Extragreen Phillip Island Tour

Extragreen Phillip Island Tour – If you haven’t read Melbourne Day 1, I recommend reading it for an overview of Melbourne!

We booked all our tours through Extragreen and they are the cheapest sports packages you will find in Melbourne. But there is only one drawback, the cheapest games they offer is China Tour. As we understand mandarin we were fine, but for those who don’t, maybe it would be better to add a little more for English tours.

Extragreen Phillip Island Tour

However, we pre-booked the ultimate package where we could enjoy a 3-day tour for the price of just 2 people! An absolute steal! We also decided to add something for the chocolate house (which you will see on day 4) and the total price was only $152 per person.

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I highly recommend booking these tour packages in advance as they are in high demand and seats sell out quickly, especially if you are visiting with a large group.

We wanted something light for our first day, so we decided to find our first day for Sovereign Hill – Gold Trail.

Note: We have also decided to add an additional $10 per person to visit the Ballarat Wildlife Park.

After they gathered everyone, they brought us to their tour bus and we left at 8 am.

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That’s why we went a little further as we had the opportunity to get up close and personal with these lovely sellers!

These wallabies in particular were very friendly, they approached us and started sniffing us to see if we had food.

I’m scared of animals, but I had so much fun watching D feed, and D, being a huge animal lover, was playing with the animals. Hahaha!

Koalas spend most of their time sleeping and we were lucky enough to see them walking around trying to feed themselves.

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I love visiting wildlife parks in the winter, as you know it’s the outdoors, I can’t imagine walking in the sun to see these animals.

They also have a lot of reptiles, which we obviously saw a lot of, but we still loved them.

After a good few hours of making new friends, we boarded the bus and headed to our next destination, or main destination of the day, Sovereign Hill – the Gold Museum!

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This open-air museum recreates Ballarat’s first ten years after gold was discovered in 1851, when people from all over the world flocked to the goldfields in search of fortune.

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I wish we could have stayed until the evening for the amazing “Blood on the Southern Cross” exhibit that often brings to life the fascinating story of the Eureka Rebellion of 1854!

Upon arrival, we went straight to the gold factory to see the ancient process of gold smelting.

But it was very interesting to see the gold change from solid to molten and then back to gold!

It rained a lot most of the time so the whole place was very cold and I’m not complaining!

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, Newhaven

We enjoyed walking in the ancient streets and blowing cold air out of our mouths!

This is a great restaurant and place named after the gold mining era! We loved the feeling of traveling back in time and being surrounded by staff dressed in vintage Victorian clothing!

After feeding our rumbling bellies, we continued to wander the ancient street while marveling at the beauty of this city! We even got a costumed guard for one or two photos!

You can also buy tickets for a carriage ride or go to Red Hill Gully Diggings where you can pan for real gold and save it as a souvenir!

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It’s a pity that I don’t have enough time for these things, but if I visit here again, I will definitely spend my time looking at the beauty of this place without rushing here and such things!

After the underground tour, we went to the outside world and enjoyed the beautiful view of Ballarat and Hakim Hill one last time!

It wasn’t as crispy as I thought it would be, but it sure was buttery and flavorful!

There were so many choices and after drinking one of every wine they had, my face was burning. Hahaha!

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I wish I wrote about our delicious ramen @ Hakata Gensuke but I just realized I didn’t take a picture! Melbourne may seem a long way from the type of island holiday you associate with the Greek Islands or the Whitsundays. . But now, on a sunny Friday afternoon, just 60 kilometers southeast of the city, I’m late for a small ferry to a remote island, completely unrelated, unknown, where even the world’s biggest pop star could disappear. It is not clear here

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That’s exactly what midwife Kylie Minogue did when she moved to the French Isles in Victoria to recuperate during breast cancer treatment. Minogue and her son, Olivier Martinez, lived in a French provincial house behind stone walls on one of the few hills on the island. Sometimes he goes to the French general store – the only store on the island – to buy milk. Locals who befriended her say Minogue blends in well with the mix of farmers, greengrocers, traders and consumers.

French Island has only 116 inhabitants and about 20 times more koalas. I’m on the last boat of the day heading from Stony Point to mainland Victoria with about a fifth of the island’s population (people). The adults are heading home with supermarket loads, while the children are happily chatting as they return from their weekly day at primary school.

Welcome party at the port of French Island. More than 2,000 koalas make this island rich in wildlife. Photo: French Island Glamping

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Fifteen minutes later, I left the boat and could have stepped out of the time machine. Aside from waves lapping the harbor and the gentle sway of fishing lines, there’s a serenity here that you’ll find in unpaved areas with few cars – most visitors discover the island’s smooth mountain bike scenery.

Two-thirds of France’s 170 square kilometers are national parks. It is home to the largest and healthiest koalas in Australia (no chlamydia here, female or male), as well as the long-nosed putoro and the short-nosed echidna. There are more than 200 species of birds, including sea eagles, ospreys and black swans. But it really amazes me to see the Australian White Ibis (known in the cities as “Bean Ibis”) in its natural habitat, majestically exploring the mangroves by the sea.

Bringing a car to the island is an expensive adventure, so my hosts arrange transfers to French Island Glamping for the night. Perched on a hillside overlooking the ocean, the camp consists of five wooden canvas tents spread across 100 acres, offering privacy as well as luxury. Each tent has queen beds, premium linens, furniture, bluetooth speakers, board games, flashlights and plenty of space to welcome the sun. There’s a communal kitchen on the property that looks like something out of a reality cooking show, where the owners gather after sunset. around the fire pit and we were equipped with marshmallows for roasting. They tell us about the long walks we can take from here and shuck oysters on the nearby beaches, and about one of their regular guests, an old pilot, who likes to stay here between flights and only sleep for three days straight.

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That night I fall asleep to the sounds of koalas fornicating (for a shy animal, they sure aren’t shy about it) and wake up in the morning with kookaburras.

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For breakfast, I head to Minogue’s first haunt, the French Island General Store. It also has a licensed café, a post office, a tourist information centre, a bike shop, and accommodation and minibus transfer services. The old wooden shop, located in the bay of fed cows and alpacas, is the center of the community, and I walk from time to time for my eggs and coffee with the local, resident administration. Koala counter and owner of French Island Vineyards winner (if you want to set up a coiffing session, just give me a call, he says).

French Island General Store is the only store on this 170 square kilometer island. Photo: Janine Israel/The Guardian

Next is a tour with Naturalist Tours, whose 4WD crawls from the mountains to the salt marsh beach. The guide chronicles 6,000 years of human activity – from the Bunurong tribe who settled in the middle of the 144km coast to the first European settlers who planted and roasted chicory in kilns still standing.

Isle of France is doing its part to unravel the knots and complications of last week, but

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