Citroen Hy Vans For Sale

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Citroen Hy Vans For Sale

A perfect base for Atlantic Hy to create a six-wheel drive van with a reliable and powerful Ford engine.

What Is A Citroen H Van Like To Drive?

An additional rear axle can provide a significant increase in load capacity, more stability and another set of brakes can also make a big difference in stopping power.

It is ready to use, has a full 12 month MOT, is UK registered and has been used for over 11 years.

We have always serviced it and used it whenever needed, it has usually passed its MOT but every few years (like any car this age) we have to spend money on it – I have a record with many papers!

The bodywork actually has a sympathetic restoration and is somewhat rusted and rusted in places that you can see. We have done different jobs over the years.

Vintage Delivery Truck

Mileage – We think it was showing about 70,000 miles when we bought it. It is already night and day. Now it shows 6000 km.

Since this is a loose change of camp. No fridge or mod cons. There is a cigarette lighter socket that we installed to charge phones or a cooler etc.

It was originally an EDF van from France, we believe it was made in the Paris factory and was tempered. It was later converted (with a SAPA conversion label on the back) to a bread van and has a working opening. The spiral side opens completely like a shop.

The Piggy Sweets van has been used for 2 years as a ‘hero’ confectionery at markets, fairs and private events in Essex, Herts and Suffolk.

Car Citroën Typ Hy 72a Camper 1965 For Sale

Sold as a complete set with scale, stock etc but can easily be converted to use as a food van, coffee van etc.

Wanted 1955 Studebaker air conditioner, Wraparound model circa 1955.

A very nice rare example – arrived from the Pyrenees 2 years ago and has had one owner too! It has 2 hatches and a “grooms” door (with a folding counter) that is higher than the standard model.

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The interior has been professionally converted by Towability; stainless steel appliances, wall-mounted food containers, spotlights, 2 sinks, water heater, 2 refrigerators, non-slip floor, electrical connections and outlets, 5* cleanliness rating of food. Mechanically reliable, fully serviced last year and will be given a new inspection at the end of June.

Chinese Reproduction Of An H Van

New leather seats. New tires. Finish by re-spraying with RAL paint. Fire extinguishers, water tanks and all the power cords you’ll need to connect up to 16/32 amps and a standard socket are included. It has traveled less than 26,000 km and the engine displacement is less than two liters.

I have a website and referral sites if you want to keep the business name.

All ready to start your business right away! Please contact me for more details – I can send more detailed photos.

From the Baker of Le Quillie, Loudéac. Hetty traveled across the Midlands to come to us here in Kent and during that time she did some work. He now has £23,000 to refurbish and the interior is superb, fitted to a very high standard for restoration.

For Sale: Citroën Hy (1977) Offered For Gbp 34,466

A Franklin Group Espresso machine that runs on gas or electric, two Krampouz crepe machines, professionally installed under counter refrigerators and a full inch “Childhood Ice Cream Van” freezer. Hetty also has two small sinks, stainless steel sinks and other appliances. There is also a wooden counter that we use for Hetty’s back doors, which has proven useful for displaying cakes or as a separate counter.

Included: Urn, soup pot, variety of takeaway cups, boxes, handles, slates, crepe maker tools and outdoor chairs and tables.

I have owned and used this van for 9 years, it is in excellent condition, the body has never been burned and never needs to be. The car was kept in a warm and tidy garage! The model was built 9 years ago at a professional body shop and has received many compliments on its appearance and condition.

The van has been fitted out as a traditional vanity with interior fittings designed and built by Olympia Carpentry, all shelves and counters are ash covered with contrasting countertops and designed to have the look of old.

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For Sale Citroen Hy Camper 5 Posti

The van has shelves to hold more than 60 candy jars with hidden lights, a large fudge counter with a display case and LED lighting, a cotton candy machine with a separate inscribed glass. There is plenty of counter display space, hanging space and plenty of storage cupboards. The service window has 2 large sliding windows that can be removed if needed.

There is a Honda 2.0i generator located in the rear compartment, there is a 12 volt leisure battery with a light charger. There is a rear view camera with a 7 inch display in the cabin.

The van will be sold with all items specified and offers work events in Kent if required. The van will undergo maintenance and a new technical inspection before being sold.

Full list of all completed works – if you’re really interested, contact me and I’ll give you all the details (and some photos)

Citroen Hy Vans

UK registered, LHD, MOT until June 2016, tax free. Reclassified by the DVLA as a ‘Motor Caravan’ with 4 seats.

The restoration of this van is written by Karan Camper and is probably the most famous Citroën HY Van Fire Engine Camper in the world.

This short wheelbase van has been converted to high standards by a well-known UK kitchen conversion company. It has been operating as a falafel van around London for the past 10 months. Appliances include: bain marie, griddle, two basket fryer, large upright fridge, hot water boiler, sink with cold running water, salad bowls, oak counter tops.

Reluctantly selling due to a new job offer I couldn’t refuse. This car is in excellent condition with very low mileage. It comes with all the documents and has passed its technical inspection one month ago.

Citroën Camper Van For Sale Is The Cutest Little Thing

The van was restored in 2013, the engine and body are intact, recent MOT (just needs a new tire and driveshaft boots), the engine runs well, starts well, and the carburettor has just been dismantled and professionally cleaned. It has also been zero-rated since April.

The van is designed as a completely self-contained unit, it can be operated either plug-in or independently using gas and battery – this means it can be operated quietly perfect for weddings and parties. There is a two-head Fracinocoffee machine with electric or gas heating (tanks on board), coffee grinder, knock box, urn (for tea and americano), inverter, sinks, water tank on board, water filling equipment, waste water. tank, stainless steel interior with storage, rear sugar rack (keeps customers moving so you can increase circulation), built-in electric refrigerator, lighting LED, custom cake stand (also quick to set up and provide excellent display/space capability), full cover for the van when not in use (this is a breathable, form fitting cover and it’s done professionally.) The van is labeled with large banners hanging from the services and shelves in the back – people notice them from afar while waiting for the real coffee. .”

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This late 1972 van is in good mechanical condition, engine serviced, new radiator, brakes and shoes, fluids replaced, fuel tank, tires and a new stainless steel exhaust system with and a long WORD.

Fully restored by a French enthusiast using only original Citroën parts. Fiberglass installed in the back to keep the equipment cool with a door that goes directly into the cabinet section. Comes with all papers and original Citroën manuals. It is still used to visit ancient and ancient gatherings in the south-west of France. Delivery from France is available.

Beautiful Brown Citroen Hy Van

This is our beautiful, professionally restored 1981 Citroen HY van in excellent condition. He is ready and eager for next season.

Comes with Fracino 2 group head coffee machine (gas / electric), Fracino grinder, under counter fridge, oven, double sink, Burco boiler, storage. It is divided into 5 * and has wooden tops. There is a cabin door and service shelf that can be removed at the rear, which fits the rear doors if required. Fill up with 2 large gas bottles accessible from the outside sliding door. All equipment is new and benefits from standard warranties.

It cost over £41,000 for the van to be professionally restored and refurbished, which was completed in November 2014. Only used 4 times! There have been

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