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Aussie Rockmen Landscape Supplies – If you’re doing a landscaping project and need to stock up on supplies, don’t hesitate to contact Aussie Rockmen. We serve clients on the Gold Coast, selling quality mulch, gravel, rocks, gravel, grass and a range of other products. We offer our products to residential and commercial customers and have an extensive product display in our store. In addition, we can supply materials to all regions of the Gold Coast region.

If you would like to learn more about our wide range of products or request a free quote, contact us today. You can email us or call (07) 5530 3931.

Aussie Rockmen Landscape Supplies

Improve the health and appearance of your garden with our mulches, barks and soils. We deliver these items throughout the Gold Coast and there is no minimum load limit. Our team serves residential and commercial clients.

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We offer a wide variety of boulders, boulders, and feature stones that will liven up any outdoor space. Natural stone steps are also available. Whatever your decor, we have rocks and steps to perfectly complement it.

At Aussie Rockmen we sell river and fill sand, gravel, road bed, cracker dust and much more. You can be sure that we will recommend the most suitable base product for your landscaping project. We serve Gold Coast homes and businesses.

Add some charm to your property with our beautiful decorative pebbles and stones. Our products are perfect for both gardens and pool areas. We can also use our gravel and stones for paths and walkways.

Want to add some greenery to your plant? We offer a variety of grass types to our customers throughout the Costa Dorada. We will supply your pitch with grass and make sure it is well laid out. Our professionals can cover areas of almost any size.

Backyard Gardens Have Exploded In The Suburbs As We’ve Been Kept At Home In The Middle Of The Covid 19 Pandemic

At Aussie Rockmen, we sell sandstone blocks and benches, Japanese lanterns, firewood, garden sculptures, and a variety of other items to beautify your outdoor spaces. We sell high-quality materials at affordable prices. Backyards are exploding in the suburbs as we stay home amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Jane Tonks grew up watching her grandparents lovingly tend her backyard gardens. Now her own suburban backyard is a producer’s dream.

“I’ve always been fascinated by my dad’s gardens, and she’s always been amazed when my Nan uses produce from the garden in our meals,” Tonks tells Weekender from her home in Waratah.

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“My family grew flowers but not vegetables, so my interest in gardening came from my grandparents. They grew tomatoes, beans, just about anything, and rarely had to buy them in stores.”

Dandenong Journal Star

She started growing her own crops “about 11 years ago” when she moved from a Charlestown apartment to her grandparents’ house. There, she inherited the existing avocado, mango and lemon trees and restored the old vegetable beds to their former glory.

She did her research by reading about crops and seasons, soil improvement, and fertilizers in books and on the Internet.

“I also learned through trial and error, especially with locations, such as plants that prefer full sun or medium sun,” says Tonks.

“Over the years I have received valuable advice from other experienced gardeners, and a few years ago I completed Certificate 2 in Horticulture, which greatly improved my knowledge and skills on soil requirements, pruning, plant health and planning of gardens”.

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She started with herbs like mint, parsley and rosemary and created a successful herb garden under the avocado tree.

“Tomatoes and beets were the first vegetables I planted in my rejuvenated garden beds and they have been very successful. Over time I started experimenting with different crops, but haven’t had much success with corn and artichokes yet.” .

As we speak, their gardens include potatoes, sweet potatoes, leeks, chives, turnips, kale, broad beans, carrots, peas, garlic, radishes, lettuce, beets, passion fruit, parsley, mint, cilantro, dill, sage, rosemary, thyme and thyme.

Some plants are more developed than others (turnips, peas), while others are newly planted (leeks, chives, lettuce).

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The linden is in good condition and grows curry leaves, blueberries, peppers, bay leaves and strawberries in pots.

There is also a greenhouse where he grows tomatoes, eggplants, beans, basil, spring onions and beet seedlings for spring and summer planting. Tonks plans to add corn, squash, cucumber, butternut squash, and watermelon soon.

“About four years ago a friend gave me a batch of vegetable seed packets and I bought a small greenhouse and potting mix for growing the seeds,” says Tonks.

“I tried growing my plants from seed and quickly became addicted. By growing from seed, you have access to a host of different crops and popular vegetable varieties that are not usually available as ready-to-plant seedlings.

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Gofire’s Year In Review

“I enjoy watching plants grow, caring for them, checking how they grow, and then using fresh, chemical-free products with zero food consumption. I love the convenience of being able to go out and buy something I need and make meals around what’s there.” growing in my gardens.

“I’m excited to provide a bee-friendly backyard to help pollinators and identify several different native bee species. Another benefit is being able to share surplus produce with friends and neighbors.”

Tonks has a master’s degree in communications and loves studying in his backyard. He likes to photograph his gardens and he has a talent for finding beauty in the ordinary.

“I am easily distracted by activity in my garden as native birds noisily descend on the trees and bees, dragonflies and butterflies feed heavily on the flowers.”

Groove Korea November 2013 By Groove Korea

He says he has noticed a rise in the popularity of gardening since the COVID-19 pandemic first hit.

“More and more of my friends are posting photos of their own products on social media more than ever before, and during the first quarantine I found it almost impossible to buy vegetable seeds (and even some flowers) from suppliers and online stores.”

ANDREA Gaynor, an associate professor in the Department of History at the University of Western Australia, said in a May article in The Conversation that the COVID-19 pandemic has “created a study of what people need to produce their own food at home “, which includes vegetable seedlings. , seeds and chickens.

“This shift to self-catering was due in part to higher produce prices, including cauliflower at $10 and broccoli at $13 a pound, and empty vegetable shelves in some supermarkets,” she continued.

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“In addition to going to garden centers, people have searched online for information about growing food. Google searches for ‘how to grow vegetables’ hit an all-time high around the world in April.”

It seems that self-sufficiency is one of the smartest and most practical responses to the global pandemic. Contacting Weekender, Professor Gaynor said that she felt people were still growing their own produce even after the lockdown.

MARK Papworth is another avid gardener. He bought a house in Rutherford five years ago, but didn’t have time to plant it in his backyard.

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“I’ve always been a gardener, I’ve always been interested, so when COVID hit and there wasn’t much to do, I thought I’d walk around the garden a little bit,” he says.

Aussie Gardener Veggie Sowing Planner

“This is my first growing season and my garden beds are only a few months old, but I have tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, cabbage, strawberries, beets, lettuce.

“I’ve become self-sufficient with tomatoes this season; I’ll have them all summer and some next fall. It’s handy for growing something that’s normally in the fridge, you know?”

“I have a green thumb and I want to give it to him. It’s nice to go out with him and buy a strawberry from the bush instead of going to the fridge.”

Papworth balks at using chemicals, saying “a small task” when it comes to pesky slugs. But it’s all part of the fun.

The Weekly Times

“I encourage everyone to give it a try. I only have two pieces and they’re 4 feet by 12 feet, but I’m using the old square footage method where you know how many plants fit in a square foot.”

“I work in a barn, so I have access to horse manure and I share it at my son’s daycare and with a few people in the neighborhood. I want everyone to try growing it.”

Papworth said he found support online through his Lake Mac Grows Facebook group. There, he can ask questions and share photos and ideas with like-minded backyard growers.

The Lake Mac Grows group was first formed four years ago by the Lake Macquarie City Council. Lucy Kelliher, the council’s sustainability engagement officer, says the group’s goal is to educate and support the community in developing their ability to grow their own fruits, vegetables and other produce at home.

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“Group members are encouraged to share their tips, experiences, questions, and insights about their journey to growing up in their own home,” she says.

In addition to its Facebook group, the council also hosts monthly Lake Mac Grows workshops, where an expert posts on a specific growing topic: composting, seed saving, permaculture, or indigenous beekeeping.

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