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Principles from Melbourne’s leading menswear designers and stylists Nothing makes a fashion impression faster than what you wear, and very often. For more than 10 years, I have had the privilege of adapting to people from all walks of life. From celebrity appearances on the red carpet, NBA players on game day, AFL firsts, bridesmaids and, most memorable of all, young people preparing for their first job interviews. No matter what the occasion, there are some basic questions I always ask my personal styling clients that ensure they always look their best. Follow these steps and you won’t go wrong:   Did you buy the dress? Deciding which dress to buy doesn’t have to start at the store. You need to know what you need for the dress. going to get married What is the outfit for work and a double purpose for an upcoming event? Should the dress be worn in warm climates, cooler weather, or should it be trans-seasonal? Answering these questions is the first step to making the right decisions about color, fabric and style. (Use unique promo code GCSUIT01 for an additional 10% off marked price including sale items)   What colors and materials should you use? Depending on where you are in your personal style journey, one of your first considerations should be versatility. Just because a fashion blogger walking in Florence on your Insta feed is wearing plaid and bold, weird colors doesn’t mean you have to. A good place to start is with a medium blue or medium gray suit. This color can generally be used for day and night, dressed up or down. When choosing a fabric, opting for a wool suit will give you maximum flexibility. Wool can be technical, so make sure the quality is in the Super 100 – Super 120 range. This is the most durable and cost effective. Bonus tip: Keep cotton blend options for smart casual jackets and pants. The black dress is the third wardrobe essential, but it should be reserved for certain occasions such as cocktail parties, weddings and funerals. If you live in Melbourne though, black probably works for any occasion! Get all your basics covered with these essentials before venturing into more exciting colors and styles. (Buy a Madrid Blue Suit with the unique promo code GCSUIT01 for an extra 10% off the marked price, including sale items)   How is the suit? Men come in all shapes and sizes, but the basics of jackets have to fit a certain way and so do pants. If you know nothing else, making sure the sleeve length and pants fit correctly is a big win. Sleeves should not open more than 1 cm from the shirt cuff or end only where the wrist meets the hand, and the length of the pants should subtly kiss the top of the shoe. The jacket should naturally follow the contours of the body, without any sign of stress on the shoulders, chest or hips. A good shop assistant or tailor can help you. Shoulder seams should not extend beyond the actual shoulder and excessive padding should be avoided at all costs. BEWARE OF CLASSIC OUTFIT FIT-FAIL: You’re trying to find the perfect outfit because some media personality you only see on your Facebook feed. I see celebrities, for no reason, wearing bad (sometimes very expensive) dresses…often. RULE: Always hold back no matter what. If it seems too small, it probably is! You can also go the other way. If you stick to the vintage look of looser armholes and thicker pants, you can do yourself a huge favor. Many men don’t realize that they look older and unkempt than they really are. Make sure you keep this in mind and get proper editing advice from your store stylist or tailoring professional. Another key trend in Melbourne right now with a younger clientele is exposed ankles. The bare ankle look can be a stylish break from tradition, especially in the summer months with linen or cotton dresses. However, don’t forget who and why you are there. If you’re going to the boardroom, the last thing you’ll be wearing today is invisible socks! Unless you work in Silicon Valley, stick to social circles. Remember, personal style is about time and context (and self-awareness). (If you want to step up your suit game today, use the unique promo code GCSUIT01 and add 10% off the marked price, including sale items)   How to pair the right shoes and top. The most perfect outfit can be ruined by a bad shirt/shoes compliment. For shoes, if your outfit is navy or gray, always wear brown leather. Lace-ups and loafers can be used as long as they are not square. In addition, it is better to have shoes with leather soles if you want a good look. When it comes to clothing … Watch out for “pirate sleeves” (cuffs wrapped with wide sleeves, ) “flying squirrel” (excess fabric under the armpits) and “muffin top” (billowing fabric around the waist). White is the most popular color everywhere because it is a blank canvas. We can’t keep up with the demand for a classic white shirt and this is one of my favorites. Make sure it is always washed and pressed well, especially the collar (don’t miss the collar!). There is nothing worse than yellow spots under the armpits! It’s time to splurge and invest in a cool series of classic white shirts to keep you cool. I also recommend buying your shirt and tie at the same time as your suit so you can complement your overall look at the same time. It’s also a great way to get style tips from the store clerks, who usually know what makes a good look. Another tip is that if you wear a pocket square, make sure it doesn’t match the tie fabric and learn how to place it properly in the pocket. I have had so many people ask me how to use the box correctly that I just made a tutorial video on the subject. (Use unique promo code GCSUIT01 for an additional 10% off marked price, including sale items)   Wrap Your Package At the end of the day, a good suit isn’t a cheap suit, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. neither is the bank. You can get high quality seasonal dresses in Melbourne for $500-$900 that make a solid first impression. Born and raised in Melbourne, I am proud that I am always available to help clients with the best style advice and fitting expertise. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any questions you may have or to book a session with me at one of our stores.

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Godwin Charli Discount Code

The date is final. The honeymoon has been arranged. Now, what should I wear? There are endless options for brides these days. Some considerations I always ask, are there a lot of people at the party? Is it day or night? Will you have a band or DJ playing? Larger evening weddings tend to be more formal than smaller daytime weddings. There are always exceptions to this rule, and everything is relative. Formal in one family casual in another and vice versa, but sticking to some simple classic rules is always a safe bet. Our key to getting it right is to keep it simple and live. And while there is a lot of literature on what to do, here’s what to do: 1.     Cocktails: This is one of those curveballs that is often confused. Women often use cocktails to dress up, but for men, the secret lies between formal and smart casual. Although the cocktail party is your chance to be more adventurous than usual, a textured jacket with a crisp white shirt and a textured tie with slim trousers will complement the bride well. Choosing separates is the real key to creating a cocktail party for men. Make sure taking your jacket still makes you feel smart, weather permitting. After all, you are the person of the moment. Shirts can (in limited circumstances) be worn without a tie and feel free to be a bit adventurous with scarves/socks. 2.     Hollywood Glamour: Don’t go wrong with this style. This is not a chance to pull out a pine green velvet suit. Just keep it simple. A crisp white jacket, bow tie and dinner shirt, finished with tailored black trousers

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