Ford Territory Ignition Switch Repair

Ford Territory Ignition Switch Repair – BA-BF &  Territory SX-SY Switch Repairs South East Queensland Brisbane – Ipswich – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast – Toowoomba Call Available 7 days a week 0408 701 849 Do you have a Falcon BA-BF or Territory SX-SY?

Have you been told that the only way to fix it is to replace the steering column at great cost and without your car for days?

Ford Territory Ignition Switch Repair

This is no longer true, you can repair your existing steering column with a new replacement steering column housing to properly fix your headlights and get you back on the road after your lunch break. That’s right, we never remove the steering column and have you back on the road in 30 minutes!

Keys & Remotes To Suit Ford

We are a Brisbane based mobile phone repair service operating in South East Queensland and can offer same day service.

We remove old spark plugs without damaging your vehicle and we do not remove the steering column. Then, using your existing steering column, wrench and cable, rebuild the transmission with the rebuilt transmission housing. There is no need to recode the car key or remove anything other than the problem with the metal housing.

We give you a lifetime warranty to install high quality replacements and you have an idea that it won’t work again.

You are still dealing with the same problem and the faulty part causing the problem. Most of our customers already have a second hand column or know someone else who has had problems after getting a second hand column and it won’t hurt.

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Ignition Barrel With Keys For Ford Falcon Au + Ba

It’s really hard to find good used columns, they can come straight from a wrecked car or be “refurbished” in various ways.

These are real pictures from customers we have met where a large proportion of our customers have installed second hand speakers or had them repaired on the cheap only to have them fail again.

We prefer to provide real solutions and get it right the first time, so you can keep driving your car with confidence for years to come with a lifetime warranty knowing you won’t be left on the side of the road. the worst time .The Ford BA Falcon that was released in 2002 and the BF Falcon as well as the Ford Territory suffer from transmission problems. These cars were produced by Ford in 2000 and share the same parts. DMD Automotives is qualified to repair or replace your ignition switch to keep your vehicle running smoothly. The ignition switch of Ford BA and BF Falcons and SX and SY Territory has a lead housing. This housing can become loose, causing the internal switch to malfunction or fail.

Is your BA Ford Falcon or BF Ford Falcon, or Territory SX – SY not starting? The switches in these Fords have been known to fail and require repair. The BF & BA Falcon and SX & SY Territory have the same problem.

Ford Ranger Key Programming Melbourne

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to replace the steering column of your BA Falcon, BF Falcon or Ford Territory. We can replace faulty parts in your car and your BF Falcon will run like new.

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DMD Automotives is qualified and specialized in all of your mechanical needs, and is experienced in repairing a BA-BF Falcon ignition that won’t start. We are based in Derrimut and offer quick and easy repairs. In addition to being experts in repairing BA / BF Falcons with barrel problems, we offer a full auto service.

If your Ford BA Falcon, Ford BF Falcon, Ford SX Territory or Ford SY Territory has the above problems. This simple solution will save you money. Instead of replacing the entire steering column, we replace the Ford Ignition Switch.

Call us at DMD Automotives on 0421 236 928, or Book in to get your car back on the road, repairs will only take a few hours. DMD Automotives is based in Derrimut and is a specialist car mechanic.

Genuine Ford Focus Territory Ignition Switch Cylinder Lock Barrel Replacement For Sale Online

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