Exchange Rate Us Dollars To Euros

Exchange Rate Us Dollars To Euros – The Euro (EUR) to US Dollar (USD) exchange rate has moved closer to 6% over the past six months on the back of somewhat improved economic sentiment in the Eurozone, as well as a slowdown in interest rate hikes by the US. . It has reduced the attractiveness of the US. it. Dollar as a safe haven.

The US

Exchange Rate Us Dollars To Euros

Here we look at the factors driving the currency pair and the euro to dollar forecast for 2023 and beyond. What’s next for EUR/USD as it continues to rise above parity?

Usd: Who Is Helped And Hurt By A Strong Dollar?

EUR/USD started 2022 at $1.1375. In early February, the pair rose to $1.1495 before falling steadily to $1.0380 on May 13 – a level last seen in January 2017. At the beginning of the season, the currency pair rose to $1.0790 and fell back to $1.04 in the Same month.

On September 5, the pair fell below $0.99 for the first time in two decades as Russia shut down a major gas pipeline to the EU, further destabilizing the Eurozone economic outlook. Then the EUR/USD exchange rate led to a destabilization of the economic situation in the Eurozone. ECB interest rate decision on September 8. The pair rebounded to $1.0317 on September 12 before falling to a 2022 low of $0.95892 on September 27.

The ECB’s October 27 interest rate decision did little to support the euro, with the currency falling below parity by November 3.

A weaker dollar and falling U.S. it. Treasury yields saw EUR/USD trade at $1.06 in mid-December. The pair benefited from the overall weakness of the dollar as inflationary pressures in the US.

Ebury Ranked #2 Eur/usd Forecaster On Bloomberg

Core inflation in the eurozone reached 8.5% in February, data showed, down from 8.6% in the previous month. Despite the downgrade, analysts say the ECB still needs to remain accommodative and rate hikes could cool. Federal Reserve, which could be positive for the euro.

In addition, the risk of higher energy prices in the Eurozone has also decreased due to a mild winter in northern Europe.

“The euro is trading in its late December range, but the data coming in since early 2023 tells us it should be stronger,” said Steve Englander, head of global G-10 FX research at Standard Chartered.

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“Both core inflation and economic shocks in the Eurozone have strengthened, making it easier for the European Central Bank to maintain a dovish tone.”

The Euro Has Reached Parity With The U.s. Dollar. Why It Matters

The International Energy Agency (IEA) announced in January 2023 that Europe had made “impressive progress” in reducing its dependence on Russian gas supplies by 2022 and ensuring that there is enough gas in storage. EUR/USD has gained more than 5% since September, when Russia stopped supplying gas to Europe through the main pipeline.

However, the IEA says the threat is still on the horizon. Russian gas supplies could be “significantly low” or even zero in 2023. This could create an even wider gap between European and global gas supplies than in 2022.

The IEA said competition for liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies could also increase if demand from China picks up. There is also no guarantee that Europe’s mild winter temperatures will persist.

As a result, the European Union could have a shortage of 30 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2023.

Euro Hits Us Dollar Parity For First Time In 20 Years

Rising inflation prompted the ECB to adopt a more dovish stance, and this continued until 2023. ECB policymaker Robert Holtzmann said at a meeting in January that “policy interest rates will need to rise sharply to reach sufficiently restrictive levels to ensure timely repayment .” To bring inflation to the medium-term target of 2%.

However, England noted that data surprises in the US. it. are “weaker of the mean” than in Europe, suggesting less upward pressure on rates.

Inflation in the Eurozone fell for the third month in a row in January due to a significant drop in energy costs. Core inflation in the Eurozone was 8.5 percent in January compared to 9.2 percent in December.

Philip R. Lane, a member of the Executive Board of the ECB, predicts a significant decrease in inflation after 2023, which will continue in 2024 and 2025.

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On February 2, the ECB raised interest rates once again by 50 bps, its first hike since 2023. The increase brought the main interest rate to 2.5%.

In a statement, the central bank indicated that more interesting rate hikes could be expected this year and promised to “sustain a course of significant rate hikes at a sustained pace.”

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In 2022, the dollar benefited from the Federal Reserve, especially compared to the ECB, as US inflation rose to a 40-year high, with the Fed quickly ending its bond-buying program and beginning a rate-hiking cycle.

Based on the US it. Dollar Index (DXY), which measures the U.S. it. dollar against a basket of currencies since January 2023, the US

Canadian Dollar Holds Impressive Gains Against Usd, Nears Four Year High Against Eur

The US dollar has taken advantage of its safe haven status as demand for the dollar has increased following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Since then, safe-haven flows have largely continued as global growth slows and stagflation risks mount, despite a recent pullback fueled by potential upside. A slowdown in the US it. Monetary tightening cycle.

According to the US it. Department of Labor, the annual inflation rate in the US.

On February 1, the Fed raised interest rates by 0.25 percentage points to a target range of 4.5%-4.75%, the highest since October 2007. They stated that “significantly more evidence is needed to be confident that inflation is on a sustained downward path Way.”

Markets now expect the Fed to raise rates by 0.25 percentage points at its March meeting, with two more hikes expected before a stop, with an endpoint of around 5.25%.

Close Up View Of Us Dollar And Europe Euro Indicating Strong Currency Exchange Rate Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 71219369

In a January 16 currency analysis, ING Group’s Chris Turner, Francesco Pesol and Frantisek Taborski revised their EUR/USD forecast for 2023-2024:

“Given the importance of EUR/USD in driving global currency trends, we cannot justify a consensus profile for the coming years. Instead, we expect EUR/USD to return to medium-term fair value, currently around the 1.15 area.

“In terms of the quarterly profile this year, the better part of EUR/USD’s gains for the year will likely come in the second quarter as US core inflation is expected to decline sharply, allowing for the shorter end of US yields Curve to lower as well. »

“The EUR/USD drift since the beginning of the week is not surprising in the context of expected flows at the end of the month, and I thought it might be against the euro. With no other news, we expect euro losses to remain Limited, and in light of events expected this week (ECB hike 50 bps and a repeat of December’s doomsday messages), a small dip in the euro looks like a buy. Of course, a lot of good news is appreciated and the key For Thursday is less bullish (full price) than messaging; I think it is necessary to keep the euro up – although the Fed will taper to 25 bps and a less dovish outlook will add headwinds to the USD as the top of the cycle approaches. Eurozone GDP rose by a better-than-expected 0.1% q/q in Q4.

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Foreign Exchange Market

Technically, Osborne remained neutral/bearish on the pair, saying: “EUR/USD costs are slightly higher than I expected at this point yesterday, with the spot testing lower at 1.08s before recovering slightly. The gains are enough to remain bearish pressure, but there are few signs of a strong technical pullback at this point. Further losses remain a risk in the next few hours, but I still think the bearish average remains a buy. The broader trend in the euro remains technically bullish and a push To 1.10+ remains on the cards before a deeper consolidation develops.Support is 1.0775/00.

The latest EUR/USD forecast by Citibank Hong Kong analysts was very optimistic, predicting a 6-to-12-month rise to $1.15, which could be sustained over the long term.

“Economic data was stronger than expected, the ECB continued to send dovish signals and fears of a severe recession are fading… The euro recently welcomed better-than-expected economic statistics, thus improving the macro picture for 2023.”

The EUR/USD exchange rate is down 0.056% year-to-date. The EUR-USD pair opened 2023 at $1.0662 and gained 1.49% in January. Analysts expect it to reach $1.10 in March.

Usd To Eur

“EUR/USD is forecast to fall to 1.08 in September 2023 and reach 1.10 in March 2023 before holding at 1.08 in December 2023. USD/JPY is expected to reach 135 in March 2023 and trade at 133 in June 2023. 2023 and 128 in December 2023, »

JP Morgan Title Transfer Facility (TTF)

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