Bosch Washing Machine Drum Not Turning

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Remember the simple washing machine, working day and night to get rid of the dirt in your underwear and the smell of your little clothes. Over time, all that leftover lint, dirt, oil, and soap can build up inside the machine, and before you know it, your washing machine won’t drain.

Bosch Washing Machine Drum Not Turning

Clogged washing machines are a common problem. You may notice clothes that won’t dry after a spin or washing machines that won’t drain completely. In cases where the drain is blocked, it may even flood when the engine is unloaded. While we can help you find the perfect new washing machine, the following suggestions may not be necessary at all as they can provide repairs.

Bosch Washing Machine Repair Singapore

If the washer or dryer isn’t working, you may see water in the bathroom and be unable to open the door. The first step is to unplug the machine and drain the water. Before you begin, find a large flat tray, an old towel or two, and some containers – an empty plastic milk bottle is ideal. It may help to have someone else ready to empty the container when you fill it.

On most new cars, you’ll find a service hatch under the front panel. Open it and find the emergency drain hose. If it isn’t there, go behind the unit and drain the main drain from the standpipe. Lift the tip up above the machine.

Place a flat tray under the drain to catch small spills. Squeeze the hose when you remove the plug from the end, then put it in a container, remove it and, if necessary, lower it below the water level in the machine – the water will start to flow. If the machine is full, you may fill more containers before they are empty. It may be necessary to pinch or lift the tube during replacement.

After draining the engine, you need to search for the problem. Sometimes it’s as simple as a lost coin blocking the pump. Behind the engine service hatch you’ll usually see a round cover about the size of a biscuit – place a tray underneath to collect the water, then carefully open and remove.

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Bosch Maxx 6 Washing Machine Wab28162gb/09

This shows the pump wheel. Put on rubber gloves, insert your finger, remove all obstructions and check that the propeller turns; You may feel some resistance from the motor. Look for holes near the wheels, but be careful when opening them – don’t get your fingers stuck.

If there is a filter – often mounted inside the access cover – remove any lint, mud or scale, then do the same to the engine; wiping with a damp cloth may be sufficient. Make sure the threads and gaskets on the machine and the cover are clean and free of debris, then retighten the cover, making sure not to allow the cross thread to pass through. Wipe around the lid with a tissue to make sure the area is completely dry.

Quick test time. Select a wash program, start the machine and allow the machine to charge briefly before stopping it using the program selector. Now select the drain program and check if it flows. If so, go to step five, but first check the pump access hatch. If water leaks, it should be removed, cleaned and re-inserted. A small amount of petroleum jelly or petroleum jelly can help provide a watertight seal.

If cleaning the pump doesn’t help, check the main drain and standpipe. You may want to put on rubber gloves and a towel.

Bosch 7 Kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine

Unplug the engine again and if necessary, pull it forward to make room in the rear. Check the full length of the drain hose for kinks or kinks. If you don’t see it, pull the hose out of the standpipe and remove any visible material, then walk along the hose, bending as much as possible, to feel for any visible blockage.

You can clear the blockage by bending the hose or hitting it with a straightened clothes hanger.

Next, check for water on the outside of the standpipe – if it’s wet, there may be a blockage in the downspout itself. A strong drain cleaner can help here, but be careful when you pour it in – if the drain is completely blocked, corrosive chemicals can overflow into the pipes.

In all cases, be careful when changing tube to tube. Don’t push it too far and make sure there is room around it for any compressed air to escape. Run the drain cleaner, then repeat the drain test from step three.

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Kg Washing Machine Cum Dryer(2 In 1), Tv & Home Appliances, Washing Machines And Dryers On Carousell

If the washer leaks, push it back into place, but make sure the hose isn’t caught. Use the U-shaped guide provided if necessary to avoid tangling near a vertical pipe.

If your washing machine still won’t drain, it may be time to call in the professionals. Before calling a repairman, double check that the standpipe is leaking properly; try to quickly pour a few liters of water under it. If it still backs up, you may need a plumber.

After the washing machine has been properly drained, it is a good idea to clean it thoroughly to remove as much dirt as possible. First empty the machine, set the hottest wash program, add regular detergent and finish the program. This will dissolve oil deposits and help kill mold and bacteria in both the engine and the pipes.

Next, purchase a disposable washing machine descaler and follow the instructions on the package to descale the machine. This removes scale from the heating element and other parts and prevents other materials from sticking around it.

Bosch Serie 8 Wiw28501gb Integrated Washing Machine, 8kg Load, 1400rpm Spin, White

Prevent future blockages and extend the life of your appliance with preventive maintenance. Consider a common descaler such as Calgon to prevent limescale build-up and follow the above procedure every six months or so to clean the pump and filter.

You may also want to consider proactively using a sink suppressant in your pipes, but be aware that these chemicals can be quite damaging to the environment; Unless you know your standpipe has a tendency to clog, we don’t recommend it.

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The Bosch Series 6 WAT286H0GB 9kg washing machine will set you back more than most, but it offers a lot for the price. Exceptional efficiency, low running costs and time-saving features mean you’ll spend less time doing laundry each week. As an investment purchase, it offers decent value with strong build properties, adaptability to a variety of needs, and apps that have the potential to make life a little easier.

Bosch Wan24121au 8kg Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch washing machines should be much more popular, producing efficient and stylish models that rival many. The Bosch Series 6 WAT286H0GB is a great example.

It’s easy to use without a manual, the detergent can be refilled once and only uses what you need, and it’s packed with the kinds of features only high-end machines can find. These include breaks to add extra items, apps that let you run extra programs, and interior lights that let you see stray socks that might otherwise get left behind.

Bosch Serie 6 WAT286H0GB Design – Modern and sleek, the drum is softer than most of your wardrobe.

The revolving door opens wide on this model, making it easy to load and unload larger items

Bosch Washing Machine

It may still be a big white box, but Bosch has done everything it can to make the WAT286H0GB look stylish while it works. The door is made of silver metal and has a touch screen

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