Elektra Coffee Machine Australia

Elektra Coffee Machine Australia – Elektra Verve is an Italian manufacturer of commercial and home espresso machines Elektra has introduced its modern new single-group machine, the Verve. Elektra Verve is the result of research. It’s style. It is a way of being that gives every coffee lover the freedom of expression. The Elektra Verve is an extremely versatile espresso machine. Professional performance and compact dimensions allow it to be used at home, in small cafes, in recreational or work environments, even on the go. Elektra Verve can be used almost anywhere!

Mechanically, the Verve is Elektra’s first single consumer machine to offer independent insulated cooking boilers and steam boilers. It also moves away from the classic E61 group head design in favor of a saturated group head with programmable application controlled pre-infusion. The machine’s commercial rotary pump can draw water from a direct water pipe or from a built-in 5 liter tank with built-in filtration.

Elektra Coffee Machine Australia

“With this machine, Elektra proves that it is possible to combine design and tradition with the most advanced technology,” Elektra Marketing Manager Mariaelena Zanocco told Daily Coffee News. “Elektra India inspires the Elektra Verve to combine the best performance with the highest cooking quality in a compact and refined design.”

La Pavoni Professional (1995), Modded With Thermometer, Ppk, And Stradivari Button

Elektra Verve’s wooden side panels and exterior accents bring a natural warmth to the machine, whose right angles and strong support legs are also reminiscent of India, Elektra’s most advanced commercial machine to date. The Indian prototype – with individual touchscreen group heads that not only offer independent temperature and volume profiling, but can also be individually serviced while remaining fully functional – was unveiled at SCA Expo 2016 ahead of a 2017 market entry. years.

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Like the Indie edition, the Elektra Verve is particularly notable for its contrast with the rest of Elektra’s consumer and prosumer machines, which have mostly relied on more classic vintage designs. Its long-standing manual lever machine, the Micro Casa and Leva, hasn’t changed much since its introduction in the early 1960s, while Verve’s closest predecessor in the single-group Elektra line, called the Sixties, centered around the E61 group head and single-boiler heat exchanger .

Exterior wood finish options include oak, ash or a combination of six wood stripes. Matching portafilters, tampers and other accessories will also be available. Elektra Verve will soon become the latest technologically innovative espresso machine with two boilers! As the brand celebrates its 52nd year in the specialty coffee industry, it’s the perfect time to launch a digital machine, stunning in design and sure to make the best drinks. The Elektra Verve is equipped with a PID that allows you to program the temperature for both the brass coffee boiler and the stainless steel steam boiler. Plus, you’ll be able to control PID and other parameters using your smartphone!

The Elektra Verve has a beautiful stainless steel body and fine wood on the side panels, as well as knobs and a 58mm portafilter. Various types of wood will be available, including oak, ash and mixed wood (at a higher cost). Although it is a semi-commercial espresso machine, it is very suitable for use in your home espresso bar. In addition, Elektra Verve will work wonders in your restaurant, cafe or office, all thanks to its high level of adaptability!

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New Elektra Verve Machine

Are you interested in an espresso machine of a similar design with a heat exchange system? Then check out Elektra T1 Sixties Deliziosa! Note that Elektra has decided to start with only one wood variant as of August 12, 2020. Other wood options may be available in the future, but no timelines are given.

Possibility of smartphone management. Use Wi-Fi Direct on your smartphone for many different settings. To learn how to activate Wi-Fi connection for iPhone and Android, see the instructions in the images above!

Be creative on your phone with Elektra Verve! Using an app on your smartphone, create a unique espresso recipe by controlling the brewing temperature and time before infusion.

The beautiful wooden elements of the Elektra Verve: provide a new twist on the standard stainless steel design of the Elektra. The Elektra Verve has a stainless steel body with wooden side panels, knobs and a portafilter.

Paul Mannassis, Author At Mocha Coffee

High production of dry steam. The unit consists of a large volume stainless steel steam boiler controlled by overpressure.

Elektra Verve – Switching unit. It can be easily switched from direct connection mode to 5 liter tank mode and vice versa. The tank can be removed for easy cleaning. A water softener for the tank is also included.

Additional Elektra Verve components: this includes a rotary pump, a two-stage pump pressure gauge/steam boiler pressure gauge and an integrated coffee boiler.

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Elektra Micro Casa Semi Automatica 1 Group New Chrome

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