost as good as its elegant sister restaurant. And heavenly mashed potatoes are here too. – AC

Finding a good drink in Vegas is easier than ever – except for a 62-ounce frozen margarita at the bar.

Located on the ground floor of the Wynn Las Vegas, Wing Lei’s specialty is Peking Duck, a crispy-skinned game bird that goes perfectly with thin pancakes with a touch of hoisin. If you’re craving waterfowl, try the $108.88 Peking Duck Tasting Menu, which includes Carved Duck, Duck Salad, Duck and Foie Gras, Duck with Fried Eggplant, and Duck Fried Rice. Did I mention that this particular menu is a bit heavy? – LKP

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Opening its second location on Flamingo Road, this longtime restaurant on Sahara Avenue remains a popular spot in the city for Thai food, with an impressive menu of curries, noodles and fried rice, while undergoing a refurbishment. Focus on the north side, especially the spicy curry with young jackfruit, herb sai oua sausage and khao soi with crispy duck. – AC

The Foods You Can’t Leave Vegas Without Trying

Sheridan Su and Jenny Wong (also of Flock & Fowl and Fat Choy) are the originators of Every Grain, a Taiwanese pork rice dish that sings positively with every silky, salty bite. There is also an amazing and very elaborate tea service where you can think of the differences between milky oolongs and smoky lapsang souchongs. – LKP

Can you beat the $7.99 Ellis Island steak special? Can anyone? No, it’s not the best meat you’ll ever eat in your life, and yes, you have to use the coupon you get when you sign up for the casino rewards program. (You were going to play a little anyway, weren’t you?). But it costs $7.99. There are coffee mugs that cost more. And the tenderloin served with soup or salad and side dishes is really good – tender and properly cooked. At least enough to get back to the blackjack table. Tip your server and dealer with your savings! – LKP

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