Bathroom Heating Options Australia

Bathroom Heating Options Australia – The limited performance and rising costs of conventional forced air home heating options, not to mention the safety and environmental impact, have led to a rise in the popularity of hydronic wall heating in Australian homes.

If you are looking for a stylish, healthy and eco-friendly way to heat your home, hydronic wall heating will not disappoint. In this section we will cover:

Bathroom Heating Options Australia

A hydronic wall heater, often referred to as a radiator, works through an active energy heat source where water is heated and circulated through closed pipes into the unit. The heated unit then provides what is known as ‘radiant heat’, which warms people and objects throughout the room, removing the cold and keeping the heat to warm you, not the air. The heat produced by Hydronic wall heaters is consistent and stable, not harsh or excessive, and is considered one of the cleanest, safest and most efficient ways to heat your home.

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Hydronic wall heat requires a hot surface to heat the water to a temperature controlled by a thermostat. If you live in an urban area, the cheapest fuel is natural gas. If this is not available, an LPG, electric or solid fuel boiler can be used in conjunction with a solar panel.

Let’s take a quick look at a few system options for your wall heating. These products can also be used to heat domestic hot water.

Great for homes that do not have access to natural gas, they are more energy efficient and have lower running costs, but can be noisy to operate.

It is expensive to operate, but it is very effective and affordable to install. This option is small and quiet, so you can have it at home.

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Verdict: if you have access to mains gas, it is better to use an efficient gas boiler to heat your walls than an electric boiler to save money, increase energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

The location of the wall heat affects how well it will work. Ideally, you want to put it in a cool place in the room. In the days when houses were not properly protected, this area used to be under the windows, because the heat from the radiator prevented the cold air from escaping through the window. If you don’t have double-glazed windows, this is probably the case, which is why this is the right place to put it.

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Generally speaking, you want to place wall heaters where they won’t interfere with the use of wall mounted furniture and won’t be in difficult places like behind doors. In very cold areas, you also want to avoid placing the wall heater on the outside wall, as this can reduce its efficiency as it has to work harder due to the lower temperature on the other side of the same wall. Use interior walls where possible.

One of the many benefits of wall heating is the flexibility of the places it can be installed throughout the house:

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Hunt Heating offers a wide range of modern wall heating solutions in different sizes, designs and systems for all areas of your home. The key feature of their products is not only high performance, good finish and design, and great reliability. They provide energy efficient warmth and style to any room, with many options that can be easily painted to match your interior color scheme.

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom by installing heated towel rails. Using the same system as a radiator, heated towel rails keep towels and floor mats dry and generally prevent the growth of bacteria and mold while heating the air in the bathroom.

Specializing in bringing European quality and craftsmanship to Australian homes, Hunt Heating is committed to delivering sustainable low carbon systems that can be enjoyed year after year. We customize our products and systems to meet the unique climate of your area and the condition of your home or building.

Contact our friendly team of home hydronic heating experts to find out about our premier wall heating solutions for your home.

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Please complete the form below and one of our friendly team members will be in touch shortly. Our customers love getting out of the shower in a Herschel heated bath and taking in the heat from our panels. You will love our infrared bath heater.

Our new Select XLS towel warmer is the perfect addition to any bathroom. This white heated glass has two chrome towel handles and features our new dual mirror technology. The lower part of the heater uses infrared radiation to gently and effectively heat the towels, and the upper part has a heating element with a high element designed to heat the bathroom itself. A good choice for heating the bathroom. Our warming glasses not only warm the room, they don’t explode when turned on – perfect for warming up while getting ready after a bath or shower. Mirrors are available in a variety of sizes from our Select XLS and our German Inspire range.

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All our panels are easy to install and IP rated, making them suitable for use anywhere outside the direct ‘splash zone’. Straightforward control with one of our carefully designed Herschel thermostat options. Herschel infrared bathroom heater offers homeowners a modern and stylish solution that is ideal for heating and effective heating.

Electric infrared bathroom heaters from Herschel, like this two-element design towel warmer, create a high-end finish for any bathroom.

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Charlie Luxton, architect and TV presenter, chose Herschel infrared panels for his eco-friendly building in Cornwall.

“I needed an efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-install electric heating solution for a solar PV installation for my current eco-friendly self-build in Cornwall, and Herschel infrared panels fit the bill perfectly.”

Low energy consumption, no worries about heating your buildings. A space-saving and easy-to-install solution from Herschel, as seen here installed in Cornwall by Charlie Luxton himself.

Easy to install and easy to program with thermostat and app. I have never made a towel rack that dries towels quickly and organizes the bathroom. Because infrared radiation works differently, it’s as if we have underfloor heating in the bathroom too, because the floor also heats up. Brilliant product

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“Herschel heated glasses are perfect for bathrooms and showers. Our meeting rooms use warm whiteboards which are perfect for our designers to design and jot down ideas on. As customers enter the reception area, the designer of the Pulsar makes a bold statement and complements the interior design. Summit units are installed above construction sites to heat where needed. Ceiling heating panels free up space on the walls and provide pleasant warmth”. Alex Pankoff, Nuhaus

“I started planning the renovation of my house in the summer of 2016. My priorities were comfort and durability. The project included the closing of the old stone house, the improvement of lighting, electricity and heating and an extension. I visited Andy and saw how infrared heating panels and solar panels work together, so I decided to go with both.

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Although it’s still early days, the heat seems to be paying off. Solar saves utility bills and we also use solar energy to heat water, so my house is ready. The whole house is limited and controlled by Herschel iQ thermostats, so I have the warmth I want whenever and wherever it is needed. The room is very comfortable and thanks to the insulation and infrared panels, we only run the system at an air temperature of 16-18 ° C, but it is still warm.

We encountered several challenges during the project, but infrared transmission was the easiest to integrate into the project and the support from the Herschel team was always exemplary. The Select XL mounted units and ceiling panels look great and free up a lot of wall space which is really useful in some rooms. I also like the zero adjustment infrared, it’s both hi-tech and very easy to live with. I would recommend anyone doing a new construction or remodeling project to contact Herschel and go infrared”!

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Considering the amount of time we spend in bathrooms and their various uses, it pays to invest in the right 3-in-1 unit to meet all your needs. Today we will discuss how to choose a 3 in 1 exhaust fan for your bathroom.

The 3 in 1 unit is a compact, all in one system for lighting, heating and ventilating your bathroom. It consists of three parts that work independently. For infrared or ceramic heating elements that generate heat quickly, modern LED bulbs offer excellent lighting options and a built-in exhaust system that removes smoke.

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