Direct Flights Melbourne To Hong Kong

Direct Flights Melbourne To Hong Kong – Have you ever wondered how beautiful the people at the end of an airplane are? Or maybe it’s not that big of a difference? We decided to research Cathay Pacific on its Melbourne to Hong Kong flights and check out their economy and first class service.

We booked the ticket using frequent flyer points. I got 35,000 Qantas points for my economy class flight and 45,000 Asian Miles for the business seat in Hubby (guess who drew the last glass). The airport fare is the same for both tickets – about $170.

Direct Flights Melbourne To Hong Kong

For us, one of the most exciting things about flight CX134 was Cathay Pacific’s use of the Airbus A350. We’ve only flown the A350 once before and Qatar Airways really enjoyed business class, so we hope the same goes for the Cathay Pacific A350.

Cheap Flights To Hong Kong

Delayed flight to Melbourne, our flight booked the delay. The scheduled departure at 7:35 in the morning was 8:05. We had a plan to land in Hong Kong at 15:10, and despite gaining time on the flight, we stayed in mode over Hong Kong due to the storm and landed at 15:31.

As a reward ticket, neither Qantas nor Cathay Pacific allowed me to pre-select my seat. Somewhere I had to pray to the god of the seats not to get stuck in the middle seat. Prayers were answered and not only was I allocated an aisle seat, the middle seat was also empty. This means more room for personal items and legs. Overhead storage boxes above the middle row are raised high. I’m not small (170cm) and I still have to tiptoe to put things there or reach my backpack during the flight. The little flight attendant lady had to climb into the seat to close the upper locker.

An hour after departure, we had breakfast. I ordered the baked beans, bacon and mushroom omelet with yogurt and fruit on the side. A very good breakfast and I certainly don’t feel bad about the economy.

I watched a movie with BYO cheese as a snack and beer right after. When I asked for a beer after breakfast, I was told they would start serving alcohol in about two hours, but only 30 minutes later a pleasant waiter brought me a nice cold beer.

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Cathay Pacific Is Back In The Indian Skies

During the flight we were given a drink (I ordered alcoholic red wine) and a small packet of hazelnuts. Lunch in about an hour. This was another good meal. My meal included mashed potatoes, rolls, cold noodle salad and beef goulash with chocolate. I also had more wine and Movenpick ice cream for dessert (it only has strawberry flavor). After the trays were placed, the officers walked around and offered tea, coffee and water. I was running out of wine so I bought more (4 glasses already) to keep me going. When the staff noticed my empty glass, I turned down the next one and filled it with water. They certainly don’t serve wine at Cathay Pacific.

Seats ok but nothing to write home about. The A380 isn’t as comfortable as the Qatar’s economy class and doesn’t have a lot of storage space – I’m glad we have a spare seat in the middle, which allows us to mess things up more easily.

The screen is smaller than I expected and the tilt is not sufficient. I couldn’t see anything on the screen as those in front of me leaned back in their seats. The headphones provided are terrible – the sound is very, very quiet, you can barely hear the dialogues, but when there is music or loud noises in the movie, everyone around you can hear it. I use Hubby’s noise canceling Bose headphones for most of the flight. Fun Tip: You can skip all the ads. There are about 7 minutes of commercials before each movie, you can move the time slider to skip them.

It was a very smooth flight. Comfortable and smooth (a bit of turbulence over Indonesia and the Philippines as usual). Delicious food and one of the most attentive staff I’ve ever met.

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The only inconvenience was that one of the toilets was out of order causing a long queue for the other two toilets closest to me.

When it comes to economy flights, it is very enjoyable and very good value for money.

The Business Class breakfast menu offers smoothies, yogurt and fresh fruit as an appetizer followed by a large meal. I chose the Asian breakfast scrambled egg noodles and char siew. As expected from AirAsia, this is very good.

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I prefer the on-demand option (Cathay was said to be coming soon, but then canceled?). 10 seconds after waking up, a staff member trying to clear my desk while I was still in bed… felt a bit intrusive.

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Still, lunch is a hit and miss for me. I love the main course of whiskey-cured salmon, but the grilled lamb chops are tough and chewy. It’s not a piece of meat you’d want to order on the plane.

However, the wine and champagne are very good. The Piper-Heidsieck Brut Cuvee is a classic and you can’t go wrong with it. To accompany my main course, I bought Chateau Canon Montsegur Gaspard Castillon 2015, which goes well with food, especially cheese.

The Cathay Pacific A350’s business chair is ideal for use as an office space. With a lot of work to do, I was able to comfortably snooze for an hour on the fully flat bed that the seat transforms into. Business class seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration so that each passenger has direct aisle access. It has a sense of privacy and many convenient storage options.

However, I prefer the louvers on the Qatar A350 – they are more elegant than the typical pop-up louvers here and can be operated simply by pressing the up and down buttons.

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I’m not having fun but doing some work on my laptop. The desk is big enough to be comfortable and the powerpoint fits neatly in the closet by the window.

The crew was friendly but solid and they felt like they were on their way. Overall, although they get the job done and are very efficient, I can’t fault them.

I think the A350 is quieter than other aircraft, which is important on long flights.

Given that our prices are the same and the difference in frequent flyer ratings is small, I would definitely choose the tip any day. But pay the full price ($662 versus $3020, on a random date) and the answer is different.

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Economy class was really comfortable, food was good (we even got the same ice cream as in first class, although they had two flavors to choose from), and there was plenty of entertainment to keep people busy for 9+ hours. I wouldn’t say recliner comfort is worth the extra ~$2350 on a day’s flight (anyone tried premium economy on the same flight? I’d love to hear your opinion).

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From world-class theme parks, charming department stores to colonial architecture; From iconic landmarks to stunning Chinese temples, Hong Kong has it all. Major attractions include the iconic skyline of Victoria Harbor, the view after a walk on the Peak, a visit to Disneyland, and the Hong Kong History Museum, one of many museums. For culture, head to the Blue House cluster in Wan Chai and explore the many neighborhoods in old town West Kowloon and Sai Kung. From street food to Michelin-starred restaurants, Hong Kong has a rich variety of culinary experiences. Be sure to stop by for dim sum, try chestnuts from the local market, and enjoy the Cheung fun (rice noodle rolls) with peanut and chili sauce. All in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong has a subtropical climate. The only predictable weather events that can have a significant impact on your travel plans are typhoons. Typhoon season starts in May and ends in November. best time to visit

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