Citroen Vans For Sale

Citroen Vans For Sale – Launched in 1996 and with more than 1.5 million produced to date, the iconic Citroën Berlingo now transitions into the third generation Citroën Berlingo Van. Introducing many new features, the New Berlingo Van sets a new standard in terms of styling, equipment and modular practicality. An ideal companion for all professionals.

Performance has been enhanced with the combination of the new lightweight EMP2 platform and the latest generation of low CO fuel efficient engines.

Citroen Vans For Sale

The New Berlingo is available with the latest Blue HDi diesel engine. It also comes with the latest generation EAT8 8-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, offering true driving pleasure over long distances as well as multiple daily commutes.

Citroen Hy Vans And Trucks For Sale

– Coherent front of the identity of the brand and its older brother, the Citroën Jumpy: high and low hood, large optics.

The new Citroën Berlingo filters all the demands of the road in all conditions. Its optimal driving comfort comes from its elevated driving position, suspension and sound insulation.

To make loading and unloading easier, regardless of where the vehicle is parked, the new Citroën Berlingo offers:

• One or two sliding side doors with an optimized opening width of 675 mm and a height of 1072 mm

Vans For Sale

Practicality is one of the keywords that guided the design of the New Citroën Berlingo. Designed to make work life easy, there’s plenty of smart storage for your everyday items, both large and small. Under the driver’s seat there is a practical storage compartment, a Top Box with plenty of space, a lower storage compartment, an overhead storage compartment, large door pockets and cup holders.

The history of the van at Citroën begins in the 20th century. The Berlingo comes from a long line that began in 1928 with the C4 van. In 1950 the famous 2CV minivan was presented, a 100% van version of the classic 2CV, which became a true cult model.

The real breakthrough came in the 1980s with a new offering: the Citroën C15, which achieved more than 1.18 million units built in 22 years.

Another great revolution at the end of the 20th century was the Berlingo! The first generation appeared in July 1996, defining the light van segment with a focus on design and comfort. Berlingo innovated with a specific silhouette and an integrated cockpit. Over time, the name became synonymous with the segment: “Our mission is to change the way consumers shop. Simple, convenient, timely and at the best price.”

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Used Citroen Berlingo Panel Van 1.6 Hdi 750 Lx L2 Lwb 6dr In Perth, Perthshire

***This is a new van and as such may be subject to a factory order. Our sales team will help you with the delivery date –

Very knowledgeable team, spoke to several gentlemen there. A chapter called Stuart was mainly discussed. He made the entire process quick and easy. This is my second purchase from Vanaways. return

I bought a van for a dog walker from Nathan and he was a total pro. I highly recommend Van Sales

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Citroen Berlingo Van 625 Enterprise L1 Hdi £6,450

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We have 3 different main sizes of Citroen Hi base vans: short wheelbase, medium and long wheelbase. Each model will be fully restored to meet your needs, road-ready, and can be painted and customized to your liking.

New Citroen Berlingo Enterprise 1000 M 100ps 2022

If you prefer to buy a Citroen Hwan that has not been restored and do the work yourself, you can, but in this case we recommend that you come and visit us to see our stock. We always keep a very good base for customers who just want the van as it is.

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Watch our video to better understand how it works. Below you will find a more detailed explanation of our pricing structure and the exact dimensions of the vehicles, as well as images of some of the vehicles in stock.

If you like the look of a Citroen van and don’t need it to be a rolling vehicle, we have a solution to save you some money!

Most suppliers will only offer the engine, but what’s the point of paying for the engine if the car never runs?

Citroën Camper Van For Sale Is The Cutest Little Thing

Thinking about the needs of our customers, we came up with a brilliant solution; We will sell you a Citroen Hy van without an engine and instead you will have an additional storage unit built in and even better… you will save money! Yes, a static Citroen H Van is £3000 less than a running one… isn’t that great?

The Static HY Van will be degreased, front and rear tow points installed, tire mounts attached with stabilizers, and fitted with seats, windows, fenders, etc. The only thing that will change is the engine.

If you ever want to start your vehicle, we can put the engine back together and you’ll be ready to hit the road. Are you interested? Get in touch for more information. To advertise your Citroen H van for sale, spare parts or Citroen H parts, for free, simply send an ad to: [email protected]

Check out the H VAN buyers guide designed to save you thousands and our other pages on the famous H VANs, how to build your own catering hatch, H VAN transport equipment, technical information, dimensions and weights for towing, how to register a van imported, seat belts and H-law for a van, etc.

New Citroen Relay L3 140ps Bluehdi Low Loader Lwb 2022

An ideal base for Atlantic Hy to build a restored six wheel drive van with a reliable and powerful Ford engine transplant.

An additional rear axle will greatly increase cargo capacity, add stability and another set of brakes will also make a big difference in stopping ability.

Ready to use, has a full 12 month MOT, is UK registered and has been used for the last 11 years or more.

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We always keep it and spend on it when we needed it, it usually passes the MOT, but every few years (as with any car this age), we had to spend some money – I have a folder full of paperwork!

New Citroen Berlingo Driver L1 1000 M 130ps Bluehdi Automatic Swb 2022

The bodywork is quite original with some nice restorations and is a bit rough and rusty in places as you can see. We have done several jobs over the years.

Mileage – We think we bought around 70,000 km. Once upon a time there was a round clock. Now it shows 6000 km.

Because this is a loose caravan conversion. There is no refrigerator, or the disadvantages of the modification. There is a cigarette lighter that we had installed to charge our phones or a cooler etc.

It was originally a French EDF van, we believe it was built in the Paris factory and was hot. It was then converted (has a SAPA conversion tag on the back) into a bread van and has an operable side opening. The spiral side opens completely like a tent.

Retro Citroen Type H Bodied Relay Van On Sale Next Week

The Piggy Sweets van has been used for the last 2 years as an ‘old style’ mobile sweets shop at markets, fairs and private events in Essex, Herts and Suffolk.

Sold complete with scales, supplies etc but can easily be converted into a hot food catering van, coffee van etc.

Studebaker 1955 Windshield Wanted, Wraparound model circa 1955.

A very nice rare model: it arrived from the Pyrenees 2 years ago and had an owner since new! It has 2 hatches and the “boyfriends” door (which also has a drop-down counter) is taller than the standard model.

Citroen Berlingo Review

The interior was professionally remodeled by Towability; Stainless steel countertops, wall and wall food containers, spotlights, 2 sinks, water heater, 2 refrigerators, sliding floor, lock and electrical outlets, 5* food hygiene mark. Mechanically reliable, fully serviced last year and comes with a new ITV as

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