Cleaning Services Award 2010 Pay Rates

Cleaning Services Award 2010 Pay Rates – Cleaning workers’ wages will continue to rise every year from 2023, for six years, as the government accepted proposals from a tripartite committee on cleaning workers’ wages yesterday.

From 2023 to 2028, the salaries of Singaporeans and cleaners at all job levels will increase every year. This will benefit about 40,000 cleaners in about 1,500 cleaning businesses in Singapore.

Cleaning Services Award 2010 Pay Rates

The first amendment in 2023 will see the salary of general and house cleaners increase by, for example, almost 20 percent from $1,312 next year to $1,570.

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The move aims to reduce the wage gap between cleaners and other workers. Under the previous update to the progressive wage model (PWM) in 2016 and 2018, cleaners will receive an annual wage increase of 3 percent from the previous year to the next year. .

The latest rebates are among the latest recommendations by the Tripartite Cleaners Cluster (TCC) following a new review of the model.

PWM, a standard that sets the minimum wage and training requirements for workers with different skill levels, in the cleaning sector by TCC in 2012. Since 2014, it has been a requirement for licensed cleaning companies.

The TCC – which is made up of representatives from the labor movement, companies, employers and the government – also recommended that cleaners be trained in workplace safety and health standards by the end of next year.

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This is to ensure their own safety while cleaning, especially due to the increased cleaning required due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Employers must also prepare candidates for one of the Core Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) modules identified by TCC for relevant job positions.

PWM training guidelines initially required all city cleaners to obtain a minimum of two WSQ certifications in the following year.

Ms Phyllis Lim, deputy director of the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) U Care Center, which supports low-wage workers, said in a press release yesterday that the class size has been reduced to comply with measures for the safety control of Covid. . -19.

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“The new arrangement is to give cleaning companies enough time to complete the required training… By the end of 2022, they will be able to send their cleaners (for the module).”

Another recommendation is that by 2025 cleaners in lower positions will complete one more module, while those in higher positions will complete two more modules.

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The list of WSQ training modules is being updated and will be updated periodically to ensure relevance, TCC said.

The Ministry of Manpower, the National Environment Agency, SkillsFuture Singapore and Workforce Singapore said in a joint statement yesterday that the recommendations “will bring significant wage growth and improve the skills of cleaners and develop cleaning workers in – good job”.

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NTUC secretary Ng Chee Meng said in a Facebook post: “I’m glad that most of us know the value of the work that our cleaners do… Sick or not, making “The lives of our workers are much better. We need wages.”

The cleaning industry has welcomed the update of the sector’s Progressive Wage Model (PWM) announced yesterday, saying that the move to increase wages is also a recognition of the efforts of workers and the risks taken.

The government adopted a proposal for a 6-year plan for salary adjustments made by a committee responsible for cleaning up wages. Its purpose is to reduce the income gap between cleaners and other workers.

This will allow about 40,000 cleaners in about 1,500 cleaning businesses in Singapore to see their wages increase every year for six years, starting in 2023.

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Mr Tony Chui, a member of the Tripartite Cleaners Cluster (TCC) and CEO of cleaning and environmental services firm BNL Services, said he was happy that frontline workers were being recognized as – clean up.

“They are taking more risks than most of us to clean up and ensure that the environment is safe for everyone,” he told reporters yesterday.

Ms Tan Wei Yin, chief operating officer at cleaning and environmental protection company LS 2 Services, told The Straits Times that her company’s aim is to provide more cleaners to us.

He said that until now the company’s customers have been aware of the efforts and dangers of cleaners during this pandemic. The two sides will work together to discuss their budgets and find the best way to address the rising costs of wage increases, he added.

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Mr Chooi also admitted that prices have increased for the cleaning industry. “That’s why we need a two-year runway until 2023 before these costs start, so we have time to pay for our future properly,” he said.

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“If the contracts are long-term, extending beyond 2023, we will have time to discuss with our customers to see how we can find a solution that is acceptable to everyone to pay debt increase,” said Mr Chooi, who is the chairman of the Singapore Environment Alliance.

Ms Chia Mui Noi, a general cleaner who joined LS 2 Services last year, leads the cleaning team at the junior college.

Cleaners are generally at the lowest end of the salary scale, although union leaders like Ms Chia at each pay level get an extra $100 a month.

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His primary responsibility is to oversee and monitor cleaning operations such as classrooms and cafeterias and cleaning of high-touch areas.

The 61-year-old said he was happy to hear about the pay rise, especially after he was demoted when he joined the company. She had been a hygienist – the highest rung on the ladder – at the hospital for about 10 years before starting her new role.

“The salary is low, but I want a change of company and direction. There is more work-life balance (in his new job),” he said, noting that the health risks are high when he work in a hospital, where working hours are also long.

NTUC assistant president Zainal Sapari, TCC president, said the six-year timeline for wage increases is to provide clarity for cleaning companies and service buyers to carefully review tender contracts.

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The settlement period “gives service providers and service buyers a solid understanding of the price and delivery of cleaning contracts that will be fair to all parties involved, including our cleaners,” he said.

“It’s based on salary negotiations, where we’ve made comparisons with what employees can get at competing companies.”

The implementation of the Progressive Wage Model (PWM) cannot be done quickly because the negotiations are not easy and the opinions of many other parties – such as employers, employees and service providers – must be taken into account. mind, Manpower Minister said yesterday Tan See Leng.

The model is a ladder that sets minimum wages and training requirements for workers with different skill levels in different fields.

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Dr Tan responded to criticism about the time it took to implement the model in some areas.

It usually takes three to four years from the identification of the department as the wage continues to be covered until the workers receive a wage increase.

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For example, for the cleaning sector, PWM was announced in 2012 and started work in 2014. The wages have increased since 2017.

On Monday, the government adopted a proposal from a third party on the number of cleaners, and the wages of cleaners will continue to increase every year from 2023, for six years.

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In the security sector, the government adopted a recommendation to implement PWM in 2014 and started work in 2016, increasing the wages from 2019.

In the local area, PWM was accepted in 2015 and implemented in 2016. The wages have increased compared to the previous year.

Speaking at a virtual discussion on PWM’s behind-the-scenes work, Dr Tan said the aim was to implement a payment system that would not only benefit the region but also be sustainable in the long term.

“Job losses” can be avoided in the long term if a quick and efficient process is used, “where we decide and move on,” he said, referring to ‘a situation where workers are fired when workers have to pay higher wages. wages.

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This may not necessarily achieve the desired long-term end result of PWM, which is to help workers acquire better skills and productivity and reduce income inequality, the minister added.

When asked, the ministry declined to comment on the use of the term “unemployment,” which has been used sparingly in the past.

During a press conference yesterday, NTUC secretary Ng Chee Meng also explained the weakness of the national minimum wage compared to PWM.

A minimum wage that is too high could create “unemployment” and job losses as workers are laid off if businesses cannot absorb the increased costs, Mr Ng said.

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“If you put it low, then it becomes a salary cap… even though PWM is an involved process that may take a little time, we continue to -do it to reduce the minimum wage gap.

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