Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown

Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown – Alcon FreshLook Illuminate contact lenses help to enhance the natural and interesting look of darker eyes, making them appear larger and adding definition to your natural eye color.

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Freshlook Illuminate Rich Brown

Alcon FreshLook Illuminate enhances the natural look of dark eyes. Make your eyes appear larger and add definition to your natural eye color.

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Each lens is printed with a unique star-shaped luminescence that perfectly blends the eye’s color ring into the iris. This makes the eyes look naturally larger and also gives brightness and color definition. Using special know-how in two-layer color printing, FreshLook Illuminate enhances every shade of Asian eyes.

FreshLook Illuminate lenses are practical, comfortable and easy to use, just wear them during the day and throw them away at night!

By integrating CIBAVision into Alcon, the company now offers the broadest range of contact lens and lens care brands, adding a comprehensive vision care business to Alcon’s existing portfolio.

FRESHLOOK® COSMETIC GLASS. Best selling cosmetic contact lenses in the world. Do you want to change, improve or brighten your eye color? For dark or light eyes, even if your vision is perfect, we have the lens for you.

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Service was fast, but this version of the light has been refreshed. The DIA as stated on the product is 14.2, rather than 13.8 (which is what I want). Assesses whether product information is accurately reflected online so customers are updated with changes. Ah! It was high school when colored contact lenses became a huge hit at my school. I had a crush in high school, and he admitted that he only flirted with me because he thought I had true blue eyes! (I was wearing blue contact lenses at the time) LOL! So shallow but so funny!

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I stopped wearing contacts after a freak accident that almost cost me my eyes: I fell asleep with my contacts on and woke up with extremely blurry vision and burning eyes. When I look in the mirror, my eyes are red as blood, and tears fall like rain on my cheeks! I panicked and just cried and cried because I didn’t know what to do – the contact lenses were dry in my eyes, like they were stuck to my eyeballs. Sorry! With a little divine intervention, I had a brilliant idea and decided to soak my eyes in a basin of clean water for almost ten minutes and luckily the contact lenses started to soften so I could easily remove them. Phew, I thought I was going to die right then! I was deeply traumatized by that incident and swore I would never wear contact lenses, but only now have I realized it was my fault and carelessness. I was very itchy when I put in the contact lenses – especially the Doll Eyes ones – again out of curiosity and for old reasons, but this time I promised myself that I would be more careful or choose something uncomplicated. because I really have this tendency to oversleep!

My favorite contact lens brand since then is Freshlook – it’s a trademark of Alcon, probably the largest manufacturer of contact lenses and optical instruments globally. They just released their newest line, the Freshlook Illuminate Dailies contact lenses and I believe it’s their version of the Doll Eyes contact lenses. Cool! I’m just waiting for them to release this because Freshlook is the only contact lens brand I trust!

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Dear Kitty Kittie Kath Top Lifestyle, Beauty, Mommy, Health And Fitness Blogger Philippines: Contact Lens

Freshlook Illuminate Dailies, as the name implies, is good for single use only. Please remember: USE ONLY. You wear them now and throw them away later – it’s that simple. This variant was developed to prevent eye irritation and infection, common problems faced by many contact lens wearers. Because sometimes, no matter how you clean your contact lenses, there’s no guarantee that they’re actually germ-free!

One package contains 5 sets of contact lenses. It is good for a week’s use if you wear contact lenses daily and is perfect for those who only wear them on special occasions. It has a 2 year shelf life so I’m pretty sure you can use them all before they break!

Only two colors are available: rich brown and jet black because Freshlook wants them to look as natural as possible so you can wear them in any setting without offending anyone. 😛

The lenses are housed in disposable trays and in disposable saline, so you’ll have no reason to reuse them! : EASY

Freshlook Illuminate 星鑽大眼con Contact Lens 隱形眼鏡(一盒30片裝), 健康及營養食用品, 口罩、面罩 Carousell

Other contact lenses come in colors and prints, but the Freshlook version only has tinted frames to allow your natural eye color to show through and nothing to obstruct your vision.

Rich Brown is a dark brown chocolate. It just makes your eyes look a little bigger than they already are, so don’t expect to get a giant, crazy, Pokemon-like effect from it. If you didn’t know, the larger the unnatural size of the contact lens, the more pressure it puts on your eyeball.

I love how it looks very, very natural and how it subtly highlights my eyes. I’m still getting used to wearing contact lenses again, so there are times when I feel something in my eye, but if I rule that factor out, the contact lenses are fine, but I don’t feel it. slim, very comfortable to wear, doesn’t move around much and automatically adjusts to the center of the eye if adjusted (good centering is the official term) so no need to use your fingers to try to fix it and mess it up in the process!

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Freshlook also says this version has 8-hour release technology, where it gradually and continuously releases moisturizing agents to keep your eyes healthy for 8 hours. I believe the effectiveness of Time Release still depends on how dry or wet your eyes are, as in my case I had semi-wet eyes and by the 6th hour the lenses started to feel a bit dry.

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I’m glad I brought the contact lenses back and to satisfy my curiosity about the Doll Eyes trend. Now I know why it’s so successful: it mysteriously brightens your face and makes your eyes look a little more interesting. Contact lenses aren’t strictly necessary for me, so I don’t buy them very often, but I’ll definitely get this particular product when the situation calls for it – it’s quick and easy and doesn’t require much care. from my side. For people who wear contact lenses every day, I think it would be better to choose disposable ones so that there is no risk of infection and save yourself from tedious cleaning and maintenance – it is not the most affordable option, but the safest and easiest!

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