Desperate For Love Dog Pound Rescue

Desperate For Love Dog Pound Rescue – Alison has two rescue dogs from a local animal rescue charity. Alison also has a West Highland Terrier purchased from a local breeder.

Deciding whether to get a pet from a shelter, breeder, or pet store is a huge responsibility. Great for any family. Sure, store puppies look incredibly cute, but there’s something about a rescue dog’s eagerness and sad eyes, no matter how old they are.

Desperate For Love Dog Pound Rescue

Many owners choose to buy from breeders or pet stores because they want the opportunity to train them from a young age, perhaps believing that older dogs are untrained. Others have children who want new puppies to call their own. However, some owners want nothing more than to give previously neglected pets a second chance at life.

Desperate For Love

There are many issues to consider when purchasing a dog of any age from any source. The most important question that strong owners ask themselves is, “Can I commit to taking care of this dog for the rest of its life?” The old saying is “short life” – a dog’s life is shorter. However, millions of dogs are abandoned each year because owners do not make these commitments a priority.

Many families want a specific type of pet. Some people dream of having a completely happy family with a loving and faithful pet by their side. So when it comes time to create a complete family, many people already have a specific breed of dog. This is often a decision made many years before adoption. Some people want a certain breed because they had it in their family when they were young; Others may remember this furry childhood friend.

Although most rescue dogs are mixed breeds, many purebred dogs are still looking for new homes. Even dogs that cost more than $ 1,000 as puppies have been known to end up in the pound through no fault of their own. Most dog rescue sites now have the option to search for specific breeds.

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Animal League ( has an “Adoption” logo on its home page. The default search box does not allow you to enter a specific breed name. If you enter your zip code, then say “find a dog”, a list of all dogs in the area will be displayed. Then there is a box on the right where you can limit your search to specific breed names if needed.

Desperate For Love Dog Pound Rescue

So where are the hybrids? It’s hard to love an animal you can’t see. Shelters often do not know the breed of the dog, and the animal itself can be a combination of many mixed breeds. In this regard, shelter dogs are often unique and different. Purebreds have recorded personality traits, it is difficult to know what characteristics a mixed breed rescue dog may have.

However, hundreds of thousands of mixed dogs are remarried each year. Their personalities are charming, their personalities shine, and they are as loyal as purebred dogs. Most mixed breed dogs are genetically diverse and avoid the health problems that can result from mating with similar genes in purebreds.

Puppies will show affection and learn to adapt quickly to the daily routine and lifestyle of the family. Training can be tedious and sometimes frustrating if you have toilet accidents every day.

Some rescues are very anxious and can have confidence issues, especially if they have been abused by previous owners. Other rescues become attached to their new owners immediately due to the need to be part of the pack and the fear of being kicked out again.

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Gaining the trust of a rescue dog can take longer than gaining the trust of a purchased puppy. Rescue dog training is difficult to distinguish from puppy training. Some rescue dogs are pre-trained and respond to commands from day one.

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Others may take longer than expected if the previous owner never tried. However, rescue dogs often want to please their people, and it takes a lot of effort to train a dog.

Dogs are abandoned for many reasons, including age. This is because the dog is still young, but not a puppy and not “cute” enough, or the owner may get bored after a while. Others are abandoned because of age-related health problems. Regardless of the reason, regardless of age, dogs have a large amount of love to give.

The average age of a shelter dog is 18 months, much younger than most expect. Part of this is because senior dogs are not always accepted by charities due to the financial cost of caring for them. The dog’s likelihood of remarrying is also a factor in the decision to accept a shelter. That is why a number of small charities have been established to provide special care and rehoming of senior dogs.

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Many potential owners do not choose to adopt a rescue dog because of unknown health and wellness issues. All shelters and charities have their dogs checked by a qualified vet and will always show signs of health problems.

Even if a rescue dog is five years old or older, he still has a life to live and a lot of love to give. You’ll find that an aging rescue dog wants nothing more than to be with a loving new family.

While some dogs are released due to financial or family/owner reasons, many are remarried because the original owner has no time to train the dog and no time for the dog. The hard truth is that some owners frankly feel guilty about abandoning their dogs.

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A dog that was neglected in childhood will appreciate the love and care it receives when it remarries. They know what it’s like to be neglected and unloved. They will be happy to know what mutual love is like when they see human emotions as The first time. Even a vicious dog will learn to trust again despite what happened in the past. A newly married dog may feel nervous for years after he returns, but he will continue to cherish your love and affection. A puppy will love you unconditionally, but will be lucky enough not to know how lucky it is to spend its entire life with one owner.

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Well written article. Yes, we still support rescue dogs. We lost our beautiful Blue Heelers and were devastated. 12 months later I still miss him. But we decided to adopt a rescue dog and never looked back. I’m sure he was beaten and treated badly when he got pregnant for the first time. If we raise our hands, he will duck, even if his shadow passes over him.

I also wrote an article about losing a beloved pet and then choosing a rescue dog that I hope you will take the time to read.

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