Cool And Cosy Insulation

Cool And Cosy Insulation – Insulating your home is the way to go when it comes to creating a warm and cozy home all year round. Keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer means you can save money on heating your home. Insulation through walls, ceilings and floors reduces heat loss by retaining heat in the winter and keeping it out in the summer. Learn more about the benefits of the wall here.

There is no investment that will benefit your home both now and in the future by increasing the value and quality of your home. When you like, you can enjoy the comfort of your home at any temperature. Insulation uses thermal resistance (called R-value) the higher the R-value, the higher the thermal resistance in your home. Insulation works through the small air pockets between the fibers that keep your home at the right temperature. CozyWall strives to deliver quality, long-lasting insulation to your home to create a warmer, more energy-efficient environment, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Cool And Cosy Insulation

The New Zealand government now has regulations to keep your home up to minimum quality standards. Whether you are starting a new build or renovating an old home, insulating your walls, floor and ceiling should be a top priority. CozyWall can help provide insulation that slows airflow into your home, allowing you to live more efficiently all year round.

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The basics of chocolate and why it’s so important in your home! Next 5 ways to cool off this summer

Notifying Kiwi Homes for over 30 years. Contact us today to schedule a free home appraisal for your property. About Us Natural Insulation 2009 Co., Ltd. established since 1992, it is the first manufacturer of cellular fiber insulation in Thailand and Southeast Asia with standardized and certified techniques. by Cool or Cozy Public Co., Ltd. The company has more than 27 years of experience in the industry, making stability in manufacturing, marketing and environmental protection. The company advises customers on various aspects in order to establish the best appearance of a great product and a sound system that meets the needs of customers.

It reduces heat by up to 12 degrees, helps to moderate air conditions and reduces energy consumption by 42%.

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Since the product contains a mixture of natural mineral properties, it prevents the habitat of different insects and fungi

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And the product made from yarn, which is a natural material, therefore does not contain substances harmful to the human body.

Heat resistant cellular fiber insulation is approved by Cool or Cozy Australia with a warranty of up to 10 years.

Our vision is to be a leading Thai manufacturer, importer and supplier of heat-resistant cellular fiber insulation that meets customer requirements, providing a wide selection of products with health and environmental standards.

Cellulose fiber produced by COOL OR COZY Australia has served more than 5 million homes and buildings in Thailand and Australia using cellulosic fiber insulation (RECYCLE) mixed with environmentally friendly materials. The company’s manufacturing process complies with the international organization certified by AUSTRALIAN STANDARD A.S.2462, which makes it the only manufacturing company that can manufacture this product to this standard in Southeast Asia.

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CELLULAR FIBER INSULATION, CELLULAR FIBER COLOR OR COZY, in the production process contains a mixture of natural minerals that have anti-ants, insects, cockroaches and termites properties; including the ability to prevent fungal growth. It also has the property of effectively delaying the spread of fire. In addition, SARK OR KOZY cellular insulation fiber is harmless to humans and environmentally friendly.

Supacell is a cellular fiber system that has both heat resistance and excellent absorption properties. On the surface of the ceiling is sprinkled. A flat roof can cover the corners of old and new buildings. It is light and about 4 inches thick (about 10 mm), which can save more than 42% of the electricity consumption of air conditioning. Furthermore, it can reduce noise up to 9 decibels and has a lifetime warranty.

Envirospray 300 is a heat-resistant cellular fiber system with sound-absorbing properties in an adhesive form. It is installed by spraying the surface of the material using standard long fibers that cover the entire surface area. Copolymer glue is used to increase the flexibility of insulation on all types of architectural surfaces. the thickness of the spray is about 25-50 mm. At 30mm thick, it has sound absorption of up to 17 decibels and comes with a full 10-year NIC warranty.

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Enviropanel is a moist cellular fiber system that is heat resistant and has sound absorbing properties. It is installed by spraying in the spaces between the walls (Cavity Wall System) with a thickness of 3 inches (75 mm) to create 100% of the equivalent sound level of the STC 81 system to reduce resonant sound. In addition, it is fire resistant for up to 2 hours.

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The insulation board is a cellular fiber system that resists heat and has sound absorbing properties in the form of a sheet. This type of insulation is suitable for outdoor areas that require a square or rectangular shape, for example in a ceiling t-bar. It is installed by pre-installation of 1-2 inch cellular fiber insulation sheets and fit next to them in the area required by the customer for insulation and sound absorption.

The engineering team visits and evaluates the level of the problem, measures the site area and coordinates to determine the date of implementation.

Natural Insulation 2009 Co., Ltd is the first manufacturer of cellulose fiber insulation using a high-quality, recyclable material that is heat-resistant and harmless to people and the environment. The company is grateful for 27 years of trust from our national customers. An insulated Perth home can lose up to 35% of internal heat through the roof in winter. It is a similar story in the summer, when up to 35% of the sun’s radiant heat enters through the roof if it is not insulated.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating or looking to add more value and comfort to your existing home, a roof like that from Megatec is a great way to enhance your valuables.

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Do you want to replace your roof? Remove the old and new operation? CALL OUR PERTH FORTIES TODAY 1300 032 748

Not sure what brand, type and type of island will work best for your home? We are never afraid to examine your vacuum roof, evaluating building materials and construction methods for your best options.

We will give you sound advice on the most effective island options, provide financial expectations and help you find the best solution.

If you have allergies, Polyester batts are the recommended option as they do not contain breathable fibers.

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Facts About Insulation

Did you know that Fiberglass Batts are the most efficient and long-lasting batts with a warranty of up to 70 years? They are a good choice where desired noise reduction is required.

Save up to 35% less energy than a cold home by fully insulating your home. By installing Megatec Insulation solutions in your ceiling and roof…

A bare island can be dangerous and messy to handle and remove. A house older than 15 years must be removed.

If you are building a new home in Perth, choosing the most efficient and effective roof heating is a time investment that can save you thousands of dollars.

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Dust, insects and other allergens easily penetrate attic spaces over time, often through the decay of old materials such as…

You can’t see it, but the roof vents collect a lot of dust, insects, dust and other allergens. To save your home…

Quality ceiling insulation is a great way to keep your home cool during Perth’s hot summer months. Also…

An uninsulated house in Perth can lose up to 35% of its internal heat through the roof in winter. A similar story in the summer with so much…

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Does traffic noise keep you up at night? Do planes flying overhead, or construction noise, regularly disturb the peace?

Every year in Perth we are called to remove smelly dead rats from roof spaces. 1 out of 5 homes have a broken roof…

“I found those guys after the forum about the removal of the wind. They are highly recommended in the forum for honesty, integrity, honesty, professionalism. There is no megatec roof solution.”

“My partner spent many hours researching outdoor removal companies that I could deal with and rodent problems and they are 100% satisfied that we chose the right one. Thank you Chantal, Dan and crew for your excellent service. I had to clean 400 square meters. Feet of contaminated “impact “In the insulation two days before the roof could be repaired, there is no question about these guys.

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