Drop Bear Hostel Melbourne

Drop Bear Hostel Melbourne – If you’re going Aussie in true backpacker style, staying in hostels is essential! Hostels are great for saving money, a great place to meet other travelers and a whole lot of fun. If you’ve never experienced hostel life before and are wondering what it’s all about, this is the post for you…

There are tons of hostels all over Australia. Whether you are traveling for a short or long time, you are sure to stay in different hostels many times.

Drop Bear Hostel Melbourne

Firstly, don’t listen to anyone who talks bad about hostels – yes they are cheap and cheerful, but don’t knock them till you try them!? In addition, the eastern beaches are full

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The hostels are great, so you will never ‘sleep on the floor’. It’s all part of the wwww experience.

So, let’s get to it! First timers guide what it’s like to stay in a hostel. Between us here at Ratpack, we’ve stayed in hostels all over Australia, so we’ll let you know all the tips and tricks you need before you start your amazing adventure.

There are usually dorms of various sizes (usually with king-sized beds), a kitchen and dining area (so you can cook your own meals), and a cool place to socialize with other guests.

Some hostels also offer the option of staying in a private room. This is perfect for couples or those choosing your place – these tend to be more expensive!

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First, it is often the cheapest option for accommodation and luggage lovers love a good thing – more money for tours and excursions.

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There are usually several room options, so check the website before booking to see what suits you best.

Dorms are combined – so dorms for boys and girls. These usually range from 4 beds to 10 beds.

Private Rooms – Some hostels have this option. This is perfect for couples or people who prefer their own space. You can get one or two beds.

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Okay, time to make up some tales. Hostels get such a bad rap and we don’t know why! Most Aussie hotels are amazing.

Are they dirty? no! This is a common misconception. They are cleaned like a hotel. Rooms and beds are cleaned regularly.

Are there bugs? And, no, no! None of us had any experience with bedbugs during our stay at the hostel.

Are there unusual things? It shouldn’t be like that! Hostels are for travelers and backpackers like you, where your rooms will be filled with like-minded people of the same age.

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Some hostels are very good at organizing events for guests to get to know each other. We highly recommend indulging in these – even if they look a little cheesy!

That’s right, now that you’ve reached the point of surviving hostel life, here are some tips to keep in mind:

We hope you are well prepared and excited to visit Australia on your backpacking trip. When staying in hostels, don’t forget:

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We hope these tips and tricks will get you ready and prepared for your first hostel experience. Hostels are the best place to meet new people and experience new things – you’ll have the time of your life!

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