Cooks Trailer Hire Sa

Cooks Trailer Hire Sa – A camping weekend… just the phrase conjures up images of lazy days, hot asphalt, card games, delicious campfires, and the frustration of packing and unpacking!

Well, we’re here to help. Imagine not having to empty your car before loading your gear. Tent, folding chairs, blow up mattresses… Imagine not having to move 15 things in the car every time you want to go to town for ice cream, and you have to leave room for the children in the seat rear. What kind of magic are we talking about? Why is he camping with a trailer?

Cooks Trailer Hire Sa

A trailer rental is a very easy way to take your trailer with you – you pick one up clean, set up camp, put it down, return it, it’s a dream!

Top Quality Trailers For Sale Melbourne

At a trailer park, you can take things with you that you would otherwise have to leave at home. This includes the dogs, bikes and extra camping gear you’ve been wanting from BCF. This can be a game changer when you can fit everything you need, for example, and still have room for a couple of “wants”.

We bet you’re wondering if Adelaide caravan hire came up with this brilliant, brilliant piece of trailer, what other genius camping hacks do they know?!?! Well, my friends, wonder no more, here are the top five camping hacks as well as trailer camping or trailer BBQ:

• pre-break the eggs and keep them in a water bottle ready to pour. Sure, you lose the unknown white and yolk part of a fried egg, but you also don’t get scrambled eggs, and you don’t need to bring a whisk if you want to make French toast or pancakes.

• don’t forget to bring an extra towel for your dogs. Chances are your dogs will be running around and may need to be put down, and it wouldn’t be a holiday without them getting wet and wet anyway occasionally. Take it from someone who had to share their towel with their dog one camping trip…you want that extra towel!

Share Your Trailer With Locals

• take a waste container, it is very useful in addition to your camping equipment. This means it can carry dry food, is washable and of course has a useful litter box! We have been surprised more than once by the different uses of the trash while camping.

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• invest in the right size pot to cook things like stew. Which is enough for one meal. This is great because you don’t want to keep leftovers. We also use our own pot to boil water for tea and coffee, and the children can make sand castles out of it on the beach.

• make sure camping mugs have handles. This can make it much easier to drink hot drinks from them, for example. Plus, it means you don’t have to bring separate cups.

If you are planning a camping trip, local or interstate, contact us and we will discuss your needs – BBQ trailer and a marketplace for equipment rentals. We will send your request to our network of suppliers and they will provide you with prices.

Motorbike Trailer #m1

Don’t see the specific model you need? Request offers from suppliers. is the equipment rental and leasing market. Suppliers not listed have additional stock.

Our quotation and collaboration platform is an extremely simple and effective way to source from our entire supplier network.

Mobile kitchen trailers bring flexibility to your business by taking mobile kitchen equipment on the road with easy access to any event. Mobile kitchen trailers are commonly used for: fairs, festivals, concerts, golf tournaments, races, weddings and other parties. These devices come in different sizes, so check your space before you buy. The mobile kitchen trailer market has several options so you can find the right unit for your business.

Some notable manufacturers in this field include Coolit, Great Dane, Hobart, Mobile Kitchen Solutions, Polar Leasing, QR, Sodir, Thermo King, US Mobile Kitchens, Valdosta Georgia and Wabash.

Hard Floor Camper Trailer For Hire In Adelaide Sa From $70.00

The inventory you are browsing is only a fraction of what it contains. To compare more options and prices, we recommend getting prices.

Ultimately, we will need more information to process your rental/financing request. Do you want to enter your company details now?

Eventually we will need a little more information to facilitate your rental/finance, but we know your time is valuable.

Do you want to submit your application now or do you have some time to enter your company details? Since 1999 here in Adelaide we offer Kimberley Kamper trailer hire from our Collinswood address at 45 North East Road. We chose Kimberley as our camper because of its amazing construction, a design that many other manufacturers have since copied but rarely matched.

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Hard Floor Camper Trailer For Hire In Adelaide Sa From $120.00

The strength of the Kimberley design is the solid chassis. Underneath the camper body is a large galvanized undercarriage and tow bar that supports equally large suspension A-arms. Complete with springs and, in our case, an Old Man Emu shock, the Kimberley floats slightly over rough terrain.

The body of the camper is wide with a large bed so there is plenty of space inside and being a solid floor camper when you turn the roof and roof rack you not only create tent space but also the floor. from the ground and corresponds to the footprint of the bed. When I’m on vacation in Kimberly, I use that space for my kids’ bedrooms, or for a dining table and chairs if it’s rough out.

Many of our rental clients say that the minimum will include two or three small mattresses plus an air mattress or a couple of extras, so a family of four or five will be accommodated without too much drama. In some of our rental camper trailers we can install a children’s bedroom, a canvas room that travels up onto the camper trailer for extra weatherproof space.

The tent area is full of windows and awnings that can be opened to let in a welcome breeze for the warmer weather, while internal lights above the bed and its map lights and other places making reading that special holiday book or finding something in the dark a breeze. .

Micro Max Teardrop Camper Brings Roomy Floor Plan And Bolt On Bbqing

If you are considering renting a camper trailer for a week or month, you want to make sure it has adequate cooking facilities. Kimberley creates stunning kitchens. Under the bed and accessible through a stainless steel drive that slides out of the body of the trailer, you will find the prep area. The top and stainless steel sink have compartments for pots and pans, plates and cups, another drawer for cutlery and another for cooking utensils.

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The 12V pump supplies water to the sink through the tap point as you can see in the house (there is 135L of water in the underground tank by the way).

Next to the preparation area is the cooking room located under the gullwing. With a two-burner stove and a grill below, you can cook delicious meals. There is additional storage nearby that you can add to our kitchen for those special meals you may want to make with local produce found along the way.

We can also supply fridges in 39L and 73L configurations at an additional cost to keep your freezer nice and chilled or all the important containers ready to go and in good condition.

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There is plenty of storage with a pull-out drawer under the bed and plenty of space under the gullwings. We provide a 240V power cord, a drainage hose, an easy-to-erect canvas awning that runs the length of the camper and protects the cooking side along with poles and pegs.

If you intend to do this, we can provide solar panels and/or a generator when mains are not nearby, again at an additional cost.

Our camper trailers for hire are regularly serviced and looked after, with brakes and bearings checked before hire. The braking system is a hydraulic overdrive style that works well in all conditions and means you don’t have to fiddle with an electric brake controller.

The tires are real light truck 4WD types to provide the best puncture protection and if you pay attention to the tips on how to reduce pressure on less than perfect surfaces, the trip should be trouble free.

Scania 124 400 / 8×4 / Manual…

If you are thinking of buying a Kimberley camper trailer, consider this one. A new KK will cost you between $35 and $60,000. If you are only likely to travel once a year for a week, two weeks, a month or even another couple of days, it doesn’t make sense to get cash.

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