Flights To Bali From Sydney Garuda

Flights To Bali From Sydney Garuda – Leaving a destination like Bali can be difficult. Especially after 3 weeks of basking in the sun, eating great Balinese food and getting massages almost every day. But the light at the end of this tunnel/holiday was waiting for our flight back to Sydney.

I thoroughly enjoyed our flight to Bali, so I was excited to see what this red-eye flight experience would be like.

Flights To Bali From Sydney Garuda

Garuda Indonesia Denpasar (Bali) to Sydney Flight: A330-300, Business Class Departure: 2230 Arrival: 0730 Seat Number: 12A, 12C

Review: Garuda Indonesia Business Class Lounge Bali (dps)

It is always busy at Denpasar Airport especially in the evening, most flights to Australia leave in the evening to arrive in Australia. Tonight was no exception, with long lines waiting for immigration.

Boarding was delayed for 5-10 minutes and by evening many people were lying on the carpet. Nevertheless, boarding was quiet and smooth.

As expected from Garuda service, we were warmly welcomed by the cabin crew upon boarding. It was personally taken to my seat despite finding it a no-brainer. And immediately, hot hand towels and refreshments were provided.

If you want to see it all on video, go here. You’ll see Garuda Indonesia chefs in action on board. But don’t forget to read on for more details about the flight!

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For this flight, we really enjoyed Garuda Indonesia’s “fuel” food selection. They are defined as “unusable for travel”.

Nasi goring with crispy fried chicken. “Snacks” in oil. Garuda Indonesia Business Class GA 714 from Denpasar to Sydney

This is actually a generous portion for ‘breakfast’ and can be a meal in itself. The difference between this and a real meal is that it doesn’t come with an appetizer or dessert or any side dish.

The rice was very fragrant on the way. It was also cooked in coconut oil and the zombies certainly enjoyed it.

Garuda Indonesia Suspends Flights Between Perth And Bali

Insignificant!!! The chili dip was not spicy at all, and the nachos were really fresh and hot. I had 2 jars of this throughout the flight!

It was a perfect snack for an in-flight movie. I didn’t finish any movie because I fell asleep. I saw this TV show and something about it.

The seating arrangement is in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seat pitch is 74 inches (187.9 cm) and the width is 20.8 inches (53 cm).

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This translates into 165 degrees of comfort. Even with fully flat beds, I always insist that I never make the bed completely flat because it causes back pain and it’s actually very difficult to make it completely flat.

Garuda Indonesia Business Class A330 300 From Denpasar To Sydney

This 165 degree recline is enough to keep you comfortable on a flight of less than 6 hours. Any more and you need a completely flat bed.

We were lucky enough to see Chef Mohammed Pandu in action on our flight. Here she prepares scrambled eggs before the morning service. You can also watch it all in the video above.

Since the beginning of 2015, Garuda Indonesia has really improved their service and product level. One of their many additions is having a chef on their mid- to long-haul flights. This is to ensure that the quality of their first and business class meals remains high. They also take certain requests such as cooking the eggs any way you want them.

The service was warm and personal, which is always welcome on an evening flight. With the flight departing at 10:30pm, which is the end of the day for most passengers, it is always recommended to be with a sun crew.

The Airlines Of Indonesia

Cabin manager Johan Millet was very accommodating. There was something wrong with their entertainment system (it was able to read the passenger USB stick but it didn’t work) and we asked for it just to see if we were doing something wrong. Johan immediately went to check the USB readability of the other seats and then apologetically confirmed to us that the service was still not working.

We were totally fine with that, and I was really impressed with how Johan attended to the issue (which wasn’t really an issue). I spoke to him and learned that he is based in Bali (Garuda Indonesia staff are usually based in Bali for flights from Bali), so he was happy that Garuda is expanding its international flights from Bali. . He has worked with Garuda Indonesia for 22 years and his favorite destinations are Sydney, Seoul and Osaka.

This is what I chose. I originally wanted to get muesli but they were out of that so I had pancakes and yogurt instead.

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I like that the pancakes are not big and are firm. I rarely eat breakfast (if at all) so this was a great part for me.

Flight Review: Garuda Indonesia A330 300 Economy Class

It was a really enjoyable flight, one of your favorite flying experiences that can last longer (the flight was less than 6 hours).

Recently, Garuda Indonesia was ranked 8th in the World Airport Awards by Skytrax (Top 10 Airlines in the World). In my opinion, they really deserve to be in the top 10, and if they continue to provide this kind of service across the board, I can imagine them easily being in the top 5 very soon.

If I have to be blunt and hard to point out what could be improved overall, it would probably be the boarding service at Sydney and Denpasar airports, the boarding times were a bit late.

I will definitely fly Garuda Indonesia again in the future. I’m curious how they pay for long haul flights to Europe.

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Jane is a lover of luxury travel and adventure, always looking for that “holy smite” – an inspirational moment on her travels. Follow the Holly Smithers blog and other social media pages to get the latest travel ideas for luxury vacations! Garuda Indonesia 2014 was very busy promoting their business class product and services. I attended a press conference in December to witness their journey to brand excellence that led to Garuda Indonesia winning the 2014 Skytrix Award for World’s Best Crew.

The cabin crew prepared me lunch in the catering area so I could get a quick look at the service and what the new food/products were like.

Flight Review: Garuda Indonesia Flight Number & Route: GA 715 Sydney to Denpasar (Bali), Business Class Aircraft: A330-300 Seat Number: 6H & 6K Departure Time: 10:00 AM Flight Duration: 5 Hours 32 minutes

The check-in desks at Garuda Indonesia in Sydney are located at desks I or J in the middle of the departure level. This is a very busy area, especially during the 10 am departure time.

Supporting The Mandalika Motogp, Garuda Prepares 3 Flights From Bali To Lombok

The line was short and the check in process was very quick and painless. It was at the check-in desk that I discovered that there was no longer a visa onboard service with Garuda Indonesia. I believe this is in line with the Indonesian government’s plan to waive visa fees for Australians.

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(Big emphasis on planning as I have heard and read that visa free arrival will start on January 1st, but it is not available yet.)

Garuda uses the Qantas Business Class lounge for its Business Class passengers. We were on the media ticket so didn’t use it.

Boarding didn’t start until about 15 minutes before takeoff (so it was behind schedule) and passengers were panicking at the gate. It was such a pleasant surprise that when the unloading finally started, it was so quick and easy that we actually left on time.

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I made a quick video of our flight from take-off to landing, highlighting the in-flight meals (what else? 🙂

Drinks were served on board. Afterwards our assigned cabin crew came up to us to ask what we wanted for lunch.

There is never a shortage of laughs on this flight. We were greeted with a smile, served drinks/food with a smile, made requests with a smile. If you’ve watched the video, you’ll have seen that our cabin crew literally radiates sunshine! It’s true that laughter is contagious, because when she talked to me, I felt my cheeks begin to tremble from long smiles.

The plane’s chef was also there to refill our drinks. I only found out later that he was an airline chef. (Stay tuned for the return flight review where we can interact more with the in-flight chef 😉

Flight Review For Garuda Indonesia Business Class Sydney To Jakarta

All the staff were very attentive giving us fresh towels, refilling our drinks and asking how we were finding things.

For a flight of more than 5 hours, lunch was already a full course, so there was never a chance for a second meal (as you can see in the video).

Zombie has opted for Japanese cuisine, which I had the opportunity to sample at a catering site last December. One thing I must say

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