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Aynabaji Full Movie Free Download – Ainabaji is the story of Sarafat Karim Aina (Chanchal Chaudhuri), who wants to be an actor but ends up being a human chameleon, working as a body double for a convicted criminal in the dark side of the Dhaka metro. Hridi (Masuma Rahman Nabila), the girl next door, develops a bond with Aina because she is attracted to him. Aina is content with her uneventful life until a tough and reckless crime reporter named Saber (Partha Barua) starts investigating her story. the film then turned into a game of cat and mouse as Aina, each cock believed to be ‘professional & rsquo; like being in a dangerous situation and not being able to control yourself in an unusual way. Can he pull one last trick out of his bag?

The first round of applause goes to renowned cinematographer Rashed Zaman for his outstanding effort. From the first frame, he envelops the audience through visual illusions. The visual story reflects the reality of life on the silver screen. No one has tried to name such a city.

Aynabaji Full Movie Free Download

Ainabaji is probably the first political crime thriller from Bangladesh. Never had there been such a story in such a country. It is a good thriller with a surprise package.

Aynabaji (2020) Bengali Full Movie 720p Web Dl X264 Aac 1gb Esubs

Chanchal Chaudhuri plays six characters and he does justice to all except Laddu. Partha Baruah is great when she emphasizes her acting skills. Masuma Rahman did as well as Nabila Hridi but could have been more impressive. The characters played by Ghusul Alam Sean, Lutfar Rahman George, Bridaban Das and others are an important part of the story. Sometimes, the actor is a bit too dramatic, but he is good in his own way.

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However, Nabila and Chanchal’s romantic dynamic is unconvincing and inconsistent with the plot.

The dialogues and screenplay (by Anam Biswas) are well written and entertaining; the main plot of the story engages the audience, even if the plot is not flawless, the missing pieces of the puzzle must be “stronger” to fix the main plot holes. It’s a story about a man who spends his life in prison, but there’s no big break scene in prison.

The soundtrack isn’t up to the mark, but the background music is great. Indradeep Dasgupta is good as the score composer.

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Ainabaji is a great experience, especially for the original audience, a fresh original story, an interestingly communicated political thriller, though not a huge movie compared to world cinema.

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