Garage Door Extension Spring Safety Cable

Garage Door Extension Spring Safety Cable – Includes: extendable safety cable, 3-hole clip and fasteners for 132″ length 2 pcs = 1 pair.

All tension springs should use a safety cable for safety. This cable runs the entire length of the spring to prevent damage or damage in the event of a break.

Garage Door Extension Spring Safety Cable

Also, in California the use of these cables is mandatory. It is a galvanized steel rope made of carbon steel (type GAC 7 X 7) which is resistant to rust and moisture.

Reliabilt 90 Lbs 2 Pack Black Steel Garage Door Extension Spring And Safety Cable In The Garage Door Parts & Hardware Department At

Keeping your garage door extension springs in good condition is critical to keeping your garage door running smoothly. With this guide, you should have a better understanding of how to replace, adjust, balance, and measure garage door extension springs, as well as how to replace the spring cable. Remember, safety first! If you are ever in doubt, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

As a DIY homeowner, you know that the key to the longevity of your garage door opener is regular maintenance, which includes proper lubrication. Introducing Aero Lubriplate Garage Door Lubricant, your new best friend for keeping your garage door opener in top shape.

Hey fellow DIY enthusiasts! Today I’m going to share with you a fantastic product that I discovered and recently used in one of my garage door remodeling projects: the Torquemaster Corner Flag Bracket. These little miracles have made my life so much easier, and I’m sure they will do the same for you. So let’s dive in! You are here: Home > Dan’s Garage Door Blog > How to Install Spring Guard Extension Cables – DDM Garage Door Blog

When tension springs break, they tend to explode everywhere, making them very dangerous. So it’s best to be proactive and install extendable spring-loaded safety cables.

Garage Door Safety Cable

To install the security cable, you will need a garage door cable equipped with an open loop on one end and an adjustable clip on the other. You will also need a nut and bolt to secure the cable end with the clamp to the bracket.

We also sell ready-made security cables for 7′ and 8′ doors. Otherwise, you will have to prepare the safety cables yourself.

Make sure the end of the cable goes through the spring. If the cable exits through the coils, pinching and premature wear can occur. It can also damage the spring and pulley.

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For more information on installing cables, visit our DIY page. We also have pages with more information on segment extension springs and solid extension springs. If you need to replace tension springs, read our guide on how to replace garage door tension springs.

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If, and not if, the cable or springs break and the safety cable is missing, the charged spring becomes a potentially lethal projectile.

How Do I Know What Garage Door Spring To Buy?

I cannot stress enough the need for safety cables on any spring loaded garage door.

First, open the door fully and place a clamp or vise under each lower roller to prevent the door from closing. TURN OFF THE AUTOMATIC GARAGE DOOR!

The cable must go OUTSIDE the pulley at the other end of the spring

Then install the eye into the jamb/frame above the stud (the front pulley is mounted on top of the door track)

Garage Door Extension Spring Containment Kit 1/8

Then fasten the cable through the eyelet. Pull the protective cable and install the cable clamp to hold the cable in place.

After installing or leaving the door in MANUAL OPERATION AND LEAVING THE GARAGE DOOR OPENER OFF, remove the clips from the door.

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Standing in the middle of the garage door, slowly close the door, carefully watching the movement of the spring.

In case of violation of the normal movement of the spring, stop the downward movement of the door and open the door completely,

Your Garage Door Won’t Lift But You Don’t See Any Springs?

The only problem that can occur is if you run the cable through the wrong side of the pulley as it exits the front of the spring.

Open and close the door a few times, and as long as the springs work smoothly, it’s another job.

Now you and your family are much safer, your car and other items in your garage are no longer targets for stray springs. Home » Parts » Cable » Garage Door Cables for Torsion Spring System, Tension Spring System and Security Cables

Garage door cables are wires twisted together and then spliced ​​and twisted into cables that are strong enough to hold the garage door. Garage door cables are the component that actually carries the load on the door when it opens and closes. Many things go into rating the strength of garage door cables. First, the wires themselves are usually made of aluminum or aircraft grade stainless steel to reduce wire corrosion. Then comes the number of individual wires in each string and finally the number of wires in each bundle. The heavier the garage door, the stronger the cable must be. Garage door cables have a loop on one end that attaches to the bottom bracket of the garage door and the opposite end will have a stop and sometimes a slide stop that attaches to the drums (for torsion spring systems). Loops can be simple open loops, twist loops or thimble loops. In a torsion spring system, the cable loop is attached to a pin on the bottom bracket on both sides of the garage door. The cable is then extended to the height of the garage door and a stop or sliding stop, if present, is attached to the drum. When the door is up, the cable is wound around the drum, and when the door is closed, the cable is unwound from the drum. The drum is attached to the torsion tube in the upper part of the garage door opening. In this type of system, torsion springs provide the force through the torsion tube through the drums to the cables to open and close the garage door.

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Safety Cables For 7′ Or 8′ High Extension Spring Garage Door

In a coil spring system, the loop attaches to a pin on the bottom bracket on either side of the garage door and runs up to the height of the garage door through a pulley system that attaches to the extension spring. The cable attaches with the open end back to the garage door track. The other end of the tension spring is hooked to a support bracket near the ceiling. In this type of system, a cable that passes through a series of pulleys and is attached to tension springs provides the force to open and close the garage door.

Safety cables are only used in extension spring systems. Thread the safety wire through the extension springs and secure at each end. These safety cables prevent the extension spring from exploding if it breaks or loosens, causing property damage and/or life. Extension springs can be very dangerous. *Note: Safety cables are only required when installing the extension spring. Garage door cables come in different lengths depending on the height of the garage door, but generally the cables should be 18 inches longer than the height of the garage door. The easiest way is to buy cables pre-made for the height of your garage door, but you can buy parts and make the cables yourself. Standard Garage Door Cable Strength   As previously stated, the strength of garage door cables depends on the number of wires that are twisted together in the strand and the number of wires that are twisted together in the cable. A 7X7 cable will have seven wires twisted together to form a strand and seven wires twisted together to form a cable. A 7X19 cable will have 19 wires twisted together to form a strand and seven wires twisted together to form a cable. The diameter of the cable is the total size of the cable with all the wires twisted together. The following list gives standard cable sizes and weights:

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