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“Check the price of Goodyear GT3 tires, specifications, size, warranty, matching vehicle, tire speed rating, tire construction, fuel efficiency and competitiveness.”

Best Price For Goodyear Tyres

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling in Akron, Ohio. The company is named after Charles Goodyear, the scientist who developed the rubber process. Goodyear Tire manufactures tires for a wide range of vehicles, from cars, trucks, motorcycles, race cars and aircraft to agricultural equipment and heavy machinery.

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In India, Goodyear tires were introduced in 1922 and later after realizing the good demand for tires in the Indian market. Goodyear established two factories, one in Aurangabad and the other in Ballabgarh. American multinational brand stainless steel tires are very popular in India.

Known for its development of safe and advanced tires, Goodyear is featured in GT3 tires, the champion in its portfolio of driver delight. As an OE tire, the Goodyear GT3 offers comfort and safety with value-added features such as a bubble blade tread block design and straps for improved traction. It offers safety, convenience throughout the year and better management. Unique groove design contributes to even wear, and the latest technology helps you to contribute to a friendly atmosphere.

Goodyear GT3 tires have a good reputation among drivers for stable performance when driving on rough roads. Drivers love it for its decent grip, durability, ride quality and durability on Indian roads. Tires provide a good wet grip when you have to walk on mud and running water. The GT3 series uses less power to move, allowing you to save up to 5% on fuel. It provides an excellent and responsive management experience and a new order. It has a low noise level which contributes to a comfortable ride.

Goodyear tires are the most economical of the most popular tires in India. Also, they offer many good features compared to other tires considering the price for the money. Goodyear GT3 tires range in price from about INR 2,800 for the 155/65 R14 75T to INR 4,500 for the tubeless 205/65 R15 94S.

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Note – These prices are for guidance only. Click on the links below for the exact price of Goodyear GT3 tires for different sizes.

Goodyear GT3 tires have good straight balance and excellent grip at 120 km / h. It can be used without hesitation for over 50,000 km. All Goodyear tires, including the GT series, have better braking capabilities and provide longer life than tires.

Goodyear GT3 tires have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Tires are guaranteed for five years from the date of manufacture or until the tire falls to the tire wear indicator, whichever comes first. If the tire has up to 15% wear, it will be replaced free of charge. If the tire wear exceeds 15%, the depth of tire wear is calculated and the customer has to pay a certain percentage of the price of the new tire.

High-performance tires are what customers today enjoy, and Goodyear can develop tires to suit local roads. India. GT3 tires for cars and vehicles are available in three speeds, S, T and H, which means they can drive from 180 km / h to 210 km / h with good grip. Very. High-speed offers will be considered.

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Despite the fierce competition from rival brands such as the Michelin XM2, Apollo Accelere, MRF Zlo, Apollo Aazer XL, JK Vectra and Bridgestone B290, the Goodyear GT3 tires are able to capture the Indian market due to their affordable price and build. A solid quality that leads to the roads of India. It is very popular in the mid-size and sedan types.

The Goodyear GT3 is one of the most popular tires in the company’s portfolio and is therefore listed in many car parts of the country. The following is a list of vehicles that are compatible with Goodyear GT3 tires:

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Since its introduction, Goodyear GT3 tires have become very popular and one of the most popular tires not only in India but also all over the world. The Goodyear GT3 tires feature a bubble blade tread block design that features decoupling grooves with a locking system within the blocks, ensuring that the tires are durable and good on both dry and wet surfaces. The circular and radical design on the tire surface ensures even tire wear. In addition, the circular grooves help with grip on wet surfaces and prevent waterlogging. In addition, it features a single block shoulder section and a radical scapula design that improves grip and performs great in all weather conditions. It also improves the durability of the tires.

In terms of construction, Goodyear has added a number of features that improve the overall performance of the tire. The central passageway is in place, which benefits the handling and control of the vehicle in any situation. When it comes to contributing to a greener environment, Goodyear GT3 tires are environmentally friendly. It replaced oil and silica-based composites with corn starch-based derivatives during the manufacturing process using Bio TRED technology. As a result, tires need less energy for production, which allows them to reduce their carbon dioxide.

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In addition, the Goodyear GT3 tires are improved in many respects compared to the GT2. Compared to the GT2, the Goodyear GT3 tires improved by 5% aquaplaning resistance and 10% wet braking performance. In terms of sound, the GT3 is 30% quieter and lighter than 100 grams. It has better fuel efficiency in addition to Bio-TRED technology, which will reduce carbon emissions by about 17%.

When tires from the Goodyear Tire Company are stable, they are bound to be first-class in performance and quality. And this tire is really versatile, which makes it the best in its segment. Not only does it offer high performance, but it also favors low fuel consumption. While noise may seem like an issue, it is a minor issue when considering the overall operation. All in all, it has full board points and makes it a great tire for Indian roads.

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