Cheap Fares To Melbourne From Auckland

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Looking for cheap flights from Melbourne to Auckland? Use the deal finder to help you compare flights, carriers and seats throughout the year. You are sure to find the right flight that suits your budget, plans and travel preferences.

Cheap Fares To Melbourne From Auckland

* Prices on this page are subject to change without notice. Find live quotes. Price includes taxes and airline surcharges. Airfare per booking: Service charges: Domestic $21.95, NZ/Pacific $24.95, International $32.95. Reserve Price Guarantee: Domestic $12.95, NZ/Pacific $14.95, International $21.95. Payment fees are included in the price breakdown on the checkout page after selecting a payment method.

Shocking Price Difference: Flights Booked In Nz Versus Overseas

Melbourne Airport (MEL) (also known as Tullamarine Airport) is one of Australia’s busiest airports. The airport has 4 terminals, 3 of which serve domestic, various airlines. International flights from Melbourne to Auckland depart from Terminal 2.

To get to Melbourne Airport from the CBD, it’s easy to take a public bus; Routes 478, 479, 482 and 901 pass the transit hub and pass through Terminal 4.

Alternatively, taxis and ride-sharing services can take you to the T4 transport hub area or Departures Drive. A one-way fare will set you back around AUD 55-65, depending on traffic.

Need to drive to Melbourne Airport for your flight from Melbourne to Auckland? There are different parking options for different vacations and budgets:

Are There Any Flights From Auckland To Melbourne

After landing safely from Melbourne to Auckland, you will arrive at the international terminal equipped with everything you need; Duty free shopping, restaurants, free WiFi, ATMs, travel services and more.

Auckland Airport (AKL) is New Zealand’s largest airport, with a wide range of transport options to suit all preferences. The airport has a 24/7 shuttle service called SkyBus, which will take you to the city center for around NZD 18. Alternatively, you can take a public bus into the city.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi cab outside the terminal; A taxi to the CBD costs approximately NZD 38.

Interested in getting your own set of wheels? Rent your car from Auckland Airport and explore Auckland in comfort and convenience.

We Are Back! Painting The Skies Red Airasia’s Biggest Ever Free Seats* Sale Launches Today 5 Million Free Seats* Up For Grabs As All Airlines Flying High Once Again — Airasia Newsroom

Auckland is one of the best New Zealand has to offer in terms of natural beauty, activities and wildlife. A unique and exotic place to visit, Auckland has something for everyone: beautiful beaches, green hills, dormant volcanic cones and pristine islands.

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Direct flights from Melbourne to Auckland will land you in New Zealand’s largest metropolis in 3 hours and 35 minutes. There are usually 5 flights per day from Melbourne to Auckland; Book your trip at the lowest price and fly with Qantas, Air New Zealand or Virgin Australia.

With, you can choose to combine cheap flights from Melbourne to Auckland with a hotel with a complete holiday package and save even more! Use the deal finder to book your accommodation in Auckland.

International travel has changed due to the evolving situation with COVID-19. Before taking a flight from Melbourne to Auckland, it’s important to know if there are any international travel restrictions, additional quarantine requirements or airline regulations.

Demand Far Outstretching Supply’: Most Flights To Australia Sold Out In May

Learn about the country’s rich Maori and Polynesian history at Auckland Museum. Located a short distance from the Auckland Art Gallery and set against the backdrop of the Auckland Domain, it’s a great place to learn what New Zealand is all about!

Waiheke has been named the world’s best destination to visit in 2016 by Lonely Planet. If that doesn’t make you want to book Melbourne-Auckland return flights right away, we don’t know what will.

Auckland’s oldest park is located in the heart of the city. The lush green belt is full of things to do. Whether you’re in the mood for a long walk through the trees, a coffee at the Wintergarden Cafe, or a game at the ASB tennis courts, you’ll find something to do in this natural paradise. Depending on the route, the big green wonder can be seen on some flights from Melbourne to Auckland.

It’s a great place to catch your breath while taking in the sights, spotting street performers and public art. It’s right next to Queen Street, so you can easily stop in during a day of exploring Auckland. If you are on one of the first flights from Melbourne to Auckland, you can take a train from Auckland Airport (AKL) to Aotea Square Station.

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Cheap Flights From Kuala Lumpur To Auckland

Compare and book flights to find the best deal on a flight that suits your needs and budget. It compares a range of flights from major airlines, allowing you to mix and match flights to get the best price. It’s Australian-owned, secure, offers a wide range of payment options including AfterPay and has award-winning customer service. I have always wanted to fly Air New Zealand. This wish goes back years when I saw NZ 1 at LAX on my way back from London. It was 747 in those days. Today the 747 is long gone and has been replaced by the 777. Recently Air New Zealand has fixed the new 787-9. Could it be this photo that piqued my interest?

Only 3 gateway cities in North America; Combined with the expensive prize stock in Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles, the task seemed hopeless. So I took the opportunity to test their business class product on the new 777-300 and 787-9 on some regional flights across the Tasman Sea. Did it live up to expectations or did I fail?

The Air New Zealand website offers the best fares to NZ from this experience. It was interesting how well the rates matched. I originally booked a first class economy seat to try out their popular now discontinued O class seats. However, I scoured the website for business class fares and sure enough, the J fare for one day was only $50 more. You can book online without paying a change fee.

My first task after arriving on an overnight flight was to take a shower. The Air New Zealand lounge is undergoing refurbishment so the facilities will not become them. There is only one bathroom accessible to the clubhouse, with a shower and sink, but no toilet. The only amenities were shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, but only a razor and a few towels.

Places To Visit & Discover In Sydney With Air Nz

Feeling refreshed and after a disappointing SQ breakfast it was time for some food. A look at the living room.

Wi-Fi worked in the living room, so everything was fine. I used the time to complain about new security issues and my account being locked with their card while I was abroad.

Yes, the cabin is fantastic. But this is a high note and from here on things freeze up a bit. we will see

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Seats 1A. If you’re a window sitter, you may want to see a chiropractor to loosen up before you board.

Where Can I Fly?

The seat itself is really comfortable. The problem is that it’s called a slum class because you’re in a slum.

This is your ottoman for your little feet. There is a storage area underneath for something smaller.

1A has the drinks tray on the left side, which is not accessible using the left hand.

By deftly using your right hand, you can drink from the supplied water bottle, plug in headphones, pull out the audio control or eject the disc.

Ways To Buy Cheap Airline Tickets

As you can see from some of these photos, the materials used to make these pods are of high quality. There were many chips, scratches and scuffs on the pods.

After all the wisecracks and whistles the seat itself is comfortable for a few hours of flying. Yes it was limited, but the seating comfort was good. The problem is that you see the person across the hall.

As a tribute to the person sitting there, I took this picture as soon as I got up. This is your vision.

If you want to sit in that front seat, scramble your feet down the aisle where flight attendants constantly enter the cabin, looking at you but not looking at you. The ottoman is about halfway down the aisle. (Amazed that safety regulators allow this).

Cheap Flights From Auckland To Sydney In 2022

One of the highlights of this trip was the flight attendant who took care of me. His name was Paul and he was a pleasure to be around. Friendly, talkative and alert, he was brilliant.

I asked if I could see what the bed looked like. These seats must be flipped to convert into a bed. He agreed and prepared to show the seat belt sign

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