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Cheap Jeep Grand Cherokee – While most SUVs were still built with a body on frame, the Grand Cherokee used a unibody chassis from the start.

The Grand Cherokee’s origins date back to 1983, when American Motors Corporation (AMC) was developing a successor to the smaller Jeep Cherokee (XJ).

Cheap Jeep Grand Cherokee

Three outside (non-AMC) designers—Larry Shinoda, Alain Clet, and Giorgetto Giugiaro—were also contracted by AMC to design and manufacture a clay model of the replacement Cherokee XJ, known as the “XJC” project.

Jeep® Grand Cherokee

However, the main design of the Cherokee replacement was developed by AMC’s in-house designers, and in 1989 The Jeep Concept 1 show car foreshadowed the basic design.

When in 1985 As AMC began developing the next Jeep, management developed a business process that is now known as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

According to François Castaing, vice president of engineering and product development, the smallest US automaker was looking for a way to speed up the product development process to better compete with larger rivals.

XJC’s development was aided by computer-aided design (CAD) software systems, making engineers more productive. Meanwhile, new communication systems made it possible to resolve potential conflicts more quickly, thus reducing costly engineering changes because all drawings and documents were in a central database.

The Old Jeep Grand Cherokee Is Still Being Sold Alongside The New One

The system was so effective that after 1987 When Chrysler acquired AMC, it expanded the system across the lineup, bringing together everyone involved in product design and manufacturing.

Thus, the Grand Cherokee became the first Jeep product to bear the Chrysler emblem. Work on the new Jeep model continued, and Chrysler (which had acquired AMC in 1987) looked forward to a release date in the late 1980s; However, CEO Lee Iacocca sought to redesign Chrysler’s minivans, so the Grand Cherokee was delayed until 1992. the end

As a competitor to the Explorer. Unlike the Explorer, the Grand Cherokee used a unibody construction, while the Explorer was a separate body-on-frame derivative of the Ranger pickup. The Dodge-branded version was created as a precaution in case Jeep dealers were faced with so many Grand Cherokee units.

The Grand Cherokee debuted in 1992. At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. The vehicle driven was a Poppy Red Clear Coat 1993 Grand Cherokee ZJ Laredo with quartz cloth and tall rear seats. Chrysler Chairman Robert Lutz led Detroit Mayor Coleman Young from the Jefferson North Assembly plant on North Jefferson Avenue in a police escort to Cobo Hall, up the steps of Cobo Hall and showed off the new vehicle through a glass window.

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Shortly thereafter, the Grand Cherokee went into production at the purpose-built Jefferson North Assembly Facility in Detroit, Michigan. European Grand Cherokees are manufactured in Austria by Magna Steyr.

The Grand Cherokee “has played a significant role in reviving Chrysler’s fortunes, moving it into the second most profitable SUV market.”

At launch, it was the first mass production car in the US to use HFC-134a refrigerant in the HVAC system instead of HCFC-12.

The original Grand Cherokee was introduced in 1992. as in 1993 a vehicle model in the luxury SUV segment. Produced from 1992 to 1998, ZJ models originally came in three trim levels: base (also known as SE), Laredo, and Limited, later variants were added including Orvis (MY 95-98), TSI (MY97 –). 98). 98). The base model included features such as full instruments, cloth interior, and a standard five-speed manual transmission, and earned the “SE” designation for the 1994 model year. The minimal price difference resulted in low consumer demand, so the low-end model was discontinued. Additional standard features include a driver-side airbag and four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS). The Laredo was a midsize model with standard equipment including power windows, power door locks, cruise control and a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Exterior features include medium gray plastic underbody panels and five-spoke alloy wheels. The Limited model was the premium model with body colored lower panels and gold exterior accents. The Limited also gained standard features such as leather seats, heated mirrors, power front seats, keyless entry, wood interior trim, lace-style alloy wheels, driver information display with compass, digital climate control, electrochromic rearview mirror and Js brand. stereo with multi-band equalizer. Until 1996 the options list expanded to include heated seats. The 4.0 was standard, and the 5.2 V8 (and 5.9 for 1998) was optional, like other models. Package groups with different equipment levels included: fog lights, skid plates, as well as structure, lighting, luxury, power, protection and towing packages.

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When it was first introduced in 1992. in April as in 1993 As an entry-level model, the Grand Cherokee had only one powertrain option: an AMC-sourced 4.0-liter inline-six that produced 190 horsepower. It became the “volume” engine of the Grand Cherokee. Transmission options included a four-speed automatic (early production ZJs used the AW4 – the A500SE (later 42RE) replaced the AW4 in the second half of 1993) or an Aisin AX15 manual gearbox. Due to low demand for the manual transmission, it was discontinued after 1994, but European-market ZJs combined it with a diesel engine (which was not available in North America). Powertrain was either rear or four-wheel drive. in 1995 engine output dropped 5 horsepower to 185 due to new EPA regulations for the 1996 model year.

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In 1997, the 5.9 Limited variant of the top-of-the-line Grand Cherokee Limited was introduced for the 1998 model year. Jeep’s ads claim it’s the “world’s fastest SUV” as verified by third-party testing. Key upgrades to the 5.9 Limited included a 245-horsepower 5.9L V8 OHV engine, powerful 46RE automatic transmission, functional heat-extracting hood louvers, unique wide-cut body-color grille with mesh inserts, special rocker moldings, low. – a three-inch exhaust restrictor with chrome tips, a low-profile roof rack and special 16-inch Ultra-Star wheels. The 5.9 Limited model also received a 150-amp alternator and a 2-stage electric cooling fan. Other features include a standard 180-in. – 10-speaker Infinity Gold sound system with rear-mounted soundbar, standard sunroof, and soft leather trim with faux wood trim. The 5.9 Limited model was awarded “4×4 of the Year”. Peters 4-Wheel & Off-Road Magazine 1998. 14,286 of this model were produced.

In 1998 released in September, the redesigned WJ 1999 Grand Cherokee shared only 127 parts with its (mostly faster) predecessor. The European model was marked with the WG code. The spare tire was moved from the side of the trunk to under the floor. (Like the 1998 ZJ, the rear tailgate opened separately.) The heavy twin-rod V8 was replaced by an all-new Chrysler PowerTech. The new V8 produced less torque than the old pushrods, but was lighter, more fuel efficient, and showed similar performance numbers on the road (the 23-gallon fuel tank was replaced with a 20.5-gallon one). The inline-six engine was also updated. A redesigned intake manifold added 10 horsepower (7.5 kW). While other Jeep vehicles used Mopar’s 5×4.5 bolt circle, this was the first Jeep since the Chrysler acquisition in 1987 to receive a wider 5×5 bolt pattern.

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A notable feature of this generation was the automatic four-wheel drive called Quadra-Drive, which used the new Vture Gear NV247 transfer case. This two-speed chain transfer case uses a gerotor, a clutch unit connected to a hydraulic pump to transfer torque between the front and rear axles. The transfer case has three modes: 4-All Time, Neutral and 4-Lo. 4-All Time puts 100% of the torque on the rear axle under normal conditions. If the rear axle begins to spin faster than the front, hydraulic pressure builds up in the gerotor, causing the clutch unit to gradually transfer torque to the front axle until both axles return to the same speed. Neutral mode is provided for towing the vehicle. On 4-Lo models, the front and rear axles are locked together using a 2.72 gear ratio. The NV247 distributor is mated to the front and rear axles, which feature Jeep Vari-Lok differentials. Vari-Lok differentials also use a gerotor to transfer torque between the wheels on either side of the axle. The main advantage of the Quadra-Drive was that the combined transfer case and progressive locking differentials on each axle could automatically control the traction between all four wheels. However, only the differential cter and only 4Lo could be permanently locked. The Quadra-Trac II system included an NV247 transfer case with standard operating front and rear differentials.

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The 45RFE and 545RFE automatic transmission WJ was notable. It has three sets of planetary gears instead of the two normally used in a four-speed automatic transmission. This gave it a theoretical six gears and would have been the first six-speed transmission ever produced in volume, but it was only programmed to use five of those gears. Four were used for progressive upshifts and the second for downshifts. Although five of the six ratios were used, Chrysler decided

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