Caravan Interior Wall Lining

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Caravan Interior Wall Lining

While many industries have suffered losses recently due to new restrictions on travel and social gatherings, there is one sector that is thriving; Motorhomes and caravans. With the majority of international travel in the future requiring a boost to local economies, there’s never been a better time to get out and explore Australia. Whether you’re fixing up an old van, making some changes to the one you own, or you’ve bought a new caravan, caravan owners often want to put their own touch on its interior. Plywood is the best option when furnishing caravans and motorhomes and the best place for plywood is Pliko! With the popularity of the caravan on the rise, we thought it would be a good time to outline some of the best plywood options for renovating your mobile home. Below you’ll find all the information you need to make sure you’re ready to get back out there and support local businesses and tourism. Lightweight plywood for caravan interiors One of the most important aspects of a caravan is its mobility, so weight becomes an important determining factor when choosing plywood. Fortunately, Pliko has a variety of lightweight plywood options perfect for RV interior applications. Our most recommended product for a caravan or campervan interior is Hoop Pine AC Interior Plywood. As the name suggests, this variety of hoop pine is specifically designed with interior use in mind. Hoop pine boards have the highest quality visual aesthetics and finishes when it comes to plywood, and can even compete with some veneered products. No one wants to spend time in a caravan that isn’t easy on the eyes, so with the Hoop Pine you know you’ll be traveling in style. Along with its beautiful face, as we mentioned earlier, Hoop Pine AC Interior Plywood is incredibly lightweight. Despite this, it is still structurally strong enough to be used for interior lining without any problems. Hoop Pine AC Interior Plywood is a very affordable product, especially by Hoop Pine standards. A key factor in keeping costs down is that it has an A-grade face and a C-grade back. It is ideal for a plywood interior lining, as it is never seen and the visual quality of the back is irrelevant. Finally, you support a 100% Australian made product when you purchase Hoop Pine Sheets. Pliko’s Hoop Pine products are all sourced from sustainable plantations in Queensland, and when you buy a sheet, you’re directly supporting fellow Australians! Another very popular product for caravan interiors is poplar. A sheet of poplar shares similar characteristics and is especially good for those trying to keep the weight of their project as low as possible. You’ll be hard-pressed to find lightweight plywood. Aesthetically, poplar is very different from hoop pine, with an almost white face. Depending on the look and feel you want, poplar can work better or worse for your caravan. The biggest advantage poplar has over hoop pine is that it is significantly cheaper. If you’re working on a budget, Poplar can help you keep costs to a minimum. Marine Plywood for Caravans If you’re looking for plywood that won’t rot around water, Marine Plywood has got your back. Decorating in waterlogged areas such as kitchens and bathrooms can be a major headache, but with marine plywood sheets, these problems are a thing of the past. There are two things that separate a sheet of marine plywood from our regular sheets; No core gaps and used glue. While the A-Bond glue used in marine plywood is designed to hold everything together even when exposed to water, core gaps allow water to seep into the board, compromising the integrity of the sheet. Plyco offers a variety of marine plywood options, giving you a variety of unique looks and a range of price points to fit any RV interior design budget. We stock the finest marine plywood like our Hop Pine AA to our most affordable Pacific Maple. Architectural plywood for caravans So you’ve decked out interiors and water-prone areas, but what about the finishing touches on things like cabinets and furniture? Look no further than Pliko’s architectural plywood range, ideal for caravans and motorhomes. We offer our customers a stock range of 12 veneers that can be applied to birch plywood, MDF or chipboard, but if you have your eye on a particular veneer and it is not in stock, we are more than happy to purchase it. You (as long as it is commercially available). We also have our exclusive Strataply range which covers all the physical properties of our premium birch plywood. You can read more about our Strataply product range in our complete guide to Strataply. It is amazing to see how these tired, old and well-used caravans are transformed into little resting places with beautiful furniture and practical improvements.

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Wall Panel Installation In Camper Van Conversion »

After living in our camper for almost 2 years, the biggest downfall of our camper was not having a bathroom.

So when I saw this RV renovation that added a bathroom, I knew I had to see more.

Belle has been a 16ft Viscount since 1978 and is now the traveling holiday home of Steph and Matt and their two children.

Our camper reno took longer than we thought…I guess that’s the case with any camper renovation!?

Square Cladding Panel, 2180 X 1020 Mm, Panel Thickness 10 Mm, Décor 584 Sun Teak

We bought the van for $3,000. She was very smelly inside and very bad looking, but had a solid chassis.

We designed the van for ourselves and planned to own her for the long term, so we allocated a decent budget to ensure we could include all the bells (excuse the pun!) and whistles.

When you consider the amount of labor it takes to refurbish an old van, I don’t see how people can ‘flip’ them for a profit.

Always knew you wanted to add a bathroom and are glad you did?

Functional, Lightweight Caravan Design

So much so that we were happy to sacrifice beds that fit it. As we have very young children this made the nighttime routine and early morning toilet needs much easier.

Was it difficult to add the plumbing etc to the bathroom and do you think the ‘average’ renovator could do it?

Matt is a qualified plumber so we were lucky there, but with a bit of research and advice a very keen DIYer might succeed!

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You can catch up with the beautiful belle on her Instagram @journey__home where she shares tons of videos on her feed and tons of tips on her Insta stories. Go check them out! Change the way you think about caravan panels with NX’s unique range of laminated interior wall panels for caravans. With a variety of unique designs to choose from, you can transform the interior of a caravan from a room on wheels to a real home away from home. As leading caravan panel suppliers, NX laminate plywood panels are durable, heat and moisture resistant and come in a range of finishes allowing you to easily achieve the results you are looking for. If you are looking for a specific style, discuss your requirements with our team today to order.

How To Restore An Old Caravan

NX Laminated Caravan Wall Panels are designed with your needs as a builder in mind. As well as being resistant to heat and humidity, our application process ensures they can withstand the wear and tear of the road. With three different collections designed specifically for caravans, each with its own finishes and qualities, you can choose the best for you or your customer’s needs.

Experience natural and industrial patterns designed to look and feel like the materials they’re based on. The perfect starting point. Available in laminate sheets and plywood sheets.

The matte finish of the NX Supermatt+2 series makes it resistant to marks and fingerprints, and provides a non-reflective look that complements most designs. Available in plywood sheets.

For ultimate elegance, our NX Supergloss range is the only logical choice. They are highly durable and have UV, fade and fade resistant finishes. Available in plywood sheets.

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Ask The Expert: Diy Do’s And Dont’s

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