Coconut Oil Australia Bulk

Coconut Oil Australia Bulk – Handcrafted from small coastal villages in the Solomon Islands, our DME® Extra Virgin Coconut Oil brings new life to the communities we support.

Can be delivered individually or in container loads in 200L, 1000L IBC (salt) drums with cooling pad. Contact us for pricing and more information.

Coconut Oil Australia Bulk

Locally grown organic coconuts are hand-pressed within an hour of opening using our exclusive DME® coconut press, then filtered three times for maximum purity.

Centrifuge Virgin Coconut Oil

Our proprietary DME® process takes less than an hour to transform selected mature coconuts into extra virgin coconut oil. This Australian technology is the fastest in the world and our quality controls lock in all the flavor and goodness. For Quality Assurance Coconut Pacific, creator of the Direct Micro Expelling (DME®) process, has proposed the DME Standard for your protection and the empowerment and advancement of the Islanders we work with. Additionally, the DME® process extracts coconut oil without the use of chemicals and is hexane-free.

From traditional tall palms to final packaging, all our production is verified with organic certification by NASAA, Australia’s leading certification body. Certified organic products display the certification number on all their labels. A product that does not display a certification number is not certified organic. (Our certificate number is 2611P). In addition to the absence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, the entire production process is traceable from the store directly to the farm where it was produced, providing you with the best protection and assurance of an organic product and engagement.

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Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance (FairTSA) 100% FairTSA Certified: Social Responsibility Standard for Agricultural Production, Processing and Sub Fair-Trade Sustainability Alliance NCO Certificate No. 8105P

We are passionate about using DME® links for direct marketing. We’ve been on the ground since 1994, working with remote coastal communities to help change the lives of thousands of people every day. 100% of proceeds from all proceeds go towards running our DME®VillageforlifeTM empowerment programs. Local economic life. Your purchase of this precious oil directly benefits our Pacific neighbors by creating better lives and helping to protect the environment. Your support will continue to support them as they build their economy. You can help us in this process by encouraging your local health food store to stock and promote our extra virgin coconut oil.

Bulk Coconut Oil 20 Lbs/ 10kg Pure Raw Unrefined Grade A

Cosmetic grade, certified organic, virgin coconut oil is still produced to the same DME standards and is designated as cosmetic grade. Coconut is great for making soap and more…

Handcrafted from small coastal villages in the Solomon Islands, our DME® Extra Virgin Coconut Oil brings new life to the communities we support. Blocks are…

Handcrafted from small coastal villages in the Solomon Islands, our DME® Extra Virgin Coconut Oil brings new life to the communities we support. 20L… Franklands Foods specializes in organic coconut products. Known for exceptional quality, single source, organic coconut oil and nutritional products, we are manufacturers and wholesalers of virgin coconut oil and other organic coconut products and health foods.

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Franklands Foods sells organic coconut oil to other food manufacturers and wholesalers throughout Australia. He has ten years of experience as a wholesaler in the coconut industry and has been working with international suppliers since 1995. With certified organic with GMP and HACCP certification you can be sure Franklands products are of the highest quality.

Organic Light Flavour Coconut Oil 20 Litres

Franklands Foods distributes their products Australia wide with best delivery across Australia. On the Australian side and with an Australian sales and distribution office in Melbourne, customers benefit from working directly with producers who have decades of experience in manufacturing and wholesaling organic coconut products. In addition, they have a local sales agent, availability and reliability that allows them to work quickly and easily.

If you are a wholesaler or food manufacturer looking for large orders or would like to connect with a private label supplier, please contact us or send us an inquiry online. We work with a variety of food manufacturing businesses across Australia and offer private label options.

Franklands Foods is one of the most trusted suppliers of organic coconut products in Australia and around the world. We ship Australia wide and have been serving the world in the coconut industry for over ten years. We have a large inventory with our regional distribution office and can ship large orders to customers within days.

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