Dunedin To Lake Tekapo

Dunedin To Lake Tekapo – We stopped at Signal Hill before hitting the road to say goodbye to Dunedin.

First stop Moeraki Boulders; A strange geological phenomenon, large masses were scattered along the coast. So amazing, so good.

Dunedin To Lake Tekapo

Before heading back to the mainland we will stop at the fairly large metro city of Oamaru. Soon mountains appeared, and then they gave way to mountains.

Weekly Fishing Report

Good to see snow in the mountains again. We are approaching Lake Tekapo. The landscape becomes distorted. Blue water highways are emerging.

We enter the city with a few hours of sunshine. If Jeff wants to “swim in NZ” it’s now or never, so we head straight for the water. About 2 minutes walk.

The “beach” is very rocky and not very attractive. The wind is cold and stormy. Jeff is having second thoughts. But this shirt is now discontinued. He fell into the water. Every step could be his last. He finally got his head down for 0.2 seconds and the box was right.

We go back to the dining room and start thinking about food. “Other than the China site” is a director’s advice.

Amy & Michael / Lake Tekapo Pre Wedding / Andy Brown Photography

One of the main attractions of Lake Tekapo is Star Trek. But we look up at the sky and see the clouds coming in. We decided it wasn’t worth it and we couldn’t star ourselves anymore.

Time for some revenge. Jeff and the court managed to win (with lots of help and support!)

We go out into the cold and look at the stars. Not the best night, so I think we made the right call. The bed is ready for the last day of driving east.

Lake Tekapo to Christchurch is the last day of our trip as we fly home early tomorrow morning. We’re interested in making the most of the last day, so a final set is in order. We get up early, load up the car and start the short drive

Lake Tekapo Travel Guide: What To Do And See

Dunedin – Day 1 Not so fast today, good considering the night. We are planning to tour Dunedin. First place is breakfast coffee. The best so far. Perfect coffee. Jeff has a sushi bowl (no video) and we pass Speights Factory. I’m not interested

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Te-Anau to Dunedin Te-Anau is a place to rest our heads for the night, nothing more than a magnificent lake. A playground was arranged and delivered. Jeff exercises and pays the 50 people who lost gambling before taking Bailey to the castle and we have a glorious day.

Our first stop was to see the Moraki Rocks, unusually large and round rocks lying on Kokohe Beach at Moraki and Hampden Beach.

I wanted to experiment with some long exposure techniques, so I pulled out a tripod and a filter, and here are some results.

Lake Tekapo Infographic

We continued along the coast and I saw a sign called Steampunk HQ in Oamaru so we stopped and had a look. It was beautiful to see.

From there we went around Pukaki Lake and followed the mountain. Cook. The scene was amazing

Mt. Cook was covered by clouds and fog and we couldn’t really see it. We turned around and found our hotel towards Lake Tekapo.

Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki are the most amazing shades of turquoise blue I’ve ever seen. It was caused by snow. /wp-content/uploads/2019/10/IMG_8456- lake

Visit Dunedin On A Trip To New Zealand

After exploring the South Island from Heart Island to the eastern tip of the Otago Peninsula, it marked the last day of our trip to Dunedin, after which we all traveled for the remaining few days. We are about to enter NZ’s most beautiful lake country.

The first section of the drive from Dunedin to Lake Tekapo takes in the beautiful coastline, starting from the shores of the Otago Peninsula and showcasing some of the ‘peak view’ geological wonders along the way, shown below.

The marine reserve offers breath-taking sea views via a covered driveway on Palmerston Road in Hampden and has fur seals. They all hang out on the rocks and grass on the beach, basking in the sun. This place is not touristy at all, and people can visit any time of the day to see the polar bears.

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Very well marked for protection. A little while ago, the fur coat-sealed sidewalk could be opened for a closer encounter. Staying away from wild cover is recommended to ensure safety.

Under New Zealand’s Dark Skies, Insects Recover And Humans Reconnect With A Lost View

New Zealand’s South Island is full of amazing geological features, one of the most famous wonders being the Moeraki Rocks. These are derived from sediments formed near the Paleocene sea level.

The more you know about them, the more interesting they are. Kokohe Beach has more than 50 rocks and is perfect for a quick cup of coffee, in addition to the cafe of the same name.

Located on the coast at Oamaru, if you reach the beach along the waterfront path, you’ll find a colony of blue penguins returning to roost in the evening. This small town is a great place to stop and explore the stunning nature and coastal areas of the eastern half of the South Island.

Mud Cliffs: Located on the Omarama-Lindis Passage, there are many high mud cliffs besides the Ahuriri River. The mysterious formation of these rocks in the region has intrigued many anthropologists. It’s never crowded, and to get here, you have to drive approx. 20 km. It is also a private property and visitors must pay a ticket price of NZD 5 to enter. We saw pictures and reviews about this place and decided to go for it.

South Island Sightseeing

The most beautiful lake in the entire South Island seems to be under-recognized and under-appreciated. A 30-minute drive from Lake Tekapo and 10km from Twizel, Pukaki is a fairytale wonderland not to be missed. The lake’s unique blue color can only be seen from certain viewpoints at certain times. As you get closer, different shades of blue begin to appear. Spending a quiet afternoon on this lake is one of the best memories of our trip to NZ.

Apart from one or two cottages suitable for a group stay, there aren’t many accommodation options overlooking the lake. So the closest accommodation options are Twizel or Tekapo town.

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We couldn’t see this normal blue color of the lake at first, we waited and soon spotted a thin line of unusual blue shade on the eastern edge of Lake Tekapo. And so, we witnessed the most beautiful azure shade of blue, slowly changing to cloudy skies and ample sunlight.

Nothing special to see here, but a small parking lot allowed us to leave this beauty.

Go Nz: A South Island Family Road Trip From Christchurch To Tekapo

The view of Lake Pukaki is best seen on the way to Mount Cook. The next day it was shot as we were leaving. The blue color appeared on a sunny day. No wonder!

Another true lake of little blue water with beautiful surroundings. The best time to visit Lake Tekapo is during sunny hours, especially in the afternoon, to witness this magical sight. The Church of the Good Shepherd is located near Lake Tekapo. This area is under the dark sky category, where people can travel the stars at night.

A nature walk around Lake Tekapo is a must to enjoy the tranquility of this place. Most of the lower legs are easy and can be done in about 2-3 hours, except about Richmond Road. 4-5 hours for a 13 km journey. There are no utilities on these trails, so pack your essentials before starting the hike.

Dinner: There are many restaurants and cafes along the Tekapo-Twizel Road near the quiet shores of Lake Tekapo. In case you’ve missed Wanaka’s fried food, there’s another chance to try it at Mackenzie’s Cafe. Read the reviews before you go. You can find it in four supermarkets,

Visit Lake Tekapo On A Trip To New Zealand

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