Garden Stepping Stones Melbourne

Garden Stepping Stones Melbourne – In Melbourne, Australia, there is not as much space as in the country, so many houses are not that big. This beautiful home, however, makes the most of the space it has and is also a beauty.

Built in 2016 by Craig Tan Architects, this 302 square meter house quickly earned the name “Stepping Stone House”. The reasons for this are quite simple – there are many stepping stones on the way to the house across the narrow space.

Garden Stepping Stones Melbourne

The plot of the house itself is also quite narrow, so the house is shaped like a tunnel. However, the grounds have enough space for green space so you can also relax outside.

Choosing The Right Paver Sizes

The team of architects working on this house wanted to create a deeper relationship with the natural elements and moved away from the usual landscaping of front and back gardens. Instead, they consolidated the gardens in the north-facing space at the front of the property.

The house has a large entrance, living room, dining area and open kitchen, study corner and studio, as well as a toilet and bathroom on the ground floor. There is also a double garage to the rear of the property.

On the upper floor there is a master bedroom with its own bathroom, a laundry room, an office, a bathroom and two more bedrooms.

The kitchen is white and bright with tons of storage and plenty of counter space thanks to the huge island.

Black House In Melbourne Provides Sanctuary For Sleeping Disorder Sufferer

One of the nicest things about the house is the waterproof fiber cement panel rain screen. They also play a privacy role as they cover most of the windows behind them.

You can check out the house plans below to better understand its layout and what makes it so special. Timeless, hard-wearing and low-maintenance Bluestone Yarrabee & Castleman Maine tiles and pavers are an aesthetically durable and practical choice for both modern and contemporary homes.

Yarrabee & Castlemaine Premium PR Bluestone is a versatile natural stone flooring and paving material in elegant dark charcoal gray colors suitable for a wide range of classic and contemporary indoor and outdoor applications. Our natural, compact and durable Bluestone pavers are available in a customizable shape, size, surface texture and format to create unique and elegant interior tiling, patios, garden paving and pool paths, curbs and walkways.

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Get creative with your landscape paver design with Yarrabee Bluestone board pavers. These sturdy stone steps are 30mm thick and are available in pre-packaged mixes or custom uniforms or irregular planks for a distinctive garden walkway. Safa finished for an excellent anti-slip rating, Bluestone stepping stones are an elegant alternative to continuous garden paths for areas requiring water drainage. Bluestone steppers contrast beautifully with lawns, native grasses or when filled with pebbles or granite sand or stone products.

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Bluestone natural stone tiles and pavers make it a wise and popular choice for Melbourne pool owners. Yarrabee Bluestone pool capping, also known as pool edge pavers or pool surround tiles, is available in a variety of styles including bullnose, rebated or square edged. Bluestone pavers are perfect for outdoor use by the pool because, with a cut finish, they offer one of the highest anti-slip ratings of any outdoor path, while still feeling luxurious underfoot. Bluestone pool pavers are very hard, help retain heat, are non-slip and naturally corrosion resistant.

Bluestone tiles are a tasteful and functional interior flooring option. The natural blue-grey tones, beauty and texture of Bluestone tiles make them a sophisticated yet flexible interior design choice for modern Melbourne homes. Bluestone interior tiles are decorated, providing a smooth, polished and wear-resistant finish that hides surface scratches and marks better than ceramic tiles. Bluestone is one of the few natural stones used as an interior and exterior tile, allowing for seamless contemporary flooring and visual continuity between interior and exterior areas.

The Melbourne Bluestone aesthetic is a key design element used by architects and interior designers in contemporary and heritage Victorian homes and gardens. The understated beauty and classic dark color palette of natural Bluestone plywood make it a timeless choice for interior architectural feature walls. Bluestone tiles are ideal for wet areas such as the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Bluestone exterior cladding can easily be clad over existing brick, Besser blocks or tiles to create stunning weatherproof facades and stunning gardens.

Bluestone is an extremely strong and durable natural stone paving option for Melbourne homeowners. Bluestone pavers offer excellent traction and can withstand high traffic pressure and vehicle weights on a daily basis without the risk of cracking or splitting. Bluestone driveways are long lasting and easy to maintain; the natural dark charcoal gray color of these driveways hides tire scratches, oil marks and signs of general wear and tear. The flexibility and sophistication of a Bluestone driveway offers more appeal than gravel, asphalt or poured concrete.

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Desert Sand Sandstone Stepping Stones

Bluestone is the local Victorian name for Basalt, a fine-grained, dark-colored volcanic rock. As a natural stone material for architecture and hard landscaping, Melbourne Bluestone has been popular since the Gold Rush. Bluestone is very hard and has a distinctive gray/blue color palette and low iron pyrite content, which allows it to reliably retain its color over a long period of time.

No, Yarrabee PR Premium Bluestone is an imported Chinese Bluestone product. Although other suppliers of bluestone pavers may try to present Chinese bluestone as inferior to Australian or European varieties, the quality, cut, color and porosity of the bluestone products we import are equal to the best basalt in the world.

The cost of PR Premium Bluestone is also significantly lower than Australian Bluestone, making it excellent value for money and an excellent long-term investment due to the durability of the stone.

Unlike ceramic tiles or paving materials such as slate or concrete, Bluestone, due to its slightly cut surface, is not slippery when wet.

Bluestone Stepping Stones

Due to its very high slip resistance, Bluestone is ideal for outdoor paving around ponds, swimming pools, garden paths, patios and front porches. Indoor bluestone tiles are great for wet areas such as kitchen and dining room floors, bathroom and laundry room floors, and tiling.

As a dark colored volcanic rock, Bluestone can become quite hot when exposed to intense, uninterrupted direct sunlight for a long period of time. Due to our temperate oceanic climate, bluestone pavers in Melbourne tend not to get so hot that they become unbearably oppressive. Many pool owners are drawn to the heat absorbing properties of Bluestone to dry them off after a cool dip in the pool.

No, it is no less a fault or sign of matter than the cat’s paws; are an integral part of any natural bluestone product. Bluestone Cat’s Paws is the name given to the small random pits or holes in the bluestone pavements. Cat passes occur naturally during the formation of basalt, when the pressure of heat and gas from a volcanic eruption begins to cool, and the trapped gas particles slowly move out, leaving surface holes in the rock.

The inclusion of cat’s paws in Bluestone adds interest and character to the stone and can be enhanced, minimized or canceled out by using contrasting or matching tiles.

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Tirta Gangga Royal Water Garden

Although sealing blue tiles and pavers is not required, it is highly recommended. Like most natural stone flooring products, Bluestone is porous, so any moisture left on the surface will be absorbed into the stone if you don’t remove it immediately.

Sealing your Bluestone tiles with a breathable flood sealer after installation will provide long-term protection. By applying a coat every five years to restore depth and shine, you’ll keep your floors looking as smart and stylish as the day they were installed.

Yes, to see our range of Melbourne Bluestone tiles and our Bluestone exterior plans on display, we invite you to visit our showroom. Our experienced team can help you choose the perfect stone for your project.

If you are looking for Bluestone suppliers in Melbourne, Yarrabee provides affordable and quality Bluestone pavers to metro Melbourne and many areas in Victoria. We have supplied Bluestone products for commercial and residential projects throughout the state including Morantown Peninsula, Torquay, Bellarine Peninsula, Sorrento, Portsea, Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Black Rock, Lysterfield, Geelong, Surf Coast, Bayside, Hawthorn, Camberwell, Berwick, Eltham, Beaconsfield, Glen Iris, Toorak, Malvern and Point Cook “We have recommended your company to others due to our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you in the near future.”

Coconut Ice Stepping Stone

Factory Seconds products have failed to meet 100% manufacturers quality control measures. Some of the defects reported in these products include, but are not limited to: chips, missing corners, cracks, holes/air bubbles, variations in color and thickness. Printed brochures may differ from the actual color of the delivered product.

When purchasing a second product from the factory, it is recommended that you order an additional 5% – 10% to allow for cuts, breaks and waste. Please note that pallets are factory packed and it is impossible to inspect each piece before the pallets leave our yard.

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