Carseldine Wreckers Beams Road

Carseldine Wreckers Beams Road – The crossing project on the Korot road will reduce congestion and solve safety problems. The current level crossing of the beam track will be replaced by a flyover to separate the track from the track.

Beams Road is a major local road connecting communities in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. Today it experiences a significant load at the railway level crossing, especially during peak hours.

Carseldine Wreckers Beams Road

The Beams Road level crossing project will require upgrading the existing Carseldine station at Park ‘n’ Ray (Beams Road).

Carseldine Buyers’ Agent’s Guide

To expedite the works, the upgrade of the existing Carseldine Park ‘n’ ride station (Beams Road) has commenced. The works will include the construction of the new access from Bálcara Avenue, in order to minimize disruption to car parks and travel customers when construction of the bridge begins in 2023.

The Queensland Government has committed $119.33 million to this project. The Australian Government committed $50 million to this project in October 2020. Brisbane City Council committed $40 million to this project.

The business case was completed in late 2021. It was developed with input from Queensland Rail and Brisbane City Council.

In September and October 2020, a community consultation was held on the proposed planning for the bridge project. More than 150 comments were received from individuals, companies and organizations.

Bedroom Villa @ St Vincent’s Care, Carseldine Qld

Thanks to everyone who participated in the participation process and provided feedback. Community and stakeholder feedback was used to shape the final design. Read the query summary for more information.

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Brisbane City Council plans to upgrade Beams Road between Lacey Road (in Carlesdeen and Fitzgibbon) and Handford Road (in Taygum and Zylmere). The improvement will improve the safety of all road users and the efficiency of the road corridor. The upgrade will also improve pedestrian and cycle facilities and connectivity.

We are committed to meeting the Queensland Government’s sustainability policy and objectives and to continuously improve design and construction practices to achieve net positive impacts.

Throughout the planning and construction of this improvement, and in accordance with the project’s infrastructure sustainability strategy, we:

Rail Overpass Design

Concept design – subject to change. The Queensland Government is funding the upgrade of existing park ‘n’ ride facilities.

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