Cathay Pacific Melbourne Office

Cathay Pacific Melbourne Office – Have you ever wondered how much better they feel at the pointy end of the machine? Or maybe the difference is not so big yet? We decided to investigate the situation on Cathay Pacific’s flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong and reviewed their Economy and Business Class service.

We booked our tickets at frequent flyer points. 35,000 Qantas points for my economy flight and 45,000 Asia Miles for hubby’s business seat (guess who drew the short straw). Airport fees were the same for both tickets – around AUD$170.

Cathay Pacific Melbourne Office

One of the most exciting things about the CX134 flight for us is that Cathay uses the Airbus A350. We’ve only flown the A350 once, with Qatar Airways in Business Class, and loved it, so we hoped it would be the same for the Cathay A350.

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The plane arrived late in Melbourne and our flight sustained this delay. The scheduled departure at 7:35 a.m. was at 8:05 a.m. We were scheduled to land in Hong Kong at 15:10 and although we made time in flight, a storm forced us into a holding pattern over Hong Kong and landed at 15:31.

As an award ticket, neither Qantas nor Cathay allowed me to select my seat in advance. I had to pray to the seat gods that I wasn’t stuck in a middle seat somewhere. The prayers were answered and not only did I get the aisle seat, but the middle seat was also empty. This means more space for personal items and legs. The upper storage compartment above the middle row is quite high up. I’m not small (170cm) and I still had to stand on my tiptoes to load my things or reach into my backpack during the flight. The little stewardesses had to climb into the seats to close the overhead locks.

Breakfast was served one hour after the start. I go for a frittata with baked beans, bacon and mushrooms, served with yogurt and fruit. It was a very good breakfast and I definitely didn’t feel bad about the economy.

This was followed by a film screening with BYO cheese snacks and beer. When I asked for a beer right after breakfast, I was told that they would start serving alcohol in about two hours, but just 30 minutes later a nice attendant brought me a nice cold beer.

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Cathay Pacific Airways

During the flight we were given a drink (there were spirits, I ordered red wine) and a small packet of nuts. After about 1 hour, lunch will follow. And again it was a decent meal. My meal consisted of beef goulash with mashed potatoes, roll, cold pasta salad and chocolate. For dessert I got some wines and Movenpick ice cream (they only had strawberry flavor). After collecting the tables, the crew went around offering tea, coffee and water. I ran out of wine so I got more (glass 4 already) to continue. I said no to the next one when the crew noticed my empty glass and hurried to refill it. Cathay Pacific certainly doesn’t hold back the wine.

The seat is good, but nothing to write home about. It wasn’t as comfortable as Qatar’s economy seats on the A380 and there wasn’t much storage space – I was happy to have the spare seat in the middle, which made it much more comfortable to spread things out.

The screen is smaller than I expected and does not tilt enough. When the person in front of me backed away, I couldn’t see anything on the screen. The included headphones are bad – the sound is very low and you can barely hear dialogue, but if there is music or loud noises in a movie, everyone can hear them. I used Hubby’s noise canceling Bose headphones for most of the flight. Fun tip: You can skip all ads. There are about 7 minutes of commercials before each movie and you can skip them by moving the time slider.

It was a very unfortunate flight. Comfortable and smooth (just a bit of turbulence over Indonesia and the Philippines as usual). Good food and one of the most attentive teams I have ever seen.

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The only thing that was inconvenient was that one of the toilets was not working, causing long lines for the other two closest to me.

As far as economy flights go, this was very pleasant and seemed like a very good value for money and points.

The Business Class breakfast menu was extensive, with smoothies, yogurt and fresh fruit as starters, followed by larger meals. I chose an Asian breakfast with fried egg noodles and grilled pork. It was very good, as expected from an Asian airline.

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I definitely prefer on-demand dining (which Cathay introduced soon, but later apparently canceled?). Literally 10 seconds later I woke up to be greeted by a member of staff wanting to set my table while I was still in bed…it felt a bit invasive.

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Still, lunch was a hit for me. I enjoyed the whiskey marinated salmon, but the grilled lamb chops were tough and chewy. You don’t really want to order a piece of meat on the plane.

The wines and champagne were very good though. Piper-Heidsieck Brut Cuvee Champagne is a classic, you can’t go wrong. I especially got the Ch√Ęteau Canon Montsegur Gaspard Castillon 2015, which went well with the food, especially the cheeses.

Cathay Pacific’s A350 business seat can be used as office space. While I was working a lot, I managed to get an hour’s sleep in a full flat bed that the seat converts into. The seats in the business sections are arranged in a 1-2-1 layout, so that all passengers have direct access to the aisle. It provides a sense of privacy and many practical storage options.

However, I preferred the Qatari A350 windows – they are more elegant than the typical pull-down blinds and nicer to use with the push of the up and down buttons.

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Instead of having fun, I worked on the laptop. The desk was big enough to be comfortable and the powerpoint was neatly hidden in the cupboard by the window.

The crew was friendly enough but firm and it felt like they were constantly rushing. Overall, while doing their job, they were efficient and I can’t fault them.

I really felt that the A350 was quieter compared to other planes, which is important for long-haul flights.

Since the price is the same with us, the difference between the frequent flyer points is small, of course I would choose the top end every day. But if we paid the full price of the ticket (which would be $662 vs. $3020 at a random time), the answer would not be the same.

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Economy class was very comfortable, the food was good (we got the same ice cream as business class, although there are 2 flavors to choose from) and the entertainment was extensive enough to keep people occupied for more than 9 hours. I wouldn’t say the comfort of a lie-flat seat on a one-day flight is worth the extra ~$2350 (anyone tried premium economy on the same flight? Would love to hear your thoughts).

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A Melbourne native of Polish descent. Photographer, avid traveler and wife. Founder of Summer Thyme Co ( Coffee addict, aviation enthusiast, cat and alpaca lover, pack geek. Very OCD about routes and ready to start any road trip 2 minutes in advance.

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Cathay Pacific’s wings span the globe, flying to around 40 destinations in 20 countries from its Hong Kong hub. After a few turbulent years, the five-star airline is ready to regain its place among the best airlines in the world.

Cathay Pacific First Class Jfk Hkg: 15.5 Hours Of Bliss

With solid business class service, fully flat beds on all long-haul flights, not to mention comfortable regional business class seats on short-haul intra-Asia flights, here’s what you need to know about Cathay Pacific’s 2022 business class flight.

Business Class is Cathay Pacific’s second highest level of service, second only to First Class. However, first class is limited to a relatively small number of busiest routes on Cathay Pacific’s flagship Boeing 777-300ER jet.

Almost all Cathay Pacific flights include modern shops

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