Cardboard Counter Display Boxes Uk

Cardboard Counter Display Boxes Uk – Our standard or table top cardboard 4-layer display stands are ideal for displaying multiple products. With a horizontal base and sturdy construction, the rack can handle products up to 2″ (50mm) thick and 18″ (457mm) wide.

The only limitations are tall, thin and heavy items such as picture frames over 8″ (200mm) tall. The heaviest of these tend to push the shelf back unless it is against a wall.

Cardboard Counter Display Boxes Uk

The rise between the layers is 46mm (1.8″), which represents 46mm of the surface of the product placed on the first three levels.

Custom Cardboard Counter Displays

The first layer has a front lip of 52mm (2″), hiding 52mm from the bottom of the product, while the other layers have a lip of 38mm (1.5″).

We are often asked about branding – it is possible, but the cost and methods vary greatly depending on the amount required. Please contact us for quantities and requirements and we will provide an estimate, or call us for advice.

Access: The rooms are arranged (you can almost see the screen above).

Flat Packed:  Comes flat packed with assembly instructions. As with all things collected, assembly is easy for some people, not so easy for others. We recommend that you watch the installation video below before purchasing and before assembling. In our experience, people who do this usually have no problems. If you’re not comfortable or just want a couple of shelves, why not order pre-assembled.

Shop Counter With Storage

Flat Panels and Individual Boxes: These are still packed flat but each in its own box, usually for the sellers to deliver to their customers.

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Once the boxes are assembled, they are designed to stay that way – there are a lot of locking tabs in the process, and trying to readjust the rack will shorten its lifespan.

The trays are made from regular cardboard, which is approximately 75% recycled, and the trays can be recycled at the end of their life, making them more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. ? We custom build cardboard counter top display units (CDUs) for this very reason.

Do you need to increase the sales of certain goods or products during Easter or Christmas? Or a new POS product?

Printed Counter Display Boxes Wholesale

Cardboard displays such as e-cigarette tiered display units, CDUs or FSDUs (free standing) are the best way to encourage purchases and show your brand regularly in the point of sale.

Our design team will be happy to help you design and develop a counter top display unit to suit your needs.

Call us on 01246 561506 to start the exciting process of getting your own property to sell or request a free sample of the many CDU projects we have completed.

As shown in some of the pictures below, premium display units make your products look good in long rows and are suitable as overhead display units, making a perfect use of space.

Buy Cardboard Displays Tel: 01929422762

More creative and innovative than a flat display unit, but the increased visibility of your products is generally worth the extra cost, especially when displaying multiple product options on a single unit.

Whether it’s a 3D visualization, a simple hand drawing, or a verbal description of what product to display, we’ll take your idea into the right display; and provide a more economical way to build a cardboard display station.

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We will consider the weight of your product, the stability of the area, how long it will last in the store, and what materials can be used in your budget while we work on your design.

We can then advise on visual enhancements based on our POS experience and recommend cardboard displays that make your merchandise stand out.

Custom Cardboard Counter Display Boxes Printed

If you need to use our precision printing development tools, you can quickly go through the entire process from concept design to production and shipping. Email us with a question. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call or email for more options, larger quantities, more designs, other sizes, multiple orders, and custom designs. Email [email protected], call 01344 450333 or click here to speak. How long will it take to produce my order? Production time for our website printing range is 7-10 business days from artwork approval. Some common items, 5 working days for small stocks, 7-10 working days for more than 25, 10-14 working days for printing. Please call or email for specific dates. How much is shipping? Add your products to your cart, checkout, and enter your address information to receive shipping costs. Produce graphic designs? A stock model is sent after the order is placed. For information on the preparation and delivery of your equipment, IMPORTANT NOTICE

Do you recommend covering a movie? For best results, we recommend Gloss or Matt laminate, the best finish that will prevent fading, wrinkling, and stains.

Are the products manufactured on site? Yes, all our products are manufactured in our factory in Bracknell, UK

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Print details: Printed on 170gsm paper, mounted on 1.5mm thick E board with white backing.

Cardboard Dougnut Boxes |cardboard 4 Cupcake Boxes

Our 25 micron film provides a durable finish, enhances the product, and the film stops ink from smudging across the crease.

Options: Short waves below 50 are digitally cut, so we can make a few changes to the shape if needed.

All products with custom size, please send us the screen size you need and the product size, we will give you a quote.

Fulfillment: We can provide external packaging and prepare your products for delivery to your customers.

Stand Store 4 Pocket Cardboard Counter Display Stands

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