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At Bulleen Art & Garden, we focus on the environment and creativity. We have one of the largest selections of herbs, fruits and vegetables in Melbourne and specialize in edible native and low water plants. We believe that organic food and habitats are a positive contribution that everyone can make to the environment and their own community. Our employees have experience and knowledge in the field of horticulture, environmental protection and the arts with strong links to the local community. As a company, we play a leading role in creating new trends in horticulture; development of a conservative approach to the environment; and stimulating interest in arts and crafts. BAAG’s environmental initiatives For over 20 years, BAAG has been taking active steps to reduce our environmental footprint. Our mission is to encourage others to follow our example. BAAG is located along the Yarra River in Northeast Melbourne. The surrounding parks are a perfect background for a children’s room. BAAG is committed to helping improve local parks and has been actively greening the area for over a decade in partnership with Parks Victoria and Friends of the Yarra Valley Parks. To visit Bulleen Art and Garden while on vacation in Bulleen and find out what else Bulleen has to offer, use our Bulleen.

Art And Garden Bulleen

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Heide Museum Of Modern Art (bulleen)

Every day, we help thousands of travelers plan a great vacation. Here are some tips on how to use the deal page to attract more travelers to your business – Bulleen Art and Garden. Front BAAG with the sculpture of Still Life I by Lachlan Plein, sign. Justin Purser, Meredith Plein mural

BAAG is proud to work in one of the culturally most important regions for the arts in Melbourne, often referred to as the Valley of the Arts. Two of the most important art movements in Australia, the Heidelberg School and the Angry Penguins, were born here. The Heide Museum of Contemporary Art, located across the park from BAAG, is an iconic art venue.

BAAG has placed an emphasis on art and creativity in response to this location, as well as the owners’ and staff’s passion for art. This allowed us to create a unique identity, atmosphere and experience at BAAG.

One way to achieve these goals is to incorporate more and more works of art into the BAAG structure and to take a creative approach to everything we do.

Sound Garden Music Sessions, Bulleen — Mamma Knows North

Below are some examples of illustrations embedded in the BAAG, with links to descriptions of many of them

Front BAAG is a colorful celebration of local artists that stretches over 100 meters. It started with a general fencing concept and design by Akira Takizawa in 1995 and has grown steadily ever since. Over 8 local artists were involved in creating this work. It is a statement of who we are and also contributes to the identity of our neighborhood.

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Yellow metal mural from recycled metal and paint by Jody Nunn and Lachlan Plein 2003

A colorful concrete path that runs alongside a grapevine with a rocky mosaic of stems and leaves interspersed with handcrafted ceramic vegetables leads to the entrance to Bulleen Art & Garden. This path is lined with edible plants.

Heidi Garden Sculpture 2021

Wall murals made of ceramic tiles – I’ll know the names! Giuseppe Raneri. Established in 2007

Still Life with Fruit II, Lachlan Plain Fiberglass Sculpture, 2016 https: ///? P = 3173

Graphics are found throughout BAAG. If there is a new project, we usually have the artist add a custom tag. They are designed to entertain visitors and encourage them to think about sustainability and the environment as well as gardening.

Over the past century, resourceful adventurer Pedro Piscator has tinkered with his quayside workshop, building a ship to avoid inevitable environmental damage. The ship feeds on the melody, putting a sonata in the sky. Behind it lies a floating island, a kind of greenhouse where Piscator collected the most unusual species, saving them from the contaminated Earth.

Fuller Street, Bulleen, Vic 3105

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